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AquaScan - Model 610 - Leak Noise Correlator

by Gutermann AG     based in Baar, SWITZERLAND

The AquaScan 610 is the world’s first cordless leak noise correlator and provides highly accurate and error-free leak pinpointing. The combination of high performance, elegant design, compact size and advanced features make this the most popular leak noise correlator available. The AquaScan 610 is highly accurate and extremely portable. It ...

Eureka Digital - Leak Noise Correlation System

by Primayer Ltd     based in Denmead, UNITED KINGDOM

Eureka Digital provides a powerful solution for locating leaks, even where there is substantial background noise or only the quietest of leak noise is present. Users can have confidence on metallic, plastic and cement pipes.

Model RD533 - Leak Noise Correlator

by Radiodetection LTD - a division of SPX Corporation     based in Bristol, UNITED KINGDOM

The RD533 correlator is a multi-function system that is designed to detect leaks and trace the  topography of water supply networks. When used with a transmitter, the RD533 can trace a pipe’s route underground. The system features a highly sensitive ground microphone that can detect even minute leaks. The automatic frequency search ...

LeakFinderRT - Non-Invasive Windows-Based Leak Noise Correlator

by Echologics Engineering Inc. - a division of Mueller Canada Ltd.     based in Mississauga, ONTARIO (CANADA)

It’s unparalleled accuracy at your fingertips. Introduce yourself to the first truly Windows-based leak detection system that uses leak noise correlation to pinpoint seepages in a

Lokal - Model 200PC - Digital 3 Point FFT Correlation

by F.A.S.T. GmbH     based in Langenbrettach, GERMANY

With our LOKAL 200 PC we introduce the most modern and strongest Correlator available. Thanks to his precipitous analogous filters and the dissipations function developed by the renowned German Fraunhofer Institute it is possible to recognize disturb noises and to suppress straight. The especially for transport and plastic pieplines, developed ...

Lokal - Model 100 - Leakage Detection System

by F.A.S.T. GmbH     based in Langenbrettach, GERMANY

Operation of the LOKAL Leakage Detection System by F.A.S.T is based on the technical principle of the frequency-dependent correlation coherence analysis. The pressurized medium inside the pipe generates a discharge-related noise at the leakage spot. This discharge noise propagates to both ends of the pipe section simultaneously and is acquired ...

AquaScan - Model 620L - Laptop Leak Locating Correlator

by Gutermann AG     based in Baar, SWITZERLAND

Ultra-compact and extremely easy to use – the AQUASCAN 620L laptop correlator utilizing both the legendary, industry-leading cordless AQUASCAN sensor-transmitters and the powerful “Auto Filter” software.

AquaScan - Model TM2 - Trunk Main & Plastic Pipe Correlator

by Gutermann AG     based in Baar, SWITZERLAND

Powerful high-end touchscreen correlator designed specifically to find leaks on large diameter pipes over long distances – intelligent, non-intrusive and user-friendly. This correlator is currently the most advanced correlator in the industry.

ZoneScan - Model 820 - Correlating Radio Loggers

by Gutermann AG     based in Baar, SWITZERLAND

The ZoneScan 820 is easily the most advanced, robust and best performing logger on the market. It is the only radio logger worldwide that is capable not only of logging noise levels, but also record the sound frequency spectrum, and to provide enough sound detail to correlate. It is therefore the only radio logger that will allow you to (i) avoid ...

Leak Correlation - MicroCALL +

by HWM-Water Ltd - a Halma Company     based in Cwmbran, UNITED KINGDOM

MicroCALL + combines the power, graphics and ease of use of a PC based leak noise correlator with the portability and durability of a ruggedized handheld control unit. The system builds on the proven reputation of MicroCorr Correlators and includes advanced features only previously available in the Palmer DigiCALL PC based unit.Leak noise is ...

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