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Metrohm - 863 - Compact Ion Chromatography Autosampler

by Metrohm USA Inc.

The 863 Compact IC Autosampler is the ideal help for routine analysis. It enables automation of the full range of Metrohm IC instruments.

VoltIC - pro I - Hyphenated IC and Voltammetry System

by Metrohm AG

VoltIC pro I - The hyphenated IC and voltammetry system for parallel determination of anions, cations and heavy metals. VoltIC pro I is the perfect combination of voltammetry and ion chromatography for simultaneous determination of anions, cations and heavy metals. MagIC Net controls IC devices, starts voltammetric determination, and summarizes ...

Fully automatic drinking water analyses

by Metrohm AG

TitrIC combines the advantages of direct measurement of pH value and conductivity, of titration and ion chromatography in a single system that provides fully automatic drinking water analyses. All ionic components are determined reliably, quickly and reproducibly. The results are saved in the integral database and can be processed to produce a ...

Owlstone - UltraFaims - Field Asymmetric Ion Mobility Spectrometry

by Owlstone Nanotech, Inc.

FAIMS is a high speed, gas phase ion separation technique. When interfaced to a Mass Spectrometer, the FAIMS chip provides an additional separation stage, making it suitable for a applications ranging from drug development to proteomics. The FAIMS ion filter is orthogonal to both LC (liquid chromatography) and MS, so has the potential to separate ...

DIF600RTU-RA - Sulfur Dioxide Passive Sampler

by Ormantine USA Ltd., Inc.

This sulfur dioxide detector is designed for passive sampling of gaseous molecules of SO2 in ambient air. Passive air sampling of ambient air pollution involves low cost air quality instruments. Sulfur dioxide gas monitoring, for example from traffic emission, may be an important aspect of emissions modeling exercises or air sampling for ...

DIF300RTU-RA - Ozone Passive Sampler

by Ormantine USA Ltd., Inc.

This ozone detector is designed for passive sampling gaseous molecules of Ozone in ambient air. Fluorinated ethylene polymer sampler fitted with black and white thermoplastic rubber caps. Passive sampling of ambient air pollution involves low cost air quality instruments. Ozone gas detection, for example from traffic emission, may be an important ...

Ion Chromatography

by Metrohm AG

Metrohm has taken ion chromatography to an entirely new level. We are proud to offer you the 850 Professional IC – the first ion chromatography system made up of intelligent components.

SupraSolve - Solvents

by Merck Millipore

We let nothing come between you and your results. No impurities, no inconsistencies and no compliance concerns. When analyzing residual solvents in drug products using headspace gas chromatography (GC), our high-purity SupraSolv® solvents specify the maximum allowed concentration of every residual solvent defined by the ICH*. Thus, ...

Fully Integrated Combustion Ion Chromatography

by Metrohm USA Inc.

Halogens and Sulfur determination for a variety of matrices across different industries. Now with Gas Box Option! Our new fully integrated Combustion Ion Chromatographic system (CIC) simultaneously determines halogens and sulfur in fuels, lubricants, additives, other petroleum products, polymers, flame retardants, textiles, special chemicals, ...

Metrohm - 920 - Absorber Module - Combustion Module and Ion Chromatograph

by Metrohm AG

The 920 Absorber Module combines the Combustion Module with the ion chromatograph. The 920 Absorber Module ensures that the gaseous compounds of the analytes are dissolved and channeled to the IC. It is responsible for the entire Liquid Handling. In addition to Combustion IC, it can also be used for gas analysis.

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