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DeTect MERLIN - Bird & Bat Radar Systems

by DeTect, Inc.     based in Panama City, FLORIDA (USA)

The MERLIN Avian Radar System is the most capable, proven and widely used bird radar system available for conducting bird and bat surveys, mortality risk analysis, and migratory studies, and for long-term and operational monitoring and mitigation of risks.

Model SM2+ - Song Meter

by Wildlife Acoustics, Inc.     based in Concord, MASSACHUSETTS (USA)

The Toughest, Most Flexible, and Economical Bioacoustics Recorder Available.The bioacoustics monitoring system that started it all, the Song Meter SM2+ is a multi-purpose, weatherproof, terrestrial recording system. Used worldwide and backed by a full line of innovative options, accessories, and ground-breaking software, the SM2+ is a time-tested ...

Model SM2BAT+ - Flexible Bat Bioacoustics Monitoring System

by Wildlife Acoustics, Inc.     based in Concord, MASSACHUSETTS (USA)

The Most Flexible Bat Bioacoustics Monitoring System Available.The Song Meter SM2BAT+ revolutionizes unattended automatic bat activity recording. Based on ten years of continuous research and refinement, the SM2BAT+ is a critical tool for bat biologists and researchers. The SM2BAT+ is also one of the only commercially available recorders that ...

Model EM3+ - Bat Detection and Recording System

by Wildlife Acoustics, Inc.     based in Concord, MASSACHUSETTS (USA)

An All-In-One Solution To Bat Detection And RecordingThe EM3+ active handheld bat detector and recorder is easy to hold, lightweight and requires no additional hardware. You can:

DeTect MERLIN - Detect & Deter Bird Control Radar System

by DeTect, Inc.     based in Panama City, FLORIDA (USA)

The MERLIN detect & deter bird control radar system is the most advanced and proven radar system for continuous monitoring of user-defined bird and wildlife control zones and automatic activation of bird deterrent devices to prevent birds entering restricted areas. The Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers (CAPP) in 2012 presented a ...

CB STAR - Shopping Bags

by Starlinger & Co. Gesellschaft m.b.H.     based in Vienna, AUSTRIA

CB*STAR is the world’s first woven polypropylene carrier bag to be produced with full automation – on the cb*starKON conversion line manufactured exclusively by Starlinger. Our new CB*STAR carrier bag meets the increasingly high standards for long life, attractive design and environment-conscious use of resources as well. The CB*STAR ...

BioSonics - Automated Monitoring Systems

by BioSonics, Inc.     based in Seattle, WASHINGTON (USA)

BioSonics offers unique and innovative solutions to monitor fish passage and assess behavioral impacts on aquatic animals including marine mammals, fish, and diving birds. BioSonics sonar systems are often installed in fixed-position deployments to observe the underwater environment over a period of weeks, months or even years at a time. Such ...

Land/Ocean Biogeochemical Observatory

by Satlantic LP     based in Halifax, NOVA SCOTIA (CANADA)

Satlantic’s new complete turnkey water quality monitoring system, the LOBO (Land/Ocean Biogeochemical Observatory), addresses the need for routine, robust and accurate water quality measurements, particularly in sensitive and diverse ecological areas such as estuaries and inland waters. Developed in collaboration with MBARI, the LOBO is ...

AQUILA - Airport Tablet Bird Scarer

by STERELA     based in Pins-Justaret, FRANCE

AQUILA airport tablet allows staff in charge of wildlife hazard management to log and analyze events. It is also compatible with EFFTEL products offering effective airside bio-acoustic bird dispersal system.

Buoy-Mounted Current Meters

by Falmouth Scientific, Inc. (FSI)     based in Cataumet, MASSACHUSETTS (USA)

Falmouth Scientific has put together a solution utilizing our standard 2D-ACM Current Meter along with telemetry capabilities and a solar powered charging system. These systems were deployed on buoys in the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands (CNMI), which is located in the Pacific Ocean due east of the Philippines.

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