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Model G-Calibrator - Calibration Gas Generators

by VICI Metronics     based in Poulsbo, WASHINGTON (USA)

G-Calibrators are rugged portable units specifically designed to be used with our patented Series 23 G-Cal permeation devices to generate known concentrations (ppb to ppm) of various gases and liquid vapors. This combination offers the easiest method of calibrating toxic gas detection equipment, gas analyzers, and chromatographs commonly used in ...

Ecotech - Model GasCal 1100 - Gas Dilution Calibrator

by Ecotech Pty Ltd     based in Knoxfield, AUSTRALIA

The Ecotech GasCal 1100 gas dilution calibrator performs precise gas dilution calibrations, ozone analyser precision checks, gas phase titrations and can be used as an ozone transfer standard.

Model CG Range - Calibration Gas Range

by Peak Scientific Instruments Ltd     based in Inchinnan, UNITED KINGDOM

The CG Generators offer the purest source of calibration gas for your CO2 Analyzer, ensuring the cleanest possible starting point for emissions measurement, monitoring and analysis.

Ecotech - Model 8301 Series - Zero Air Generator

by Ecotech Pty Ltd     based in Knoxfield, AUSTRALIA

The Ecotech 8301 Series Zero Air Generator has been designed to supply zero air (contaminant free) to a Dilution Calibration System. The system comprises a rack-mounted compressed air source, permeation dryer and a series of scrubber options, depending on application, producing clean, dry dilution quality “zero air.” In order to ...

Ecotech - Model EC9811 - Ozone Photometer

by Ecotech Pty Ltd     based in Knoxfield, AUSTRALIA

The EC9811 Ozone photometer meets U.S. EPA requirements for an ozone primary standard (SRP) and an ozone transfer standard.

Model Cal101 - Economical Calibration Gas Instrument

by ETG Risorse e Tecnologia     based in Montiglio, ITALY

The Cal 101 is the newest and most economical calibration gas instrument. Field replaceable calibration gas sources (generating cells) provide immediate calibration gas for Chlorine, Hydrogen Sulfide, Hydrogen and Hydrogen Cyanide. The Cal 101 is non-hazardous to ship and will not degrade over time. The electrochemical sources are interchangeable ...

ETG - Model CALG 100 - Calibration for Trace Gas Analyzer System

by ETG Risorse e Tecnologia     based in Montiglio, ITALY

CAL G 100 it’s a very useful gas generator to perform calibration for trace gas analyzer as well standard device . It can generate ppb level as well ppm. The system it’s composed by an thermocontrolled oven with a capacity to allow multiple permeation tube insertion , one or more MFC to a precise flow control , a pressure control ...

Model 408 Series - Nitric Oxide Calibration Source

by 2B Technologies     based in Boulder, COLORADO (USA)

The Model 408 Nitric Oxide Calibration Source is a portable source of nitric oxide that allows one to calibrate any nitric oxide monitor.  The instrument scrubs NO from ambient air and produces either zero air or air having a mixing ratio of NO in the range 10-1,000 parts-per-billion by volume (ppbv).  The desired NO concentration is ...

Model AE100 / AE102 - Portable Gas Calibrators

by Airwave Electronics Ltd.     based in Didsbury, ALBERTA (CANADA)

The model AE100 and the AE102 are simple one step operation portable gas calibrators that are a continuous source of gas at a specific concentration and flow rate. The AE100 offers single concentration calibrations while the AE102 offers dual concentrations. Small and light weight, the model AE100 and the AE102 are self contained in a rugged case ...

MCZ - Model MK2 - Calibration System

by Umwelttechnik MCZ GmbH     based in Bad Nauheim, GERMANY

The calibration system serves the mandatory zero and end point verification of gas analyzers, especially those in automated measuring networks. The use of permeation tubes instead of bottled span gases yields a reasonably priced solution for the span gads generation of, for example, SO2 or hydrocarbon components.

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