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YSI 85 Hand-held Salinity, Conductivity, Dissolved Oxygen & Temperature System

by Forestry Suppliers, Inc.     based in Jackson, MISSISSIPPI (USA)

Determines salinity, conductivity, dissolved oxygen, and temperature! The YSI® 85 is a rugged, microprocessor-based, hand-held digital meter with an attached YSI combination conductivity and dissolved oxygen probe. The conductivity portion of the probe is a four electrode cell with a cell constant of 5.0 cm/±4% while the dissolved oxygen portion ...

Oakton - Model Acorn DO 6 - Meter

by Forestry Suppliers, Inc.     based in Jackson, MISSISSIPPI (USA)

Great for testing water quality in wastewater, surface water, ground water, or drinking water. A clear LCD display shows results in ppm or mg/L with enunciators to aid in use and troubleshooting. Six simple buttons allow for freezing readings, toggling between display units and temperature results, setup, calibration, and automatic barometric and ...

Extech ExStik II Dissolved Oxygen Meter

by Forestry Suppliers, Inc.     based in Jackson, MISSISSIPPI (USA)

Obtain and store up to 25 data sets of dissolved oxygen and temperature measurements with this waterproof meter. Oxygen level readings can be displayed as % saturation or concentration (mg/L [ppm]), and an analog bar graph indicates trends. The meter also features adjustable altitude compensation (0 to 20,000 ft. in 1,000 ft. increments), ...

Model Q45D - Dissolved Oxygen Monitor

by Analytical Technology, Inc. (ATI)     based in Delph, UNITED KINGDOM

ATIs Model Q45D Dissolved Oxygen monitor provides reliable oxygen measurement and reduced maintenance costs. The galvanic dissolved oxygen sensor uses a rugged 5 mil Teflon membrane to resist mechanical abrasions and tears. The membrane serves as a barrier to allow molecular oxygen to diffuse into the reaction cell where it is reduced, producing a ...

YSI - Model 55 - Dissolved Oxygen & Temperature Meter

by Geo Scientific Ltd     based in Vancouver, BRITISH COLUMBIA (CANADA)

The field-proven and easy to use YSI 55 D/O Instrument measures dissolved oxygen in mg/L, percent saturation and temperature. The YSI 55 has a bright backlit display, automatic push-button calibration, low-battery indicator, and automatic temperature (ATC), salinity, and manual altitude compensation. The tough, watertight IP-65 rated case ...

Waltron Aqualyzer - Model 9062 Series - Dissolved Oxygen Analyzers

by Waltron LLC     based in Whitehouse, NEW JERSEY (USA)

The Waltron Aqualyzer 9062 Dissolved Oxygen Analyzer is a state-of-the-art microprocessor-based instrumentation package with a compact wet section developed specifically for use in measuring low and high concentrations of dissolved oxygen. It is today’s standard for all low range dissolved oxygen analyzers.

Pond Aerators

by Environmental Equipment Engineering, Inc.     based in Mechanicsville, VIRGINIA (USA)

Aeration is an important and essential process in order to maintain clean, breathable water. Since Earth’s natural materials and organisms, such as leaves, fish and various wastes, either inhabit or make their way into small bodies of water, keeping it clean is crucial to water’s health. As these organisms begin the decaying process, they use up ...

Model HD 2109.1 - HD 2109.2 - Dissolved Oxygen - Temperature Meters

by Delta OHM S.r.L.     based in Caselle di Selvazzano, ITALY

The HD2109.1 and HD2109.2 are portable instruments with a large LCD display. They measure the concentration (in mg/l) of dissolved Oxygen in liquids, the saturation index (in %) and the temperature using SICRAM combined probes of polarographic type with two or three electrodes and integrated temperature sensor. Temperature only is measured by ...

Model HOT63 - Dissolved Oxygen Transmitters

by LTH Electronics     based in Luton, UNITED KINGDOM

Two different options of the HOT63 transmitter are available with the base model offering a single 4-20mA current output while the Advanced HOT63 will offer two 4-20mA current outputs enabling the process temperature to be measured and transmitted as well as the Dissolved Oxygen value. The Advanced HOT63 model a|so has two relay outputs for ...

Triton - Broadband Telemetry Buoy

by Fastwave     based in Subiaco, AUSTRALIA

The Triton telemetry buoy offers broadband data acquisition from sensors located on the buoy, suspended in the water column or on the sea floor, depending on application requirements. It designed for extended coastal and offshore moored deployments, with solar and battery power systems to support multiple sensor payloads. The Triton has an ...

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