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Aqua-Loc - Hydrostatic Test Pumps Diaphragm Style

by Cherne Industries     based in Minneapolis, MINNESOTA (USA)

Hydrostatic Test Pumps are designed for pressure testing water lines and sewer force mains as prescribed by AWWA Standard C600 Installation of Ductile-Iron Water Mains and C605 Installation of PVC Pressure Pipe.

BARTEC - Water Leakage Detection System

by BARTEC GmbH     based in Bad Mergentheim, GERMANY

Water leak monitoring in buildings with sensitive electric and electronic equipment or valuables is today an elementary part of building supervision and guarding. The BARTEC water leakage detection systems are used for the surveillance of rooms, piping and individual items. Each leakage is detected with metre accuracy and reported directly in the ...

a1-cbiss - Model RMS8000 - Refrigerant Gas Leak Detection System

by a1-cbiss     based in Birkenhead, UNITED KINGDOM

Fixed refrigerant leak detector, robust, easy to use and cost effective. The a1-cbiss RMS8000 offers a robust, easy to use, cost effective approach to providing an effective refrigerant gas monitoring system. The RMS8000 is used to monitor concentrations of carbon dioxide (CO2, ammonia (NH3) or combustible gases in refrigeration applications where ...

Model Rivelgas Plus - Portable Instrument Equipped with Vacuum Pump

by Huberg S.a.s.     based in Bolzano, ITALY

Portable instrument equipped with vacuum pump for gas leak detection (CH4 and C3H8) on air pipes, fittings etc.. It can be set up for personal safety when it is combined with sensors for toxic gases such as O2, CO and H2S, activating the LEL scale for the sensors CH4, C3H8.

MediTEST - Model M012P-1 - Bench-Top Non-Destructive Leak Detection System

by Cambridge Sensotec Limited     based in St Ives, UNITED KINGDOM

A low cost bench-top non-destructive leak detection system for testing single sachets, pouches, flow wraps and most non-porous packaging.

Model LD2100 - Distance-Read Leak Detection Controller Monitors

by RLE Technologies (RLE)     based in Fort Collins, COLORADO (USA)

The SeaHawk LD2100 distance-read leak detection controller monitors up to 5,000 feet (1,524 meters) of sensing cable.  Robust and web-accessible, it is compatible with all SeaHawk sensing cables and the SD-Z spot detector.Designed to monitor large facilities and complex leak detection networks, the LD2100 can be configured as a Modbus master ...

Model LD5200 - Distance-Read Controllers

by RLE Technologies (RLE)     based in Fort Collins, COLORADO (USA)

Protecting a facility from damaging leaks is an important part of any disaster mitigation plan.  The  LD5200 pairs superior leak detection technology with an easy-to-use interface.  This integration helps users quickly and efficiently establish a distance-read leak detection system that reliably protects valuable assets.

HEATH - DetectoPak Infrared (DP-IR)

by Hetek Solutions Inc.     based in London, ONTARIO (CANADA)

The DP-IR is the latest of a new generation of leak survey instruments from Heath that will greatly improve the productivity and safety of a walking/mobile survey. The Detecto Pak-Infrared (DP-IR™) is a highly advanced technology capable of detecting methane without false alarming on other gases.

Remote Methane Leak Detector

by Hetek Solutions Inc.     based in London, ONTARIO (CANADA)

The Remote Methane Leak Detector can quickly and efficiently detect leaks up to one hundred feet away and with its Intrinsic Safety rating the RMLD-IS opens up a whole new realm of survey applications such as: Offshore Platforms, plant and industrial inspections, compressor stations, production facilities – gas gathering, drilling sites ...

Optical Methane Detector

by Hetek Solutions Inc.     based in London, ONTARIO (CANADA)

The Optical Methane Detector is designed to increase measurement speed and accuracy when performing mobile inspections of buried natural gas distribution, transmission, and gathering pipelines. Containing no moving parts, the OMD can be front mounted on a vehicle and calibrated by the driver or technician from inside the vehicle. OMD uses infrared ...

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