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EVERWATCH - Lab Fume Hood Monitor

by TSI Incorporated     based in Shoreview, MINNESOTA (USA)

EVERWATCH® Lab Fume Hood Monitors ensure safety by continuously monitoring lab fume hood face velocity. TSI's monitors provide audible and visual alarms to warn of unsafe conditions. Additionally, TSI offers monitors with and without a digital display, giving users only the needed information. These fume hood monitors are designed to comply ...

Filter-Check SubMicron Aerosol Spectrometer/Filter Efficiency Monitor

by Grimm Technologies     based in Douglasville, GEORGIA (US) (USA)

The requirement for filter efficiency measurement (contamination control) has been outlined for years by ASHRAE 52.1 as a classical gravimetric method. Since the concentration of smaller particulate in ambient air is dramatically increasing, new methods need to be developed for air cleaning devices to study the removal efficiency by particle size. ...

DustMate - Hand-Held Direct Reading Fume and Dust Detector

by Turnkey Instruments Ltd     based in Northwich, UNITED KINGDOM

DustMate is a hand-held instrument with a very fast response which has been designed to locate sources of workplace airborne dust and fumes even at very low concentrations. Highly effective for checking air quality within buildings. Its one second time resolution also allows it to be used as a road-side indicator to identify high pollution ...

Sigrist - Dust Monitors

by Peak Process Controls, Inc.     based in Newmarket, ONTARIO (CANADA)

Sigrist dust monitors have been applied for over 30 years for measuring dust concentration in production processes or in the ambient air to ensure good working conditions and minimize air pollution. The Sigrist StackGuard continuous emissions monitor for particulate matter (PM CEMS) is an extractive type instrument that can measure extremely low ...

Door Ports

by Monoxivent     based in Rock Island, ILLINOIS (USA)

Monoxivent door (or wall) ports serve as an outlet for hose to be run outside a building. The port openings and the width of the portal will be constructed based on customer requests. Standard port openings are made for 2 ½', 3', 4', or 5' hose. No crush or metal interlock hose can be used within the ports.

Tailpipe Adapter

by Monoxivent     based in Rock Island, ILLINOIS (USA)

Monoxivent offers a variety of tailpipe adapters for almost any type of vehicle source capture. Our nozzles and adapters are easy to use, versatile, durable, safe and competitively priced. The adapters are offered as an adjustable vise clamp, tapered cone adapter, rubber body adapter, self-closing spring damper, vertical adapter, straight body ...

Dampers, Blast Gates

by Monoxivent     based in Rock Island, ILLINOIS (USA)

Monoxivent dampers and blast gates are used to shut off airflow for systems not in use. The products are offered in a number of models and sizes.


by Monoxivent     based in Rock Island, ILLINOIS (USA)

Monoxivent stainless steel couplers are offered as male (cap and chain) or female models. The components, in many cases, make it easy to change a system over to meet demands.

Flat Swivel Connectors, Connection Flange

by Monoxivent     based in Rock Island, ILLINOIS (USA)

Monoxivent's 360-degree flat swivel connectors are constructed of stainless steel and are offered in diameters from 4' through 10'. Monoxivent's Connection Flange is also offered in diameters from 4' through 10'.

Swivel Ball Joint

by Monoxivent     based in Rock Island, ILLINOIS (USA)

Monoxivent's swivel ball joint is offered as an option for connecting flex duct to hard duct. In some cases, the swivel allows for easy positioning of the flex hose.

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