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Oxford Instruments - CMI563 - For Surface Copper Measurement

by Oxford Instruments Industrial Analysis

Oxford Instruments’ CMI563 product was designed specifically for copper foil on rigid, flexible, single and double-sided, or multi-layer PCB boards The CMI563 employs the micro resistance test method technology, providing the most effective and efficient way of achieving accurate, precise measurement of surface copper thickness, including ...

Lovibond Tintometer - Checkit Comparator Disc - Copper

by DelAgua Group

Comparator disc for use in lovibond comparator block 145000. Each CheckitDisc contains a continuous colour scale which makes it possible to achieve an exact colour match between the colour standard and the sample. These CheckitDiscs are specially manufactured in selected materials to remain colour-stability over a long period and guarantee ...

Oxford Instruments - CMI760 Series - Highly Flexible Equipment for Copper Measurement

by Oxford Instruments Industrial Analysis

The Oxford Instruments CMI760 was designed to meet the copper measurement and quality control needs of the printed circuit board industry. The CMI760 measures various surface copper applications and comes with a SRP-4 userreplaceable tip. Optional accessories that measure plated through-hole copper can also be added. This highly expandable ...

CL1000 - Residual Chlorine Monitor

by Severn Trent Services, Inc

The Series CL1000 Residual Analyzer represents the latest advancement in residual analysis. With microprocessor-based electronics, this instrument offers precise control of the critical components in the measurement of chlorine, resulting in one of the most accurate analyzers on the market today. The CL1000 Residual Analyzer is designed to ...

Oxford Instruments - CMI95M - Copper Foil Thickness Measurement

by Oxford Instruments Industrial Analysis

Oxford Instruments CMI95M is a battery operated handheld gauge for measuring copper foil thickness on printed circuit board substrate materials from 1/8 to 4.0 oz/ft2 (5-140μm) in less than a second.

Capital Controls - 1770 - Residual Chlorine Monitor

by Severn Trent Services, Inc

The Capital Controls® Series 1770 Chlorine Analyzer is a reagentless, amperometric analyzer designed for the continuous measurement of free chlorine in drinking water, swimming pools and recirculating process waters. The Series 1770 is factory tested and shipped as a 0-2 mg/l free chlorine analyzer with field-selectable ranges from 0-1 mg/l to ...

1870E - Residual Chlorine Monitor

by Severn Trent Services, Inc

The Capital Controls® Series 1870E Chlorine Residual Analyzer is an amperometric-based instrument designed to continuously analyze free or total chlorine, chlorine dioxide, iodine, bromine or other oxidants used in water, wastewater, cooling water and process water applications. The Series 1870E features a field selectable monitoring range ...

CL500 - Residual Chlorine Monitor

by Severn Trent Services, Inc

Severn Trent Services’ residual analyzers are designed to continuously monitor free or total chlorine or other oxidants in drinking water, wastewater, cooling water and other process water applications. The units are microprocessor-based and feature a large, dot matrix graphic display with on-screen instruction, self-diagnostics, and ...

Stevens Greenspan - PS 3000 - Water Level And Temperature Pressure Sensor

by Stevens Water Monitoring Systems, Inc.

The PS 3000 water level and temperature sensor that features a ceramic capacitive transducer for stability and accurate readings. The PS 3000 features an overall accuracy of +/- 0.1% FS and can log approximately 100,000 single channel readings on 2 Mb of on-board memory. The PS 3000 is fully calibrated over all temperature and pressure ranges to ...

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