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Semi-Preparative HPLC Purification

by Kamstec International     based in Karachi, PAKISTAN

Integrate the versatility of Empower Software with the simplicity of Waters chromatography solutions for a flexible purification solution that will meet your laboratory's needs. Waters' analytical to semi-preparative purification solutions are suitable for when you only have a limited number of samples to purify and don't need the advanced ...

Alliance HPLC

by Kamstec International     based in Karachi, PAKISTAN

What started as the gold standard in liquid chromatography remains the gold standard today – the Waters Alliance HPLC® System. No other HPLC solution has ever come to market optimized so thoroughly for the scientific researcher. And no other solution has ever provided so many innovations so continuously in so many application areas. ...

Non Aqueous Gel Permeation Chromatography (GPC) - High Performance 5 µm SEC/GFC Columns

by Phenomenex, Inc.     based in Torrance, CALIFORNIA (USA)

Phenogel size exclusion columns for gel permeation chromatography are composed of highly cross-linked polystyrene-divinylbenzene (PSDVB), and achieve high resolution and tight linear calibration curves. Available in 7 pore sizes from 50 Å to 106 Å and a linear mixed bed configuration.  USP L21 packings available.

Lux - Polysaccharide HPLC Chiral Columns

by Phenomenex, Inc.     based in Torrance, CALIFORNIA (USA)

Optimize your chiral separation with Lux ® polysaccharide HPLC chiral columns. The Lux family of amylose and cellulose chiral selectors provides a variety of complementary selectivities that allow you to screen for the most effective chiral separation under Reversed Phase, Polar Organic, Normal Phase, and SFC conditions.

Spark - Model Mistral - Ovens

by Spark Holland B.V.     based in Emmen, NETHERLANDS

Almost every parameter defining a chromatographic separation is temperature dependent. Suffice it to say that temperature control provides an indispensable tool to optimize your HPLC or UHPLC assay. As you will easily recognize, retention times will be more constant with constant temperature, but varying the temperature can also be a great help to ...

D-Star - Model DVW-10 - Variable Wavelength Detector

by D-Star Inc     based in Manassas, VIRGINIA (USA)

Priced below any other variable wavelength detector (including the analytical flowcell), the DVW-10 is a high quality UV-Vis variable wavelength detector capable of 195 to 800nm operation. It offers the best price/performance ratio around. Why buy performance specifications you do not need and at budget busting prices that make no sense? The ...

Model ECP2010 - Analytical HPLC Pump

by Ecom spol. s r.o.     based in Praha 2, CZECH REPUBLIC

0,01-10,00 ml/min isocratic/gradient pistons connected in series. This pump works as isocratic pump and together with Gradient Box with Degasser ECB2004 also as gradient pump. Gradient Box with Degasser ECB2004 is equipped with four way gradient mixing valve and degasser and is ordered separately.

SECcurity - Model GPC1260 - Refractive Index RI detector

by Polymer Standards Service-USA Inc.     based in Mainz, USA

The detector of  choice for the analysis of non-UV absorbing samples. Ideal concentration detector for the combination with on-line light scatterging detectors or on-line viscometers. The high signal-to-noise ratio is enabled by a minimum baseline noise. Electronic temperature regulation maintains a steady optical unit temperature up to ...

SECcurity - Model GPC1260 VWD - Variable Wavelength Detector

by Polymer Standards Service-USA Inc.     based in Mainz, USA

The SECcurity GPC1260 variable wavelength detector (VWD) lowers detection limits with simplified optics for high sensitivity, low baseline drift and wide linear range. Achieve high sensitivity and low detection limits with low baseline noise and drift. Cut operating costs with automatic shutdown for longer productive lamp lifetime. The detector is ...

TSKgel - Columns

by Tosoh Bioscience LLC     based in King of Prussia, PENNSYLVANIA (USA)

Size Exclusion Chromatography (SEC) is the dominant mode of separation for polymers. It is based on the discrimination of individual sample components by the pores of the packing material. Large sample molecules cannot or can only partially penetrate the pores, whereas smaller molecules can access most or all pores. Thus, large molecules elute ...

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