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Model ES 4100 - Gas Standards Generator

by LabHut Ltd     based in Gloucestershire, UNITED KINGDOM

A New Standard in Low Concentration Vapour Generation. The new ES4100 Vapour Standards Generator is an instrument designed to calibrate most types of gas analysers, including gas chromatographs, FTIR, GC-MS, Ion Mobility Spectrometers and also environmental chambers.

FlexStream - Gas Standards Generator

by KIN-TEK Laboratories, Inc. (KIN-TEK)     based in La Marque, TEXAS (USA)

The FlexStream is ideally suited for creating trace concentration - ppm, ppb, and pptr - mixtures. The FlexStream uses KIN-TEK Trace Source disposable, refillable and diffusion permeation tubes for over 500 chemicals. 

Kin-Tek - Model 491M - Gas Standards Generator

by KIN-TEK Laboratories, Inc. (KIN-TEK)     based in La Marque, TEXAS (USA)

The 491M gas standards generator provides:Industry-standard for over 20 yearsPermeation tube oven with wide temperature range controlled to 0.1 °CPrimary dilution mass flow rateStandby, zero and span modesSingle-oven module can create mixtures with up to 8 componentsExpandable

KIN-TEK - Industrial Gas Standards Generators

by KIN-TEK Laboratories, Inc. (KIN-TEK)     based in La Marque, TEXAS (USA)

KIN-TEK Industrial Gas Standards Generators [brochure] are used in industrial environments. These instrument systems use Trace Source permeation tubes to deliver calibration gas standards directly to your FTIR, GC, GC-MS, Ion Mobility Spectrometer, or any type of gas analyzer or environmental chamber.KIN-TEK Gas Standards Generators provide the ...

AutoBlend - Gas Standards Generator

by KIN-TEK Laboratories, Inc. (KIN-TEK)     based in La Marque, TEXAS (USA)

The AutoBlend is an integrated computer-controlled gas blending system designed to create flowing, adjustable-concentration complex gas mixtures and test atmospheres. The system introduces precisely controlled trace concentration components into a flowing, high purity matrix gas.The AutoBlend uses KIN-TEK Trace Source™ disposable, refillable ...

Span Pac - Model H20 - Trace Moisture Gas Standard Generator

by KIN-TEK Laboratories, Inc. (KIN-TEK)     based in La Marque, TEXAS (USA)

Trace concentration moisture is an extremely important parameter in gases used in a wide range of processes. But there is no absolute analytical method that can be used in all applications. For most sensing methods, the response to moisture is affected by the background gas and most current methods are subject to “poisoning” by certain ...

CalTrak - Model 800 - Gas Mass Flow Standard

by Sierra Instruments, Inc.     based in Monterey, CALIFORNIA (USA)

The CalTrak® 800 is the most accurate commercially available portable primary gas flow standard. The 800 brings world-class accuracy to your flow lab with a standardized accuracy of ±0.15% of reading, superior to all other commercial laboratory standards. Primarily used for standard calibration and verification of mass flow meters, ...

Gas Separator - Standard

by FAUDI GmbH     based in Stadtallendorf, GERMANY

Advantages: Certified Gas Separator; maintenance-free operation. Area of application: For the use at refuelling points of aviation fuel, gasoline and hydrocarbon. Flow rate: Various filter sizes and the modular design enable any required flow rate.

GA - Model Series 350-W - Air Cushioned Outside Lever & Weight Swing Check Valve

by GA Industries, LLC     based in Cranberry Township, PENNSYLVANIA (USA)

The Figure 350 Air Cushioned Outside Lever & Weight Swing Check Valve is standard with ductile iron body and cover rated for 250 PSI (1,274 kPa) working pressure from 3” (DN80) to 30” (DN750) size, bronze body seat, stainless steel hinge shaft and rubber faced ductile iron disc for drop tight shutoff. A side-mounted totally ...

Model 33607 - Heptadecafluorooctanesulfonic Acid Solution

by Sigma-Aldrich Co., LLC     based in Bellefonte, PENNSYLVANIA (USA)

Heptadecafluorooctanesulfonic acid solution 100 μg/mL in methanol, analytical standard, for environmental analysis.

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