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Series 485 - Digital Hygrometer

by Dwyer Instruments Inc

Model 485 Digital Hygrometer is a versatile, hand-held instrument for measuring percentage of relative humidity and temperature in °F or °C. Dew point and wet bulb temperature is derived from relative humidity and temperature measurements and displayed on the 0.4' LCD. A display Hold key freezes the current temperature and relative ...

Whirling Hygrometer

by Casella Measurement

This instrument provides a simple and effective way to measure relative humidity in air. The wet and dry bulb thermometers are held in a slotted frame, which is whirled at speed around the handle to give a high and reasonably constant rate of airflow.

Simple Pattern Hygrometer

by Casella Measurement

This instrument is based upon the design of the Kew Pattern Hygrometer but does not have the laminated plastic back-plate. The thermometers, mounts, water reservoir, accuracy and principals of operation are the same.

Kew Pattern Hygrometer

by Casella Measurement

This is a high quality hygrometer using accurate stem-divided, mercury-filled thermometers, which are made with consideration to BMO patterns. The thermometers are fitted to laminated plastic mounts, which have been engraved with thermometer divisions. The mounts themselves are then fitted onto a laminated plastic back-plate, moulded from high ...

Sheathed Pattern Hygrometer

by Casella Measurement

This instrument consists of two sheathed thermometers, manufactured to BS 692, together with supporting brackets and an arrangement of water reservoir, wick and muslin to keep one bulb constantly wet. The inner divided tube is supported in its sheath by a rubber ring at the top and by fusing the two together between the bulb and the lowest ...

Testo - 605-H1 - Pocket-sized Thermal Hygrometer

by Testo Inc.

The thermohygrometer you can bend; small, compact and accurate. The long-term stable sensor guarantees correct results even after years of use. With dewpoint calculation °C td. Humidity sensor unaffected by condensation. Use clip for attachment to breast pocket. Long-term stable Testo humidity sensor. Ideal for measurements in ducts. Display ...

Sper-Scientific - 800041R - Alarm Thermometer/Hygrometer

by Sper Scientific

This alarm thermometer / hygrometer allows the user to set min/max temperature and humidity alarms. When the temperature or humidity exceeds the preset parameters, an audible alarm will sound. Simultaneous display of ambient humidity or temperature with both min/max readings. User selectable °C or °F. Useful wherever monitoring of humidity ...

Sper Scientific Masons Hygrometer (736740)

by Sper Scientific

One thermometer bulb is kept constantly wet by a siphon reservoir while the other gives a dry temperature reading. Humidity is obtained by comparing the two readings on the enclosed chart. Uses a safe and easy to read red liquid in place of the usual mercury. Dual scales of -10/50°C and 10/120°F.

GE Panametrics - PM880 - Hygrometer

by Instrumart

The GE Panametrics PM880 hygrometer is a complete, intrinsically safe, portable moisture analyzer system with options and accessories to meet all industrial moisture measurement needs. This Panametrics hygrometer is small, lightweight, and easy to use. The large LCD displays moisture readings in dewpoint (°C or °F), ppmv, ppmw, lb/MMSCF ...

8701 - Hygrometer

by AZ Instrument Corp.

Display temperature & humidity, Capacitance polymer sensor Hold / min / max features, Convenient pocket size with cap

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