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Postnova - Model PN3150 - Refractive Index Detector

by Postnova Analytics     based in Salt Lake City, UTAH (USA)

The new PN3150 deflection type differential Refractive Index Detector is a detection system which offers the highest sensitivity combined with exceptional baseline stability at the same time. Thus the system is ideally suited for „flow sensitive“ applications such as FFF and GPC.

Alliance HPLC

by Kamstec International     based in Karachi, PAKISTAN

What started as the gold standard in liquid chromatography remains the gold standard today – the Waters Alliance HPLC® System. No other HPLC solution has ever come to market optimized so thoroughly for the scientific researcher. And no other solution has ever provided so many innovations so continuously in so many application areas. ...

Spark - Model Mistral - Ovens

by Spark Holland B.V.     based in Emmen, NETHERLANDS

Almost every parameter defining a chromatographic separation is temperature dependent. Suffice it to say that temperature control provides an indispensable tool to optimize your HPLC or UHPLC assay. As you will easily recognize, retention times will be more constant with constant temperature, but varying the temperature can also be a great help to ...

Optilab - Model T-rEX Series - Refractive Index Detector

by Wyatt Technology Corporation (WTC)     based in Santa Barbara, CALIFORNIA (USA)

The Optilab T-rEX (refractometer with EXtended range) is an Refractive Index detector with 256 times the detection power and 50 times the dynamic range of every RI detector in existence today. Using a combination of cutting-edge semiconductor photodiode technology and proprietary computer algorithms, the T-rEX achieves an unprecedented combination ...

HPLC - Empty Columns Complete System

by Möller Medical GmbH     based in Fulda, GERMANY

Möller Medical commands 35 years of experience in HPLC hardware. We regard ourselves as problem solver and systems manufacturer for our clients, whom we support from the development phase until series production.

Optimal-L - Packed HPLC Column

by red (dot-red)     based in March, UNITED KINGDOM

New generation of high purity material ideally suited for scale-up to process levels. Available in a range of particle sizes from 3µm, 5µm and larger. Available in a wide range of pore diameters form 120 to 1000 Angstrom. Optimal-L is ideally suited for testing hydrophilic compounds that are not normally retained by other C18-based ...

redanalytical - Temesil Packed HPLC Columns

by red (dot-red)     based in March, UNITED KINGDOM

Temesil columns undergo the most stringent quality control conditions in an ISO9002 approved laboratory. Temesil columns provide the same chromatographic performance as Spherisorb with lower column back pressures. Materials include silica (Si), Octyl (C8), Octadecyl (ODS1 and ODS2) and Phenyl. Particle size is commonly 5µm though other ...

SECcurity - Model GPC1260 VWD - Variable Wavelength Detector

by Polymer Standards Service-USA Inc.     based in Mainz, USA

The SECcurity GPC1260 variable wavelength detector (VWD) lowers detection limits with simplified optics for high sensitivity, low baseline drift and wide linear range. Achieve high sensitivity and low detection limits with low baseline noise and drift. Cut operating costs with automatic shutdown for longer productive lamp lifetime. The detector is ...

Purolite - Model PCR450 SAC Gel (4% DVB) - Na+ Form - Sugar Chromatography

by Purolite Corporation     based in Bala Cynwyd, PENNSYLVANIA (USA)

Purolite PCR450 is a strongly acidic gel-type cation exchange resin with a polystyrenic matrix which offers separation of both polar and in certain cases, non-polar chemical compounds. High speed efficient separation is achieved even for compounds of higher molecular weight as a result of its special bead distribution, high moisture content, and ...

Mistral - Column Thermostat for HPLC

by Watrex Praha, s.r.o.     based in Praha 6, CZECH REPUBLIC

Air column heater with fan, heated zone 400x110x50 mm temperature range up to 90°C, precision +/- 0,1°C. Large heated block provides uniform temperature in column compartment and prevents local overheating. Heating speed 7°C/min, cooling 0,5°C/min. Temperature gradient programming.

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