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Clarus - Model 680 - Gas Chromatograph

by PerkinElmer, Inc.

Our Clarus 680 GC is designed for fast-paced, high-volume laboratories that require fast analytical cycle times. It maximizes throughput with the fastest injection-to-injection time of any conventional gas chromatograph.

Model MDGC/GCMS Series - Multi Dimensional Gas Chromatograph System

by Shimadzu Scientific Instruments Inc

The multidimensional heart cutting system, MDGC/GCMS-2010, incorporating a “multi-Deans switch,” greatly increases separation power by combining two capillary columns of different selectivity, allowing you to separate and quantify your target compounds like never before. Multiple cuts can be made from the first dimensional column without retention ...

Tracera - High Sensitivity Gas Chromatograph System

by Shimadzu Scientific Instruments Inc

The new Tracera GC System is now ready to solve your trace analysis needs. This system utilizes the new Barrier Discharge Ionization Detector technology coupled with a GC-2010 Plus capillary gas chromatograph to create a GC system that makes it possible to reveal trace components that are difficult to see by other GC detectors.

Model GC-2010 Plus - Capillary Gas Chromatograph System

by Shimadzu Scientific Instruments Inc

The GC-2010 Plus enables reliable, high-precision trace analysis with high repeatability, utilizing detectors such as FID and FPD that feature best-in-class sensitivity. In addition, rapid oven cooling and backflush technology shorten analysis time greatly for significant improvements in productivity.

Gas Chromatography Columns

by Bruker Corporation

Bruker GC columns span a broad range of column diameters, stationary phases and capillary column materials: Fused Silica (FS) and Inert Steel (IS). Ideal for either routine or research type analyses. Bruker columns bridge many applications and include a number of offerings.

Model 400-GC Series - Gas Chromatography Systems

by Bruker Corporation

Bruker Gas Chromatography (GC) systems provide analysts with faster separations, increased data quality, and maximum flexibility in a range of easy-to-use and robust platforms.

Shimadzu - Model AOC-5000 - Front End Automation For Gas Chromatography

by Shimadzu Scientific Instruments Inc

Shimadzu's aim is to supply instruments that make chromatography sample processing simple and transparent. In line with today's laboratory equipment requirements for speed, flexibility and precision, we have enhanced the already proven reliability and productivity of our GC Headspace and Liquid Injection Systems. The AOC-5000 is designed to meet ...

Agilent - Self Tightening Column Nut and Gas Chromatography Connection Supplies

by Agilent Technologies, Inc.

Column connections have been a source of frustration and wasted time since the advent of GC. For starters, simple connections can leak, causing high background noise, damaged GC column stationary phase, questionable results, and wasted time retightening fittings. You can improve your GC flow path integrity – and lengthen your periods of ...

HERACLES System - Model Flash GC - Ultra Fast Gas Chromatography

by Alpha MOS Environment

HERACLES system developed by Alpha MOS is a flash GC device. Two different metal capillary columns (10m - 0.18mm) in parallel. Two flame Ionization detectors (FID) coupled to the columns. Liquid & headspace injection modes. Manual or automated injection. Tedlar bags sampling with internal pump. Integrated solid absorbent trap thermo-regulated by ...

Gas Chromatography Detector Splitting System

by Shimadzu Scientific Instruments Inc

This detector splitting system is a part of the “Advanced Flow Technology” suite of capillary GC application devices offered by Shimadzu. This system incorporates hardware and software enabling the user to easily install, optimize and operate a GC system consisting of a single injection and analytical column that is split to multiple detectors.

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