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Buck Scientific - Model BLC-20PG - Semi-Preparative Binary Gradient HPLC With UV/VIS Detector

by Buck Scientific Inc     based in East Norwalk, CONNECTICUT (USA)

Complex Gradient Elutions are a snap with the BLC-20PG semi-prep Gradient HPLC. Adding a second pump saves you time and money when dealing with multi component separations.  Samples which occupy more than 40% of the separation space should be done by gradient elution. The semi-prep pump is rated at 40ml per minute, allowing larger sample ...

Agilent - Model 1100/1200 - HPLC Control Module

by DataApex     based in Prague, CZECH REPUBLIC

The Agilent 1100/1200 Control module enables the direct control of the Agilent 1100 HPLC system and Agilent 1200 HPLC system over GPIB or LAN.Direct control means that the HPLC system can be completely controlled from the Clarity environment. Instrument method controlling the sample preparation and/or analysis conditions will be saved in the ...

TSKgel - Columns

by Tosoh Bioscience LLC     based in King of Prussia, PENNSYLVANIA (USA)

Size Exclusion Chromatography (SEC) is the dominant mode of separation for polymers. It is based on the discrimination of individual sample components by the pores of the packing material. Large sample molecules cannot or can only partially penetrate the pores, whereas smaller molecules can access most or all pores. Thus, large molecules elute ...

Model ECS01 - Quaternary Gradient Analytical System

by Ecom spol. s r.o.     based in Praha 2, CZECH REPUBLIC

For complicated analysis at different wavelengths in gradient mode. High effective HPLC system containing UV-VIS detector, column oven, analytical pump and gradient box. Detector with continuously variable wavelength 190-800 nm and very low noise level offers high-speed sampling up to 100 Hz.

Model ECP2010 - Analytical HPLC Pump

by Ecom spol. s r.o.     based in Praha 2, CZECH REPUBLIC

0,01-10,00 ml/min isocratic/gradient pistons connected in series. This pump works as isocratic pump and together with Gradient Box with Degasser ECB2004 also as gradient pump. Gradient Box with Degasser ECB2004 is equipped with four way gradient mixing valve and degasser and is ordered separately.

Model Poroshell 120 - Analytical HPLC & UHPLC Columns

by Agilent Technologies, Inc.     based in Santa Clara, CALIFORNIA (USA)

Poroshell 120 columns provide rugged, high resolution separations within the pressure range of any mainstream LC system, making the benefits of sub-2 µm performance available with all existing LCs. Poroshell columns can achieve high resolution and high speed separations on current instruments, and higher resolution and speeds on new ...

TCI - Reversed Phase - Chiral & Chiral RP

by TCI America     based in Portland, OREGON (USA)

Special Reversed Phase Only Chiral separation power enhanced. Greater hydrophobicity (adequate for fast eluted compounds). Helical polymaleimide ligand coated on 5 μm particules. Column ready to use upon delivery (last solvents H2O/CH3CN). Suitable for the separation of a wide range of substrates. Carbonyls (Ketones, Esters, Carboxylic acids, ...

Shimadzu - Model i-Series - Integrated HPLC

by Shimadzu Scientific Instruments Inc     based in Columbia, MARYLAND (USA)

Combining excellent functionality, an intuitive operating environment, and full automation, the i-Series provides excellent performance and a more efficient workflow for conventional to ultra-high-speed analysis. The i-Series’ fundamental functions ensure maximum reliability and stability during testing. The i-Series allows the direct injection ...

Venusil - Model XBP-C1 - UHPLC Columns

by General Separation Technologies, Inc. (GS-Tek)     based in Newark, DELAWARE (USA)

Venusil XBP columns are bonded to the maximum density to have the highest hydrophobicity (the lowest polarity), the lowest interaction of analytes with silanol, high stability at high pH's and the broadest pH range.

GS-Tek - Model GsBP-5MS - Low Bleed GC Columns

by General Separation Technologies, Inc. (GS-Tek)     based in Newark, DELAWARE (USA)

Solvent rinse-able and high temperature limit. Exceptionally low column bleed, inert and neutral surface, and high plate number. Wide range of column dimensions and stationary phase film thicknesses for GC and GC/MS. Non-polar. General columns for most popular applications, particularly environmental, chemical, pharmaceutical, and agricultural ...

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