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HORIBA - OCMA-310 - Oil Content Monitor

by HORIBA Europe GmbH

The OCMA-310 is an automated portable unit for monitoring oil content in both fresh water and saltwater. The one-touch monitoring process is fully automated, from sample extraction to analysis and sample expulsion. The OCMA-310 utilizes an S-316 extraction solvent to ensure superior oil particle stability and infrared absorptiometry for sample ...

Spectral Imager

by Achromatic Limited

TRUE multi-analysis capability. Ability to see all of the potential compounds and pollutants in the water individually – can analyse all compounds and give ppb concentrations for each. No interference from the raw colour or natural organic material – indeed instrument will speciate these as well as separate components. Analyses light crude oils, ...

Specac - Oil in Water Analysis Kit

by Specac Limited

Specac’s Oil in Water Analysis Kit contains all the necessary FTIR instrument accessories to implement ASTM test method D7066-04 for the analysis of total recoverable oil, grease, or petroleum hydrocarbons in water. The kit comprises of three matched pairs of infrared grade quartz cells supplied in 10, 50, and 100 mm pathlengths and a 3' x ...

Siemens MicroSAM - Online Analysers for Gas Chromatograph

by Norsk Analyse AS

Using modern silicon micro-machining techniques achieves miniature size while simultaneously increasing power and versatility. The explosion-proof enclosure contains everything you need for separation and detection of the measured sample integrated into the space of a small platter.

The First COD Cell Tests with Unlimited Chloride Tolerance

by Merck Millipore

The chloride dilemma: COD (chemical oxygen demand) measurements are regularly performed to test water for pollutants. But as many analysts know, the task is particularly difficult when the water sample contains very high chloride levels, such as with industrial wastewater or seawater. Standard COD tubes cannot be used, as chloride interferes ...

BioTector - Toc, Tn & Tp On-Line Analyzer

by BioTector Analytical Systems Limited (formerly Pollution Control Systems Ltd)

The TP, or Total Phosphorous, Analyzer is an additional analysis tool available from BioTector Analytical Systems. The oxidation process in the BioTector provides complete oxidation of all sample constituents, producing an oxidized liquid sample ready for further analyses. This allows on-line TOC/TP and TOC/TN/TP measurements to be combined in one ...

CPS Disc Centrifuge

by CPS Instruments Inc.

The CPS Disc Centrifuge is a complete, high resolution particle size analysis system for measuring particles in the size range of ~0.01 micron to ~50 microns. The instrument separates particles by size using centrifugal sedimentation in a liquid medium. The sedimentation is stabilized by a slight density gradient within the liquid. The particles ...

PetroCAM - Digital Imaging Particle Analysis for Oil in Water

by Fluid Imaging Technologies, Inc.

Combining superior optical engineering with state-of-the-art imaging analysis software, the rugged PetroCAM® accurately analyzes the size and concentration of oil droplets and solid particles in fluids. Having the ability to discriminate oil from solids and solids from one another using particle shape, PetroCAM is well-suited for the ...

Donaldson - HIAC PODS - Portable Oil Diagnostic System

by Donaldson Company, Inc.

The Donaldson Portable Oil Diagnostic System measures, stores and reports oil condition parameters essential for reliable hydraulic systems operation. Unlike traditional laboratory analysis that can take up to a week to complete, the Donaldson PODS analyzes fluids and lubricants to determine the machine’s operating condition instantly. The ...

SFS-Scanner - Portable Water Analyzer

by Laser Diagnostic Instruments

Quick and cost-effective way to monitor water pollution on-site. New application of Spectral Fluorescent Signatures technology.

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