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Extech - Model 412300A - Current Calibrator/Meter

by Extech Instruments     based in Nashua, NEW HAMPSHIRE (USA)

Extech 412300A Current Calibrator/Meter has a precision source for calibrating process devices and measuring DC process signals from 0 to 24mA and 0 to 20V. Extech 412300A is complete with 9V battery, calibration cable with spade lug terminals, carrying case, and 100V-240V AC Universal Adaptor (50/60Hz).

Dynacalibrator - Model 450 - Calibration Gas Generators

by VICI Metronics     based in Poulsbo, WASHINGTON (USA)

Ordinarily, the plumbing connections between the sample manifold, analyzer, and calibrator must be changed for each calibration. The Model 450’s unique “through-port” feature eliminates this chore. The mode control switch selects among standby, zero, span 1 (low concentration), span 2 (high concentration), and remote modes. In ...

Dynacalibrator - Model 340 - Calibration Gas Generators

by VICI Metronics     based in Poulsbo, WASHINGTON (USA)

The Model 340 adds a front panel mode control switch to select among zero, span, or remote calibration modes. In the zero mode, scrubbed air is delivered to the stream outlet. In the remote mode, the Model 340 can be externally programmed to deliver a zero and a span reference on command.

Model CALOG-LC II - Load Cell Calibrator

by Instrotech Australia Pty Ltd     based in Rostrevor, AUSTRALIA

CALOG-LC II is a unique hand-held calibration instrument for testing load cells, system measurement and simulation, load cell measurement and simulation, with isolated retransmission. The CALOG load cell calibrator is quick and easy to set up and use, has simple to follow graphic displays, on-board connection diagrams and long-lasting built-in ...

Nor1254 Sound Intensity Calibrator

by Norsonic AS     based in Lierskogen, NORWAY

The sound intensity calibrator Nor1254 is a applicable for residual intensity testing, sound intensity level calibration and particle velocity calibration as specified in EN IEC 61043 Electroacoustics - Instruments for the measurements of sound intensity - Measurements with pairs of pressure sensing microphones. The sound intensity is connected to ...

Dynacalibrator - Model 120 - Calibration Gas Generators

by VICI Metronics     based in Poulsbo, WASHINGTON (USA)

Standard features on Model 120 include a glass or PTFE permeation chamber with screw cap access, solid state proportional temperature controller with digital readout of set point and chamber temperature, heater switch with LED indicator, flowmeter and flow control valve, span and overflow outlets, 12 VDC internal pump, activated charcoal scrubber, ...

Environics - Model Series 2000-U - Ultraclean Computerized Calibration System

by Environics, Inc.     based in Tolland, CONNECTICUT (USA)

Purity of calibration gas is assured with the Series 2000 Ultraclean Gas Calibration system. Manufactured with metal seal Mass Flow controllers and orbitally welded joints, this system has minimal dead volume and maintains an ultra-low leak rate to prevent atmospheric contamination of gas calibration standards.

Model 306 Series - Ozone Calibration Source

by 2B Technologies     based in Boulder, COLORADO (USA)

The 2B Technologies Model 306 Ozone Calibration Source is a portable source of ozone that allows you to calibrate any ozone monitor - not just those manufactured by 2B Tech. The instrument scrubs ozone from ambient air and produces any mixing ratio of ozone in the range 30 to1,000 ppbv. The desired ozone concentration is chosen from the ...

EiUK - Model PTB Series - Portable Temperature Calibrators

by Eurotron Instruments (UK) Ltd. (EiUK)     based in Daventry, UNITED KINGDOM

The  EiUK PTB series is the top of the range multi functional Dry Block Temperature Calibrators offered by EiUK- It comes in 3 different models to cover and extended range from -45 to 1100 Deg C.  The EiUK PTB series is designed for both on-site maintenance or laboratory use and combines  high portability with excellent temperature ...

Dynacalibrator - Model 500 - Calibration Gas Generators

by VICI Metronics     based in Poulsbo, WASHINGTON (USA)

This innovative design features two separate permeation chambers with independent temperature control systems. The chambers can be used independently, or together to combine concentrations of trace components. Separate solenoid valves allow the carrier flows to be switched from the dilution flow to a vent port.

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