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IC Controls - Model 455 - Conductivity Microprocessor Analyzer

by IC Controls Ltd.     based in Orangeville, ONTARIO (CANADA)

IC CONTROLS has incorporated intelligence into the microprocessor analyzers via the IC Net Advanced Intelligence Access Program. Measurements such as conductivity can be critical to your process and must be strictly monitored and maintained. Analyzer intelligence goes beyond measurement and control; it provides the user with all necessary ...

ULTRAPEN - Model PT1 - Conductivity/TDS/Salinity & Temperature Pen

by Myron L Company     based in Carlsbad, CALIFORNIA (USA)

This instrument is designed to be extremely accurate, fast and simple to use in diverse water quality applications. Advanced features include the ability to select from 3 different solution types that model the characteristics of the most commonly encountered types of water; proprietary temperature compensation and TDS conversion algorithms; ...

Hanna Instruments - Model HI-98311 - Conductivity & TDS & Temperature Meter (Dist5)

by DelAgua Group     based in Marlborough, UNITED KINGDOM

The floating waterproof Dist5 measures conductivity and total dissolved solids. It features a dual level easy to read LCD display which shows the conductivity (or TDS) reading alongside the temperature reading. For the full product specification please see the attached instruction manual. The HI-98311 (Dist5) is supplied complete with HI-73311 ...

DS And pDS Meters - Conductivity / TDS and pH for Professionals

by Myron L Company     based in Carlsbad, CALIFORNIA (USA)

Conductivity or TDS & pH . No water supply is completely pure. Every industrial, commercial or natural source contains dissolved solids or salts. These impurities contribute to scale, corrosion, poor taste, and environmental pollution that endanger animal and plant life.

Hanna Instruments - Model HI-76300 - Multi-range Conductivity Meter with Manual Temp. Compensation

by DelAgua Group     based in Marlborough, UNITED KINGDOM

The EC 214 is a multi-range bench top conductivity meter with four measurement ranges to ensure the highest resolution and accuracy to meet your measuring requirements. Calibration is performed manually up to 1-point simply by adjusting a knob on the front of the meter. The temperature compensation is manual and the temperature value can also be ...

Hanna Instruments - Model HI-9835 - Conductivity/TDS/C/NaCl Meter, Waterproof

by DelAgua Group     based in Marlborough, UNITED KINGDOM

HI-9835 combines four important parameters you need for measuring conductivity. Now you can sample Electro-Conductivity (EC), Total Dissolved Solids (TDS), sodium chloride (NaCI) and temperature simultaneously. For the full product specification please see the attached instruction manual. The HI-9835 is supplied complete with batteries, rugged ...

Hanna Instruments - Model HI-98204 - pH/Conductivity/ORP/C Meter, Water-test

by DelAgua Group     based in Marlborough, UNITED KINGDOM

The HI-98204 Water-test provides the ability to test 4 different environmental parameters using just one simple meter. The design of the meter is such that it can be lowered into the water to be tested in order to fill the Black sample chamber at the bottom of the unit. It can then be removed from the water and stood in a position to allow for ...

TechPro - Model II - Measuring Conductivity, TDS, pH and Temperature

by Myron L Company     based in Carlsbad, CALIFORNIA (USA)

Conductivity/TDS, pH & Temperature. Obtain reliable and accurate measurements of your water source with the value-priced TechPro II™. Ideal for water treatment testing as well as other industrial and commercial applications, these instruments reflect Myron L’s 40-plus years experience designing and building quality conductivity, ...

Decagon - Model SC-1 - Leaf Porometer for Stomatal Conductance Measurements

by Decagon Devices, Inc.     based in Pullman, WASHINGTON (USA)

Accurate, Affordable, Practical: The SC-1's breakthrough steady-state technology makes accurate stomatal conductance measurements affordable and practical for everyday research.

Conductivity Products

by ABB Measurement Products     based in Zurich, PENNSYLVANIA (USA)

Electrolytic conductivity is the ability of a liquid to pass an electric current. Our comprehensive range is used in many industries as a means of measuring water quality or the concentration of a chemical solution. The measuring system comprises two parts; an analyser and a sensor, also known as a cell.

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