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HygroMet - Model HM4 - High Humidity Probes

by ACIN instrumenten bv     based in Rijswijk, NETHERLANDS

The HygroMet4 is suitable for use wherever high humidity prevails for short or long periods. In such environments condensation could occur on conventional probes, thereby delivering incorrect values. This is particularly the case in meteorology, in cheese cellars, tunnels and caves.

Model SBS Range - Precipitation Sensors

by Environmental Measurements Ltd     based in North Shields, UNITED KINGDOM

SBS Range of Precipitation Sensor. With the SBS Range of precipitation sensors (rain gauges) EML took the proven aerodynamic shape of the ARG100 and developed it to the next level. This sensor is manufactured from specially formed aluminium material which allowed for fine tuning of the aerodynamic shape to further reduce the wind effect.

Model 8340 - Laser Ceilometer

by All Weather, Inc.     based in Sacramento, CALIFORNIA (USA)

Overview: The 8340 Laser Ceilometer measures cloud height and thickness, in addition to vertical visibility, detecting up to four cloud layers simultaneously to a distance of 40,000 vertical feet. Its precision makes it ideal for applications requiring the highest in performance and reliability, such as aviation and meteorological studies. A laser ...

Model 8364 Series - Dual Technology Visibility Sensor

by All Weather, Inc.     based in Sacramento, CALIFORNIA (USA)

The 8364 Dual Technology Visibility Sensor measures transparency of the atmosphere and calculates its extension coefficient and meteorological optical range (MOR) values.  Using both direct attenuation and forward scatter technologies the 8364 can measure airborne particle sizes once available only from a transmissometer while having the ...

MonoLog - Model 2 - High Temperature Datalogger With Encapsulating Internal Sensor

by Digitron Instrumentation Ltd     based in Torquay, UNITED KINGDOM

The MLTV16SI High Temperature Datalogger with Encapsulating Internal sensor from Monolog2. Digitron provides a comprehensive portfolio of portable dataloggers which all use the latest electronic technology and software. These dataloggers are compact, self powered devices which can measure and record almost every possible critical condition using a ...

XDT DIN, Dewpoint Analyzer

by TECORA - a division of Omnisense Technologies     based in FONTENAY-SOUS-BOIS CEDEX, FRANCE

Digital analyzer for dewpoint, XDT model let you do accurate moisture measurements in the range between -100°C to +20°C DP.

Portable Dewpoint Analyzer, XPDM

by TECORA - a division of Omnisense Technologies     based in FONTENAY-SOUS-BOIS CEDEX, FRANCE

Portable and compact hygrometer, the XPDM will allow you to make precise controls of humidity in dew point in a range of temperature of-100°C in +20°C.

Model Hydra II - Soil Moisture Sensor

by Logotronic GmbH     based in Vienna, AUSTRIA

The Hydra II probe measures 10 different parameters simultaneously. The Hydra Probe instantly calculates soil moisture, conductivity, salinity and temperature as well as additional parameter for research applications.

Meteorological Telecommunications Systems

by Morcom International, Inc.     based in Chantilly, VIRGINIA (USA)

Availability of timely weather data, images, and graphics is critical for effective weather forecasting. Morcom offers the MESSIR family of products for the professional weather user. This family of products comprises the most popular and reliable applications developed by our partner Corobor Systemes and implemented by Morcom in order to satisfy ...

Model BA30806 - Frost Globe Map Storm Hand Blown Glass Barometer

by Ambient Weather     based in Chandler, ARIZONA (USA)

The concept that 'decreasing atmospheric pressure predicts stormy weather' was postulated by Lucien Vidie -- and it's the basis for a weather prediction device called a storm glass or liquid barometer. It consists of a glass container with a sealed body, half filled with water. A narrow spout connects to the body below the water level and rises ...

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