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Tru Pointe - Refrigerant Leak Detector

by Bacharach, Inc.     based in New Kensington, PENNSYLVANIA (USA)

The Tru Pointe is designed to be instantly responsive to all refrigerants. It is even accurate when used in environments where high levels of refrigerant vapors are present. No manual sensitivity adjustments are necessary during the inspection process. Simply turn the unit on, and let it mark the spot!.

Gaseeker - Gas Leak Detection

by Telegan Gas Detection     based in Oxfordshire, UNITED KINGDOM

Dual range 0-100%LEL/ 0-100% volume monitor for leak detection and purge monitoring of gas systems. Incorporating twin hydrocarbon detection technology, Gaseeker monitors hydrocarbons in inert backgrounds at % volume levels for gas pipe system purging and inert atmosphere monitoring, and has a % LEL sensor for gas escape testing. The Gaseeker's ...

Pipe Leak Diverters and Pipe Repair

by New Pig Corporation     based in Tipton, PENNSYLVANIA (USA)

Put occupational health and safety first with New Pig's selection of pipe leak diverters and pipe repair products. It's easy to divert water leaks and repair PVC pipe leaks with our products. Choose from pipe repair patch kits, pipe repair putty, rubber hanging straps and much more. Shop the Pigalog® catalog or buy our industrial supplies online.

Immersion Leak Testing

by American Gas & Chemical Co. Ltd     based in Northvale, NEW JERSEY (USA)

By lowering the surface tension and increasing the wetting ability of water, a leak in a pressurized immersed vessel will generate a steady stream of tiny bubbles instead of an occasional larger bubble as with untreated water. Small leaks will produce bubble indications that are impossible with normal water. The CIM series will not foam, will not ...

Permalog - Leak Noise Loggers Permalog

by Datamatic LTD     based in Plano, TEXAS (USA)

Permalog+ Leak Noise Loggers, used in conjunction with a MOSAIC Mesh Network or ROADRUNNER Mobile & Handheld data collection platforms, are today’s most powerful tool to protect precious resources and guard against costly and damaging water leaks.

Model RLD10 - Refrigerant Leak Detector

by IMR Environmental Equipment, Inc.     based in St. Petersburg, FLORIDA (USA)

Adjustable tick rate. Long 18' (45cm) flexible gooseneck. Automatically detects all existing refrigerants and blends. Audio and visual tick rate. Fast response time (< 1 second).

Bacharach - Model Leakator 10 - Portable Combustible Gas Leak Detectors

by CitiSafe Pte Ltd     based in Singapore, SINGAPORE

Leakator 10 Portable Combustible Gas Leak DetectorAn ideal instrument for pinpointing combustible gas leaks; testing appliances in commercial, residential, and industrial applications; surveying gas pipelines; and inspecting valves, regulators, and meters on gas equipment.Bacharach's Leakator® 10 is a low maintenance combustible gas leak detection ...

Bacharach - Model Leakator Jr. - Portable Combustible Gas Leak-Detector

by CitiSafe Pte Ltd     based in Singapore, SINGAPORE

Bacharach Leakator Jr. Portable Combustible Gas Leak DetectorMeasuring only 6 inches in length with a 12-inch flexible probe, Bacharach's Leakator Jr. is a low maintenance, easy-to-use portable combustible gas leak detector that is capable of pinpointing large and small leaks quickly with absolutely no calibration required. The Leakator Jr. is ...

Remote Methane Leak Detector

by Hetek Solutions Inc.     based in London, ONTARIO (CANADA)

The Remote Methane Leak Detector can quickly and efficiently detect leaks up to one hundred feet away and with its Intrinsic Safety rating the RMLD-IS opens up a whole new realm of survey applications such as: Offshore Platforms, plant and industrial inspections, compressor stations, production facilities – gas gathering, drilling sites ...

Leak Detector

by Van Putten Instruments BV     based in Delft, NETHERLANDS

The VP Leak Detector is a practical tool for any leak detection or mechanical troubleshooting program. Simple to use – find compressed air and steam leaks and prevent machinery failure with this unique instrument

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