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InterMet - Model iMet-1-RS - Research Radiosondes for Ozone and Sensor Integration

by InterMet Systems, Inc.     based in Grand Rapids, MICHIGAN (USA)

iMet-1-RS is the first sonde designed specifically for integration with other sensors and platforms; Serial data cable and user-programmable software provide seamless integration with ozone, CFH and other custom sensors. The only sonde using a publicly available encoding scheme allowing customers to employ their own COTS UHF receivers and analysis ...

Eco Physics - Model PLC 860 - Dual Reaction Chamber Analyzers

by ECO PHYSICS, INC.     based in Ann Arbor, MICHIGAN (USA)

The photolytic converter PLC 860 is capable to converting selectively NO2 in concentrations of a few ppt. This instrument is the right choice for areas with excellent air quality.

DELTAOHM - Model LP UVIndex.02 - UV index radiometer

by Delta OHM S.r.L.     based in Caselle di Selvazzano, ITALY

The radiometer LP UVI 02.P, measures the global effective irradiance on a flat surface (Watt / m2 effective), according to the requirements of the WMO for the measurement of UV-index. The global irradiance is the sum of direct sun and of diffuse irradiance. In the ultraviolet spectral region, unlike what occurs in the portion of the visible light ...

Model DFM-06 - Radiosonde Systems

by GRAW Radiosondes GmbH & Co. KG     based in Nuremberg, GERMANY

The DFM-06 is our standard radiosonde for most applications. Due to its excellent characteristics and the reasonble costs, it is perfectly suited for synoptic observations or military applications.  It is designed to measure the profile of atmospheric  pressure, temperature, humidity, wind speed and direction, from the surface up to ...

Scintec - Model BLS900 Series - Large Aperture Scintillometer – Dual-Disk Design

by Scintec AG     based in Rottenburg, GERMANY

The Scintec BLS900 Large Aperture Scintillometer measures atmospheric turbulence, heat flux and crosswind over path lengths between 100 m (with Path Reduction Aperture, otherwise 500 m) and 6000 m. As part of a meteorological station it can also be used to determine the evapotranspiration over extended areas.

THERMBOIL - Model E Series - Thermodynamic Solar Equipment

by VLADIYAN Ltd.     based in Rousse, BULGARIA

SERIES E is characterized by incorporating thermodynamic solar panel providing higher performance through solar radiation, as well as the environmental energy.

Air Temperature Sensor

by Mtx s.r.l.     based in Modena, ITALY

The sensing element is based on a Pt100 transducer (platinum thermoresistance) with response curve according to the class 1/3 DIN – 43760 standard and is mounted on the top of a cylindrical support screwed to the sensor body. The cylindrical support is made of plastic material in order to minimize heat transfer from the base towards the ...

Model CE351 - Atmospheric Multi-Band Imager

by Cimel Electronique S.A.S (Cimel)     based in Paris, FRANCE

CE351 imager measures the sky radiance in 6 bandwidths from 406 nm to 628 nm. Its original patented design of its telecentric optics (Fish-eye +/- 92°) ensures an absolute measure with high angular resolution The instant measure of sky radiance brings complementary information in observation networks for the optical properties of the ...

Solar Power Monitoring

by Greenpowermonitor (GPM)     based in Barcelona, SPAIN

Since the discovery that the sun’s energy could be captured and converted directly to electrical current, solar power has emerged as the perfect renewable energy source across the globe. Solar power is free, ubiquitous and does not contaminate. Its capture is direct and solar farms are easy to maintain. Nevertheless, it is important that ...

Brunton¨ Atmospheric Data Center Meters

by Forestry Suppliers, Inc.     based in Jackson, MISSISSIPPI (USA)

These pocket weather stations measure everything from wind speed, temperature and altitude to barometric pressure, relative humidity and air density. Each meter shows accurate current temperature (¡C or ¡F), wind chill, wind speed, time, day and date plus each features a race timer (50 lap with recall function) and 1/100-second chronograph ...

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