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Buck Scientific - Model BLC-30 - Variable Wavelength Isocratic HPLC

by Buck Scientific Inc     based in East Norwalk, CONNECTICUT (USA)

The BLC-30 Series Analytical HPLC systems use a high-quality, precision monochromator based spectrophotometer for a full range of wavelengths from 190-800nm for selective analyses integrated into a complete LC package. The 20-series is easily upgraded to a gradient System with the PeakSimple controller & Software, optional semi-prep systems ...

Chromatography Papers

by Advantec MFS, Inc.     based in Dublin, CALIFORNIA (USA)

Use for blotting, chromatography, and electrophoresis: Several grades available, tested for spot formation, absorption speed, and flow rate for uniformity

Chromatography vials

by InnoTech Instrumentation Co., Ltd     based in Hong Kong, CHINA

2ml 12*32 9-425 Vials, Caps and Septa. The chromatography vials are made from clear, Type 1 borosilicate, 33 expansion glass or amber, Type, borosilicate, 51 expansion glass. With or without marking spot. Screw caps and crimp top seals available. Screw caps are made from polypropylene. Septa is PTFE/Silicone.

Buck Scientific - Gas-Less Educational GC w/ CCD Detector

by Buck Scientific Inc     based in East Norwalk, CONNECTICUT (USA)

Our Gas-less Educational GC system is ideal for undergraduate chemistry classes where the principles of gas chromatography are demonstrated on the same equipement students will encounter in industry. The Gas-less Educational GC includes a built-in 'whisper quiet' air compressor and a CCD detector. The CCD detects combustible (hydrocarbon) ...

Model 200 Series - Gas Chromatograph

by Ellutia     based in Witchford, Ely, UNITED KINGDOM

The 200 series compact gas chromatograph with its patented flow through technology is now well established at providing excellent chromatographic performance and reliability. Each GC is a dedicated single channel unit with a split / split-less injector, programmable pressure control and a choice of three detector options. With either a flame ...

Model 300 Series - Gas Chromatograph

by Ellutia     based in Witchford, Ely, UNITED KINGDOM

The 300 series fast GC is an unconventional gas chromatograph using directly heated columns for rapid heating and cool down. It is truly a fast GC with cycle times measure in seconds and not minutes. The system does not have an oven as in a conventional GC products because direct heating of the column eliminates the need for one. The 300 Series ...

Model 6890 - Gas Chromatograph

by Alpha Omega Technologies     based in Brielle, NEW JERSEY (USA)

The 6890 represents the culmination of all the engineering and technological advancement that was achieved from every GC product line up through the 5890. The integration of a new technology for Electronic Pressure Control (EPC) was introduced, along with EPC options for auxiliary gases if needed. Revolutionary new inlet and detector designs ...

Flash Chromatography

by Applied Separations     based in Allentown, PENNSYLVANIA (USA)

Spe-ed Flash columns have been designed and manufactured to meet the critical needs of researchers who are using automated organic purification instruments. Buy your Flash columns from a company that actually manufactures the packings. Get consistent results because there’s uniformity from batch to batch. Uniform and fast flow for excellent ...

GCAP - Gas Chromatographers

by Analytical Pixels Technology (APIX)     based in Grenoble, FRANCE

GCAP represents the next generation in gas chromatographers using miniaturized nano-scale silicon components in a flexible, versatile architecture. Conventional, Multi-dimensional, or concurrent analysis, Compact and Portable, Easy to use, Inexpensive.

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