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Radiello - Model RAD174 - Filtration Kit

by Sigma-Aldrich/Supelco     based in Bellefonte, PENNSYLVANIA (USA)

Radiello Filtration Kit pk of 20. The filtration kit consists of graduated polyproylene syringe barrels and 13 mm diamater syringe filters with 0.45 μ,m porosity. The filtration kit is ideal for filtering aqueous samples prior to reversed-phase HPLC and ion-chromatography.

DNeasy - Model Plant Mini Kit - Fungal And Yeast DNA Purification From Various Sample Types

by QIAGEN     based in Hilden, GERMANY

DNeasy Plant Kits provide fast and easy silica-based DNA purification in spin column and 96-well plate formats. Typical yields are 1–15 μg (96 Kit), 3–30 μg (Mini Kit), and 30–260 μg (Maxi Kit) of high-quality DNA. Purification of DNA using the DNeasy Plant Mini Kit can be automated on the QIAcube.

Oil Spill Sampling & Transport Kit

by General Oceanics Inc.     based in Miami, FLORIDA (USA)

This new sampling system developed in conjunction with the U.S. Coast Guard overcomes the problems of collection and transportation of thin oil sheen samples to the laboratory for identification.

QIAamp - Model DNA Stool Mini Kit - Bacterial Or Genomic DNA Purification From Samples With High Concentrations Of PCR Inhibitors Such As Soil

by QIAGEN     based in Hilden, GERMANY

The QIAamp DNA Stool Mini Kit provides silica membrane-based purification of up to 30 μg genomic, bacterial, viral, and parasite DNA from fresh or frozen human stool or other sample types with high concentrations of PCR inhibitors. The combined action of InhibitEX, a unique adsorption resin, and an optimized buffer leads to removal of PCR ...

Specac - Model FTIR - Starter Kits

by Specac Limited     based in Orpington, UNITED KINGDOM

Our experts have created a range of product bundles tailored to suit a wide range of requirements. Each pack is a bundle of products specifically designed to include everything a user needs to analyse different types of samples. For a more complete solution these packs can be combined into starter kits.

NECi - Nitrate Determination for Food Samples

by The Nitrate Elimination Co., Inc. (NECi)     based in Lake Linden, MICHIGAN (USA)

Nitrate Determination for Food Samples; Accurate, Fast, Reliable Results, Safe for you and the environment. Use this kit to obtain quantitative determinations of nitrate content of food samples.  Use your standard food sample preparation method prior to using this kit.  It uses a test tube format and is to be used with your colorimeter ...

Specac - Basic Starter Kit

by Specac Limited     based in Orpington, UNITED KINGDOM

The Basic Starter Kit is a complete bundle of products, ideal for analysing a wide range of samples in liquid, solid and gas states. This Kit includes the 

Specac - Basic Solid Pack

by Specac Limited     based in Orpington, UNITED KINGDOM

The Basic Solid Pack has been put together to provide everything needed to produce 7mm pellets for FTIR analysis. The Pack includes a 2 Ton Manual Hydraulic Press, a Pestle and Mortar, a 50g tub of KBr Powder, a 7mm Pellet Die with Pellet Ring Holder, a 7mm Disc Holder with Rectangular Mount and a Spare Pellet Ring Holder.

Specac - Liquid Pack for Omni-Cell System

by Specac Limited     based in Orpington, UNITED KINGDOM

Based arround the popular Omni-Cell System, this Liquid Pack contains everything a user needs to get started in the analysis of a wide range of liquids at a variety of pathlengths. The range of liquids that can be analysed can be easily extended with the purchase of additional windows. For the full range of window and spacer options ...

Specac - Gas Pack

by Specac Limited     based in Orpington, UNITED KINGDOM

The Gas Pack has been put together to provide everything needed to produce to analyse gases. The Pack includes the Storm 10cm Pyrex Gas Cell, Complete Seal Set, Cell Mount and a pair of KBr Windows.

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