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Model FCV-20 Series - Prominence HPLC Flow Control Valves

by Shimadzu Scientific Instruments Inc

Prominence HPLC Flow Control Valves. FCV-20AH2/20AH6 valves are newly designed high-pressure flow line and column selection valves. Either a contact closure (event signal) input or manual input controls the valve position. Both models can be operated independently - from the front panel or a contact closure - so they can be used with a variety of ...

High Pressure Liquid Chromatography Columns

by Analtech, Inc.

Analtech is proud to offer, for the first time, High Pressure Liquid Chromatography Columns. Analtech is partnering with Separation Methods Technologies - another company committed to excellence in chromatography.

Prominence Preparative High Performance Liquid Chromatograph (HPLC) System

by Shimadzu Scientific Instruments Inc

The most important aspects of separation and purification are purity results, preparative processing speed, and cost-effectiveness. The Prominence preparative system enhances all of these aspects in each scale-up process.

Kinetex - Model XB-C18 Phase - HPLC Columns

by Phenomenex, Inc.

This phase has protective butyl side chains that allow for superior peak shape and enhanced separation of basic compounds under neutral and acidic conditions.

Luna - Model SCX Phase - HPLC Columns

by Phenomenex, Inc.

Strong cation exchange groups are bound to the silica surface for a strong selectivity of positively charged compounds.

Synergi - Model Hydro-RP Phase - HPLC Columns

by Phenomenex, Inc.

A polar endcapped C18 phase that provides extreme hydrophobic and slight polar selectivity. Extreme retention of hydrophobic compounds. Slight polar selectivity. Stable in 100 % aqueous mobile phase.

Synergi - Model Fusion-RP Phase - HPLC Columns

by Phenomenex, Inc.

A polar embedded C18 phase that offers balanced polar and hydrophobic selectivity. Enhanced polar retention under organic conditions. Low MS bleed. 100 % aqueous stable.

Luna - Model HILIC Phase - HPLC Columns

by Phenomenex, Inc.

The silica surface is covered with cross-linked diol groups for polar selectivity under hydrophilic liquid chromatography conditions.

Synergi - Model Max-RP Phase - HPLC Columns

by Phenomenex, Inc.

Densly bonded C12 phase providing an alternative hydrophobic selectivity to traditional C18 columns. Hydrophobic retention similar to a C18 with improved results. Sharper peaks for basic and tailing compounds.

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