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RainLog - CR2477N - Lithium Battery

by RainWise Inc.

The CR2477N Lithium battery will power the Rainlog for up to a year and normal operating conditions.

RainLogger - Complete Integrated System for Monitoring Rainfall

by RainWise Inc.

Complete Integrated System for Monitoring Rainfall. The RainLogger is a complete package containing a RainLog data logger, RL-Loader 2 software and polypropylene rain collector and mounting mast. The tipping bucket rain gauge is calibrated to 0.01 inches / 0.25 mm per tip. Other calibrations are available on request.

RainwiseNet - Internet Hosting

by RainWise Inc.

Our new online cloud based data hosting and web portal, RainwiseNet accepts data from your MKlll-418Mhz or MKlll-LR weather station via the RainWise IP-100 Network Interface.RainwiseNet provides real-time and historical data, and can be customized for private or public access. Multiple weather stations can also be grouped for agricultural or ...

RainWise - MK-lll - Computer Package

by RainWise Inc.

With the CC-3000 computer interface and weather data logger for use with a computer. The foundation of every RainWise weather station package is the MK-III sensor assembly.  The MK-III is the most accurate, easy-to-install and durable weather station available. This station comes fully assembled, is 33 inches high and weighs just over 7 ...

RainWise - Short Haul Modems

by RainWise Inc.

The short haul modem is used in applications where a serial connection to a weather station or data logger is required and it is possible to run a cable between points. Rainwise offers a number of different models. Please contact us with your specific application requirements.

RainWise - PS - Precipitation Detector

by RainWise Inc.

The RainWise Precipitation Sensor consists of a gold plated printed circuit board pattern that senses the presence of moisture. Any moisture on the surface of this board results in a contact closure. When connected to a RainWise data logger, a timer is energized and the “on” time is recorded in hours and minutes.

RainWise - T/WD - Wet/Dry Bulb Temperature Sensor

by RainWise Inc.

The RainWise Wet Bulb/Dry Bulb Thermometer consists of two calibrated temperature sensors in a fan aspirated housing. Both of the sensors are exposed to the aspirated air. One of them is encased in a fabric wick. This wick is wetted from a small sump. This sump is filled from a reservoir prior to each reading by a remotely located pump.

WindLog - 40-Foot - Turn Key System

by RainWise Inc.

The 'Turn Key' Windlog offers a complete solution to your site monitoring requirement. The 40-foot telescoping mast will allow placement of the anemometer at 41 feet above the ground while providing logger access at ground level.

WindLog - 50-Foot - Wind Extension Cable

by RainWise Inc.

The WindLog wind sensor is connected to the data logger using 8-conductor cable. This 50 foot Ethernet cable can be used to separate the wind sensor from the WindLog.

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