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200-18310 Propeller Torque Disc

by NovaLynx Corporation     based in Grass Valley, CALIFORNIA (USA)

The 200-18310 Propeller Torque Disc checks anemometer bearing torque with 0.1 gm/cm resolution. The disc temporarily replaces the propeller for torque measurement or simple yet accurate pass/fail checks. Charts included with the unit relate torque to propeller threshold with limits for acceptable bearing performance. The Model 200-18312 Cup-Wheel ...

200-18331 Vane Torque Gauge

by NovaLynx Corporation     based in Grass Valley, CALIFORNIA (USA)

The 200-18331 Vane Torque Gauge checks vane bearing torque of Wind Monitor family of sensors. Slip the fixture over the main housing and make simple yet accurate vane torque measurements. Charts relating vane torque to vane threshold provide limits for acceptable bearing performance.

SIT - Model 105/110/120 Series - Strain Gauge Torque Sensors

by Sensor Technology Ltd     based in Banbury, UNITED KINGDOM

The SIT 105/110/120 strain gauge reaction transducers are designed for operation in any industrial environment. Models are available in sizes ranging from 50Nm to 5000Nm, offering outputs from mV/V outputs, to ratiometric voltage outputs, to digital data connection via RS232 or USB. An option of a bench mount housing is available for torque wrench ...

Rotary Torque in Systems

by instrutechSOLUTIONS     based in Las Rozas de Madrid, SPAIN

Measurements of tighten torque, electrical engines performance applications, rotary torque in aerogenerators, control of rotary torque in systems of machine – tool, test machines, R +D applications, etc. are some of the projects where it is needed the use of reliable, accurate and robust torque sensors.

Autogard Series 320

by British Autogard Limited     based in Cirencester, UNITED KINGDOM

The Series 320 Torque Limiter Clutch has been designed to meet the emerging need for an economical, compact and reliable safety clutch.  The optimised design provides a robust, backlash free clutch which will protect equipment from the damaging effects caused by overloading a drive train. In the event of an overload, the drive balls are ...

GUIDED WAVE - Model 412 Series - NIR Process Analyzer - Spectrometer

by Guided Wave Inc,     based in Rancho Cordova, CALIFORNIA (USA)

The Guided Wave Model 412 process Analyzer offers remote multi-channel near-infrared (NIR, 1000-2100 nm) spectroscopic analysis. Essentially a smart chemical sensor, the Model 412 provides exceptional signal-to-noise, excellent wavelength stability, NIST traceable wavelength calibration, dual-beam optics and built-in diagnostics. Process ...

Ultraviolet (UV) Light Meter

by Sper Scientific     based in Scottsdale, ARIZONA (USA)

Close-out price on Vilber Lourmat's UV light meter for measurements requiring the highest possible accuracy and versatility for research, testing of UV sterilization equipment in hospitals, and the manufacture and testing of cosmetics and pharmaceuticals. Measures UV energy (0~99999 Joules/cm2), UV intensity (0~350 mW/cm2), and UV dosage for any ...

200-18312 Cup-Wheel Torque Disc

by NovaLynx Corporation     based in Grass Valley, CALIFORNIA (USA)

Wind Monitor Calibration Accessories.

WindMark - Model III - Wind Sensors

by Wittich & Visser     based in Rijswijk, NETHERLANDS

Climatronics WindMark III combines accuracy and reliability with low cost. They are well suited for general wind monitoring applications. Windspeed is sensed by a three-cup anemometer and converted to an electrical signal by a solid-state photo chopper. A counter balanced wind vane coupled to a precision, low torque potentiometer senses wind ...

TorqueTrak - 10K Telemetry System

by Binsfeld Engineering Inc.     based in Maple City, MICHIGAN (USA)

Measuring live torque in real time is easier than ever with the TorqueTrak 10K telemetry system. Convert virtually any drive shaft into a rotating torque sensor by simply mounting the transmitter, battery and a torque sensitive strain gage to the shaft. Use the infrared remote control to adjust transmitter gain, activate the remote shunt ...

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