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Climatronics - Relative Humidity Sensors

by Climatronics Corporation     based in Bohemia, NEW YORK (USA)

Climatronics' capacitive relative humidity sensors, P/N 102273 and 102425 are specifically designed for meteorological monitoring systems. Very low power consumption makes these relative humidity sensors ideal for integration with data acquisition systems operating at remote locations. Both sensors provide a linear 0 - 1 VDC output signal ...

Model OMC-406 - Temperature / Humidity Sensor

by Observator Instruments BV     based in Ridderkerk, NETHERLANDS

The air temperature and humidity probe OMC-406 provides accurate and precise measurements of both temperature and humidity in two 4...20 mA outputs. The temperature sensor within this probe is a Pt100 element while the principle of humidity measurement is based on a capacitive measuring device.

Model UR and URV - Air Humidity Sensor

by NESA Srl     based in Vidor (TV), ITALY

Sensor for measuring air humidity at low consumption (

Feedthroughs for Humidity Sensors

by SCHOTT AG     based in Mainz, GERMANY

Humidity sensors (or hygrometers) are used to measure the vapor content in the air. In automotive applications, the most common types are absorption hygrometers. These types of hygrometers contain a hygroscopic material (a material that retains water)that changes its characteristic when exposed to different levels of humidity.

RainWise - Model T/WD - Wet/Dry Bulb Temperature Sensor

by RainWise Inc.     based in Trenton, MAINE (USA)

The RainWise Wet Bulb/Dry Bulb Thermometer consists of two calibrated temperature sensors in a fan aspirated housing. Both of the sensors are exposed to the aspirated air. One of them is encased in a fabric wick. This wick is wetted from a small sump. This sump is filled from a reservoir prior to each reading by a remotely located pump.

Anti-radiation temperature and humidity sensors

by LSI-LASTEM srl     based in Settala Premenugo, ITALY

Sensors with radiation shelter for temperature and relative humidity or dew point measurements, based on microprocessor technology, giving the following advantages:- perfectly linear outputs.- replaceability of the sensitive elements.- on-field re-calibration.Temperature sensitive element is a Pt100 thermoresistance, the humidity sensitive element ...

CS215-L CSL Temperature and Relative Humidity Sensor

by Campbell Scientific, Inc.     based in Logan, UTAH (USA)

The CS215 is temperature and relative humidity sensor manufactured by Campbell Scientific Ltd. This probe uses a Swiss-made digital humidity and temperature element that provides good measurement accuracy and stability. The elements are based on CMOSens® technology, which have been tested for more than two years in Alpine conditions where they ...

IST - Model P14 Rapid W - Capacitive Humidity Sensor for Weather Balloons and Radio Sondes

by Innovative Sensor Technology (IST)     based in Las Vegas, NEVADA (USA)

Capacitive Humidity Sensor for weather balloons and radio sondes; Ultra fast response time, Temperature shock resistant, Condensation resistant, Fast recovery time, High humidity stability, Customer specific sensor available upon request, Wide temperature range.

MTX - Model FAR019xx - Combined Air Temperature and Relative Humidity Sensor

by MTX Srl     based in Campogalliano (MO), ITALY

The sensor combines in a single body the air temperature and the relative humidity transducers which makes it compact and cost saving. The sensor body is made of anodized aluminium corrosion resistant. The protection shield is made of polycarbonate added with glassfiber, material with high resistance to ultraviolet radiation and atmospheric ...

Model IMM - Temperature and Humidity Measurement Sensor

by Far Data Ltd     based in Cracow, POLAND

IMM sensor enables for external temperature and humidity measuring. Their parts is protected by sectional cover made of polymer (see on the photograph). Using this special cover eliminates temperature measurement errors caused by heating of measuring parts by sunlight and also eliminates humidity measurement mistakes, which can be caused by ...

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