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Incon - Model 1250B - Liquid Level Monitors

by Incon/Intelligent Controls Power Reliability Systems     based in Saco, WISCONSIN (USA)

The Model 1250B provides highly accurate rotary position indication, with interfaces to SCADA, PLC’s, and computers.

Flexar Guided Wave Radar

by Monitor Technologies LLC     based in Elburn, ILLINOIS (USA)

The Flexar continuous level measurement system is a smart guided wave radar device used for monitoring the level of powders, granules and other bulk solids as wells as many liquids and slurries.

Incon - Model 1511-Z - Liquid Level Monitors

by Incon/Intelligent Controls Power Reliability Systems     based in Saco, WISCONSIN (USA)

A microprocessor-based panel instrument for difficult industrial process control applications. The power, flexibility and ease-of-use of the INCON Model 1511-Z Process Monitor, puts it in a class of its own.

Model LM80 - Laser Level Measurement

by Allison Engineering     based in Basildon, UNITED KINGDOM

LM80 non-contact laser level transmitter, unlike conventional ultrasonic devices, has negligible beam-spread and doesn’t suffer with false echoes. Highly directional and unaffected by extreme angle-of-repose, the LM80 is ideal for slurry, opaque liquids and solids (wood chip, pellets, grain, coal) proving an excellent solution for Biogas ...

Model CSPT 400 WH - Level Transmitter

by Italmanometri s.r.l.     based in Cavriago (RE), ITALY

CS-PT400-WH series of level transmitter have special structures for specific applications. The products feature high accuracy, small size, stability, resistance to abrasion, oil, acid and alkali environment. Vented cable is provided as air pressure reference. Stainless steel and cable are compatible with various types of liquid. The level ...

Level Detection Detector

by SWR engineering Messtechnik GmbH     based in Schliengen, GERMANY

Microwave barrier for contactless detection of dry bulk solids in containers, in pipes or in shafts

Model ER-104/B - Electrode Relay Used for Conductive Limit Level Detection

by NIVUS GmbH     based in Eppingen, GERMANY

The ER-104 electrode relay is used for conductive limit level detection. The areas of use cover all sectors where liquid and conductive media are to be detected or controlled. Limit value measurements (overflow, dry run, max. alarm) as well as min./max. control and pump control (hysteresis) can be implemented. Moreover the units can be used as ...

Greyline - Model LIT25 - Level Indicating Transmitter

by Greyline Instruments Inc.     based in Long Sault, ONTARIO (CANADA)

This new Greyline Transmitter displays, controls and transmits level. Mount the non-contacting ultrasonic sensor at the top of your tank and the compact, watertight electronics/display enclosure at a convenient location nearby. Operators can calibrate the LIT25 with its 2-button Keypad, without climbing the tank. Use the built-in relay for level ...

Greyline - Model DLT 2.0 - Differential Level Transmitter

by Greyline Instruments Inc.     based in Long Sault, ONTARIO (CANADA)

Reduce costs and simplify instrumentation at treatment plant headworks. The DLT 2.0 can measure both differential level plus flow through a flume. Install one Sensor on each side of a mechanical barscreen to continuously monitor, transmit and control level. Use the built-in control relays or 4-20mA outputs to automatically activate the barscreen ...

Greyline - Model SLT 5.0 - Level & Flow Monitor

by Greyline Instruments Inc.     based in Long Sault, ONTARIO (CANADA)

Use this versatile instrument to continuously measure, display, transmit and control liquid level in storage tanks and pumping stations, or to monitor and totalize Open Channel Flow through any flume or weir. Mount the non-contacting ultrasonic sensor above the liquid being measured and install the watertight electronics enclosure nearby. Features ...

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