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by Environmental Remediation Equipment Inc. (ERE)     based in St. Leonard, QUEBEC (CANADA)

Some of the meteorology products include: handheld windmeters/weather monitors, weather stations, rain gauges.

Model TR-525I - Rain Gauge Tipping Bucket

by Texas Electronics Inc.     based in Dallas, TEXAS (USA)

The Texas Electronics, Inc. TR-525I Rainfall Sensor is a remote tipping bucket style rain gauge that measures the amount of liquid precipitation. The TR-525I rain gauge is a freestanding receptacle for measuring precipitation. It contains an open top, which allows rainfall to fall into the upper portion, which is called the collector. Collected ...

Model series XDT - Hygrometry - Dewpoint Transmitter

by Able Instruments & Controls Ltd     based in Reading, UNITED KINGDOM

ABLE digital dewpoint transmitters are designed as compact, simple and reliable instruments, which will continually monitor air dryer performance, compressed air quality and dry gas moisture from ambient dewpoint levels to as low as -148°F(dp) (-100°C(dp)). ABLE dewpoint transmitters are used where the dewpoint in a gas is critical. ...

YES - Model TPC-3000 - Total Precipitation Collector

by Yankee Environmental Systems     based in Turners Falls, MASSACHUSETTS (USA)

Designed for fully automatic remote operation, the Model TPC-3000 Total Precipitation Collector consists of a collection vessel, a motor-operated lid and a precipitation sensor. The collection vessel is normally kept covered by the lid during periods of non-precipitation. The user periodically visits the system to recover the precipitation sample ...

Meteorological Masts

by Logotronic GmbH     based in Vienna, AUSTRIA

Logotronic offers various types of meteorological masts. The masts are of high quality and have a proofed mechanical design. Depending on the specific sensor configuration we offer all necessary mounting brackets and mounting booms for the sensors and measuring interfaces.

Weather & Hydrometeorological Station - Systems

by TECMES     based in Buenos Aires, ARGENTINA

TECMES METEORTEC stations are measurement and acquisition data systems from meteorological or environmental sensors. They are composed by a remote terminal unit and a number of environmental sensors.

Model SPA - Snow Pack Analysing System

by Sommer Messtechnik     based in Koblach, AUSTRIA

Getting information about snow by measurements is very difficult. There is the necessity to registrate many parameters to make reliable statements about the snow pack. Additionally, snow has an enormous variability in space and time. Until now there are only punctual measurements available for the relevant parameters. The Snow Pack Analysing ...

Model SSG - Snow Scale

by Sommer Messtechnik     based in Koblach, AUSTRIA

The SSG Snow Scale is a precision Snow Water Equivalent measuring device which is developed for quick and easy installation and implementation in the field. The SSG uses, especially for SWE measurement designed aluminium plates, which guarantee accurate measuring values and impress with its robustness and low maintenance. A broad outer frame of ...

Model USH-8 - Ultrasonic Snow Depth Sensor

by Sommer Messtechnik     based in Koblach, AUSTRIA

The robust design of the USH-8 makes it ideal for the reliable measurement of snow-depth in extreme conditions. It is used by the central weather services all over Europe as well as by the avalanche warning services in high mountain regions. The ultrasonic membrane incorporated into the USH-8 stands out due to its long service life.

FTS - Model DigiBP (SDI-12) - Barometric Pressure Sensor

by FTS     based in Victoria, BRITISH COLUMBIA (CANADA)

The DigiBP SDI-12 barometric pressure sensor is a highly accurate, solid state pressure transducer with a normal operating range between the elevations of -1,200 and +13,000 feet. It offers SDI-12 output.

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