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Oxford Instruments - Model CMI563 - For Surface Copper Measurement

by Oxford Instruments Industrial Analysis

Oxford Instruments’ CMI563 product was designed specifically for copper foil on rigid, flexible, single and double-sided, or multi-layer PCB boards The CMI563 employs the micro resistance test method technology, providing the most effective and efficient way of achieving accurate, precise measurement of surface copper thickness, including ...

Oxford Instruments - Model CMI760 Series - Highly Flexible Equipment for Copper Measurement

by Oxford Instruments Industrial Analysis

The Oxford Instruments CMI760 was designed to meet the copper measurement and quality control needs of the printed circuit board industry. The CMI760 measures various surface copper applications and comes with a SRP-4 userreplaceable tip. Optional accessories that measure plated through-hole copper can also be added. This highly expandable ...

Lovibond Tintometer - Model Checkit Comparator Disc - Copper

by DelAgua Group

Comparator disc for use in lovibond comparator block 145000. Each CheckitDisc contains a continuous colour scale which makes it possible to achieve an exact colour match between the colour standard and the sample. These CheckitDiscs are specially manufactured in selected materials to remain colour-stability over a long period and guarantee ...

Oxford Instruments - Model CMI95M - Copper Foil Thickness Measurement

by Oxford Instruments Industrial Analysis

Oxford Instruments CMI95M is a battery operated handheld gauge for measuring copper foil thickness on printed circuit board substrate materials from 1/8 to 4.0 oz/ft2 (5-140μm) in less than a second.

Model WCU/WNI410 - Copper/Nickel Plating Controllers

by Walchem, IWAKI America Inc

Walchem’s WCU410 Copper Controller and WNI Nickel Controller are optoelectronic on-line analyzers that measure the actual concentration of copper or nickel in solution. They are used in a variety of applications including electroless plating baths and microetch baths (including oxide-replacement types).The WCU410 may be switched from ...

Johns Copper for Water Quality Testing (480042)

by Industrial Test Systems, Inc.

This water quality test promises to be an attractive alternative to wet chemical copper tests for several reasons: There are no hazardous chemicals to mix (an MSDS is not required); Quick results are obtained in less than 1 minute; No identified interferences; And, best of all, the Copper water quality test strips are safe and easy to use for fast ...

SEIBOLD - Online-Analyser For Copper

by SEIBOLD Wasser - Analysatorenfabrik GmbH

Sources: Copper is both an essential nutrient and a drinking-water contaminant Natural sources. Most of the world’s Cu is found and mined in the form of copper sulfides and in combination with other metals that can also form multi-metalsulfide minerals (Fe, Sn, Pb, Se, As, Sb and Ag).

Oxford Instruments - Model CMI250 - Magnetic Induction and Eddy Current Measurement

by Oxford Instruments Industrial Analysis

Dual Technology Features Magnetic Induction and Eddy Current Measurement Techniques with Statistical Analysis and PC Interface. The CMI250 is a feature rich instrument built upon our established Eddy Current / Magnetic Induction Dual Probe Technology. The instrument offers factory and user calibrations, automatic temperature compensation, base ...

SEIBOLD COMPOSER Alban Berg - Online-Analyser for Total Copper and Nickel

by SEIBOLD Wasser - Analysatorenfabrik GmbH

This process analyser was developed and built for industrial waste water and drinking water Industry. The main advantages are the combined measurement in one measurement step and the use of non toxic and non hazardous reagents.

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