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SLE-5500 HPLC - High Performance Liquid Chromatography

by Spectro Lab Equipment Pvt. Ltd.     based in New Delhi, INDIA

Unique Design of New Integrated Structure: Integrate the sample injection valve, the column oven and the detector into one unit, shortened the connection pipe to the maximum degree, to obtain the excellent baseline stability, very high resolution and very low limit of detection. Detector: Concave Holographic Grating. High Stability. Brand New ...

Bacterial Contamination Screening Kit

by MicroBioTests Inc.     based in Mariakerke, BELGIUM

The BACTERIAL CONTAMINATION SCREENING KIT is a “field test kit” containing all the materials and reagents to perform contamination analyses of 20 water samples. Easy to follow instructions with detailed illustrations are provided within the kits for the conduct of the ultra-rapid field assays. The tests are based on chemical ATP ...

Model ION450 - PH, Conductivity and ISE Measurements

by Radiometer Analytical SA     based in Villeurbanne, FRANCE

The ION450 Ion Analyser makes ion analysis simple by automating in the same beaker, pH, conductivity and ion measurement. It lets you select the type of measurement you need, linking calibrations and methods as you wish. Having a single instrument for simultaneous measurement and display of pH and conductivity makes analyses quick and simple.

PetroPRO - Benzene / BTEX Analyzer

by Photovac - an INFICON Brand     based in East Syracuse, NEW YORK (USA)

PetroPRO can analyze benzene in less than 2 minutes or BTEX in less than seven minutes down to low PPB levels. PetroPRO utilizes photoionization detector which reports sample concentrations from low PPB up to hundreds of PPM. PetroPRO is designed for high-speed analysis of BTEX, but can be modified for analysis of a wide range of VOCs. It weighs ...

Niton - Model XL2 - X-ray Fluorescence Analyser

by Niton UK Limited     based in Woodmancott, Winchester, UNITED KINGDOM

The Niton XL2 x-ray fluorescence analyser has been designed to provide a rugged analytical instrument at an attractive price-point. When speed, accuracy, and reliability count, the combination of strong hardware, smart software, and industry experience helps the Niton XL2 to meet your specific analytical requirements.

IONIX - Heavy Metal Trace Detector

by Steroglass S.r.l.     based in San Martino in Campo - Perugia, ITALY

Non destructive analyses. Detection in certain matrices. High sensitivity: at ppb level. Quick analyses. User-friendly. Competitive price. Wide range of applications. Dedicate application software. Very low management cost. Small size.

Aurora TRACE - Model 1300 - Atomic Absorption Spectrometer

by Aurora Biomed Inc.     based in Vancouver, BRITISH COLUMBIA (CANADA)

Current industry demands require that elemental analyses embody higher precision, higher sensitivity, and lower detection limits than ever before. Aurora has built a reputation as an industry leader in atomic absorption and atomic fluorescence spectrometry. Building on this success, Aurora is pleased to introduce their newest addition to their ...

IROX - Diesel Analyzer

by Petrolab Company     based in Broken Arrow, OKLAHOMA (USA)

IROX Diesel is a Mid-FTIR analyzer dedicated to Diesel analysis: With a different spectrometer cell, its own on-board software and a vast calibration library handling is as easy as with the gasoline unit. This instrument also uses an improved calculation model, based on Cluster analysis and MLR for the determination of the key properties of diesel ...

Gold Tester XRF Analytical | Gold Analyzer

by Geotechnical Services, Inc     based in Tustin, CALIFORNIA (USA)

Gold Analysis using an XRF gold tester is a highly accurate, fast technique to determine gold concentration in jewelry, scrap gold, gold bars, coins, and any other solid metal samples. The accuracy of XRF instruments for gold testing comes within 0.15% (0.0015) of fire assay. For those currently using fire assay to hallmark gold and other precious ...

Protir - Model 304FT - FTIR Gas Analysis

by Protea Limited     based in Cheshire, UNITED KINGDOM

304FTSatisfying the needs of ISO 19702 for FTIR gas analysis in fire testing, the 304FT is a purpose designed analytical solution for the railway and other industries. Based around the proven ABB MB3000 spectrometer, the 304FT contains a low volume, high flow rate gas cell enabling very quick response times while still achieving the detection ...

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