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TriLux - Low Cost Digital Fluorometers

by Chelsea Technologies Group     based in West Molesey, UNITED KINGDOM

The innovative TriLux range of digital, in-situ, multi-wavelength, fluorimeters provides the user with increased functionality when compared to other fluorimeters. Over 200 fluorimeters are now in the field with users reporting excellent datasets.  Applications include in-situ chlorophyll a &  algae class studies, environmental ...

ANDalyze - Model AND1000 - Fluorimeter Hand-Held Device

by ANDalyze     based in Champaign, ILLINOIS (USA)

The AND1000 Fluorimeter enables field testing to be done in two steps in less than two minutes, eliminating or significantly reducing test expenditures, complexity and wait times experienced in traditional heavy metals water testing. It is a breakthrough in streamlining the water analysis and reporting processes and its powered by DNA.

Model 62 Series - Fluorimeters

by Bibby Scientific     based in Stone, UNITED KINGDOM

High quality optics: pulsed xenon lamp and Total Energy Transfer (TET). Intelligent Filter Modules ensure correct filters are fitted for selected method. Intuitive programming allows fast program creation. Raw fluorescence or concentration values options. Standard curve and kinetic functions. Heated sample holder and sipper pump accessories. ...

UviLux - UV In-Situ Fluorometer

by Chelsea Technologies Group     based in West Molesey, UNITED KINGDOM

The UviLux is a family of sensitive, low cost, digital in-situ UV fluorometers designed for real-time monitoring of concentrations of refined & crude hydrocarbons, Coloured Dissolved Organic Matter (CDOM) and Tryptophan, a surrogate marker for Biological Oxygen Demand (BOD), optical brighteners and bacterial contamination in waste, recycled and ...

AquaTracka - UV Fluorometer

by Chelsea Technologies Group     based in West Molesey, UNITED KINGDOM

The UV AQUAtracka is a submersible fluorimeter to monitor the concentration of refined hydrocarbons (360nm) or crude hydrocarbons (440nm) in a wide range of oceanographic applications. In support of this, it has been designed to be deployed from undulating vehicles, moored or profiling systems. The instrument is rated to 6000m and has an optional ...

AquaTracka - Model III - Fluorometer

by Chelsea Technologies Group     based in West Molesey, UNITED KINGDOM

AQUAtracka III is a compact, lightweight, submersible fluorimeter for the detection of chlorophyll a, dye tracing or turbidity.  Manufactured in titanium, it is rated to 6000m. For deck and laboratory applications a flow through cowling is available.

STS - Model SMF 4 - Portable Fluorimeter for Organic Pollution Monitoring

by STS Instruments Ltd     based in Wokingham, UNITED KINGDOM

STS have produced the fully portable SMF4 Fluorimeter which allows instant quantification of Tryptophan, a surrogate for BOD, in water samples on site, allowing immediate decisions to be taken regarding water quality and control actions.This technique simplifies and quantifies investigations into cross connections in sewers and recycled water ...

FluoroProbe - Submersible Spectrofluorometer for Measurement f Algal Groups and Total Chlorophyll

by Benten Water Solutions     based in Zwartsluis, NETHERLANDS

The instrument for algae class differentiation and total chlorophyll measurement. bbe Moldaenke's FluoroProbe is a highly sensitive measuring instrument for the analysis of chlorophyll-a with algae class distinction. Individual profiles during the measurements are taken for green algae, blue-green algae/cyanobacteria, diatoms/dinoflagellates and ...

StellarNet - Model BLACK-Comet-TEC - Low Cost Spectro Fluorometer Systems

by StellarNet, Inc.     based in Tampa, FLORIDA (USA)

StellarNet introduces a low cost line of research grade fluorescence systems designed for a wide range of applications requiring high sensitivity measurements of powders, liquids, and surfaces.  StellarNet, inventor of the miniature fiber optic concave grating spectrometer, has configured systems specifically for low-light applications and, ...

StellarNet - Model UV-VIS-NIR - Research Spectrometers

by StellarNet, Inc.     based in Tampa, FLORIDA (USA)

StellarNet miniature research grade spectrometers allows for low cost measurements in the UV-VIS-NIR wavelength ranges. These instruments can measure species absorption, emission, fluorescence, transmission, concentration, and color, using the  free SpectraWiz operating software for any version of  Microsoft Windows right on your desktop ...

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