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Nordic Scientific - Thin Layer Chromatography (T.L.C. Apparatus)

by Nordic Scientific & Natural Solutions AB     based in Lund, SWEDEN

Composing of : A) Applicator : the Thin Layer applicator is carefully constructed to give dependable service in drawing thin uniform layer variable form 0 to 2 mm. ( Minimum thickness attainable 0.1 mm.) Accurate design and skilled workmanship of the applicator gives no trouble in coating number of plates at a time. It is made of Aluminum finished ...

Model FCV-20 Series - Prominence HPLC Flow Control Valves

by Shimadzu Scientific Instruments Inc     based in Columbia, MARYLAND (USA)

Prominence HPLC Flow Control Valves. FCV-20AH2/20AH6 valves are newly designed high-pressure flow line and column selection valves. Either a contact closure (event signal) input or manual input controls the valve position. Both models can be operated independently - from the front panel or a contact closure - so they can be used with a variety of ...

Chromatography vials

by InnoTech Instrumentation Co., Ltd     based in Hong Kong, CHINA

2ml 12*32 9-425 Vials, Caps and Septa. The chromatography vials are made from clear, Type 1 borosilicate, 33 expansion glass or amber, Type, borosilicate, 51 expansion glass. With or without marking spot. Screw caps and crimp top seals available. Screw caps are made from polypropylene. Septa is PTFE/Silicone.

Buck Scientific - Model BLC-10 - Educational Fixed Wavelength Isocratic HPLC Package

by Buck Scientific Inc     based in East Norwalk, CONNECTICUT (USA)

The BLC-10 can operate to system pressures of 3000 PSI. It comes equipped with the standard 'PAEK™' valve. There is no pressure read out on these units. System pressure is obtained using the Buck-Chrom software. Our fixed wavelength systems are available in either 'SS' or 'PEEK'' configurations for the same price.

HPLC - Empty Columns Complete System

by Möller Medical GmbH     based in Fulda, GERMANY

Möller Medical commands 35 years of experience in HPLC hardware. We regard ourselves as problem solver and systems manufacturer for our clients, whom we support from the development phase until series production.

Postnova - Model PN3150 - Refractive Index Detector

by Postnova Analytics     based in Salt Lake City, UTAH (USA)

The new PN3150 deflection type differential Refractive Index Detector is a detection system which offers the highest sensitivity combined with exceptional baseline stability at the same time. Thus the system is ideally suited for „flow sensitive“ applications such as FFF and GPC.

D-Star - Model DVW-10 - Variable Wavelength Detector

by D-Star Inc     based in Manassas, VIRGINIA (USA)

Priced below any other variable wavelength detector (including the analytical flowcell), the DVW-10 is a high quality UV-Vis variable wavelength detector capable of 195 to 800nm operation. It offers the best price/performance ratio around. Why buy performance specifications you do not need and at budget busting prices that make no sense? The ...

TREOS - Model miniDAWN Series - Multi-Angle Light Scattering Detector

by Wyatt Technology Corporation (WTC)     based in Santa Barbara, CALIFORNIA (USA)

The Multi-Angle Light Scattering Detector for Absolute Macromolecular Analysis.Triple-angle light scattering detector for the measurement of absolute molecular weight, size, and conformation of macromolecules in solution.  The miniDAWN TREOS may be used in batch mode (off-line) or connected on-line to an HPLC/HPSEC/AFFF, etc. Contains ...

Optilab - Model T-rEX Series - Refractive Index Detector

by Wyatt Technology Corporation (WTC)     based in Santa Barbara, CALIFORNIA (USA)

The Optilab T-rEX (refractometer with EXtended range) is an Refractive Index detector with 256 times the detection power and 50 times the dynamic range of every RI detector in existence today. Using a combination of cutting-edge semiconductor photodiode technology and proprietary computer algorithms, the T-rEX achieves an unprecedented combination ...

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