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Elox100 - COD Analyser

by LAR Process Analysers AG     based in Berlin, GERMANY

Measurement range: 1 - 100,000 mg/l COD. Response time: < 4 minutes. Electrochemical oxidation. COD monitoring. Easy to maintain and operate. High oxidation capacity. No chloride disturbances. No memory effects.

Oxford Instruments - Model X-MET7000 Series (EDXRF) - Handheld XRF Analyser

by Oxford Instruments Industrial Analysis     based in Abingdon, UNITED KINGDOM

The X-MET7000 Series handheld XRF analyser is the flexible & easy to use tool of choice for elemental analysis in a wide range of industries. Based on the proven technique of energy dispersive X-ray fluorescence (EDXRF), the X-MET7000 Series is engineered for high performance and reliability, guaranteeing fast, non-destructive materials ...

LGR - Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2) Trace Gas Analyser

by Enviro Technology Services plc     based in Stroud, UNITED KINGDOM

LGR’s NO2 Analyser uses cavity enhanced laser absorption spectroscopy to measure the mole fraction of nitrogen dioxide continuously and directly in flowing air samples. The Nitrogen Dioxide Analyser is ideal for a wide variety of monitoring applications of this gas where extreme precision, accuracy and fast response are required. The NO2 ...

QuickOIL - Oil in Water Analyser

by LAR Process Analysers AG     based in Berlin, GERMANY

Exact determination of Oil-in-Water (OIW). Measurement Range: 0.1-100 mg/l, 2-400 mg/l, 5-2,000 mg/l, 100-15,000 mg/l, 100-50,000 mg/l, further options available. Proven thermal oxidation principle. Highest combustion temperature available (1,200°C). Catalyst-free. Response Time: 3 minutes. Multi-stream measurements (optional). No filtration ...

Model AS32M - Aanalyzer for Quick and Direct (without conversion) NO2 Measurement

by Norditech Pty Ltd     based in Arndell Park, AUSTRALIA

Designed to alleviate potential disadvantages of the chemiluminiscence method and to provide the most accurate value for NO2 concentration measurements. Direct and continuous monitoring of ambient NO2. Provides fast and accurate measurements. Extremely compact, easy to use with minimal maintenance (periodic change of particle filter). Completely ...

AGC - Model Series 100 - Trace N2 Gas Analysers

by AGC Instruments Ltd.     based in Co. Clare, IRELAND

The Series 100 Trace N2 Gas Analyser has been developed to allow for the continuous monitoring of N2 in Argon or N2 in Helium. This specific detector has been derived from our extremely successful High Frequency Argon Discharge Detector (HFADD).

PeCOD - Model L100 - Laboratory Analyser

by Aqua Diagnostic     based in South Melbourne, AUSTRALIA

The PeCOD COD laboratory unit (L100) is a simple to operate menu driven analyser ideal for rapid COD tests to support plant operations and verify discharge targets.

Protoc - Model TL - TOC Analyser

by Pollution & Process Monitoring Ltd     based in Sevenoaks, UNITED KINGDOM

PROTOC TL is a fast, reliable and flexible on-line analyser system designed to accurately determine trace level TOC/TC concentrations in real time. The analyser comprises a wall mount, analyser section typically supplied complete with a controller providing local display and outputting signals.

Model CT200 Series - On-Line UV COD Analyser

by Datalink Instruments     based in Saint Martin Le Vinoux, FRANCE

On-line COD (Chemical Oxygen Demand) analysis has become essential to uphold the environmental and sanitary regulations for all kinds of water: rivers and underground water, drinking water, industrial effluent, sewage. Reliability and stability are the main requirements of on-line analysis systems only achieved by UV spectrocopy.

In-Line Gas Analyser O3

by Cambridge Sensotec Limited     based in St Ives, UNITED KINGDOM

A high quality instrument for ozone process measurements. Provides continuous measurement of ozone and temperature concentrations, in addition to trace level concentration measures in liquid and gas phase.

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