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Rain Fall Data Collection – Expanded

by Logic Beach Inc

Problem - The typical method for measuring rainfall is with a tipping bucket rain gage. The rain gage contains a small “bucket” that tips over and spills out a measured amount of water. With each tip a switch contact is closed thus indicating the prescribed amount of rain fell. All Logic Beach data loggers include a General Purpose ...

Rain Fall Data Collection

by Logic Beach Inc

A basic parameter to be collected for most weather / meteorological site studies is rainfall data. A simple low-cost rain fall measuring device that can be used in many applications and locations is a tipping bucket rain gauge. Many variations of tipping bucket rain gauges exist from different manufacturers however most operate on a simple ...

Rain101A - Rainfall Data Logging System

by Scientific Sales, Inc.

The Rain101A is a complete system to accurately measure and record rainfall over long periods of time. It comes complete with an Event101A data logger, weatherproof enclosure, tipping bucket rain gauge, 50’ of cable and the IFC200 interface cable and software package.

ARG 100 - Aerodynamic Rain Gauge

by Environmental Measurements Ltd

This document provides users of the ARG100 tipping bucket rain gauge (Figure 1) with a method of correcting for the error introduced by the finite time it takes a bucket to tip, which increases with rainfall intensity.

Stevens SatComm GOES CS v2.0 Transmitter

by Stevens Water Monitoring Systems, Inc.

The new Stevens SatComm GOES transmitter is designed to send data via the NOAA/NESDIS GOES Data Collection System (DCS) for authorized users of data loggers and sensors used in environmental data acquisition applications.NOAA/NESDIS’ new CS v2.0 includes enhanced GOES transmission features, and the new Stevens SatComm is designed to transmits at ...

CS700-L Hydrological Services Rain Gage

by Campbell Scientific, Inc.

The CS700 rain gage is manufactured by Hydrological Services. Rain funnels into a tipping bucket mechanism that tips when 0.01 inches (0.25 mm) of rain has been collected. Each tip is marked by a dual reed switch closure that is recorded by a Campbell Scientific datalogger pulse count channel. After measurement, the water drains through two ...

Rain Gauge


Detection of precipitation volume. Precipitation measurement based on tipping scale principle. MC model with integrated data logger. Type 202 with heating for trouble-free winter operation.

Model 609 - Self-Contained Battery-Powered Rainfall Data Collection and Recording System

by Scientific Sales, Inc.

The Model 609 Data Logging Rain Gauge is a fully self-contained battery-powered rainfall data collection and recording system which includes an event data logger integrated into a tipping-bucket rain gauge. This model automatically records up to 160 inches of rainfall data that can be used to determine rainfall rates, times and duration.

Precipitation Gauges

by Climatronics Corporation

Climatronics Precipitation Gauges are a cost effective solution for accurate and reliable unattended continuous measurement of precipitation (rain and snow) in remote locations and the harshest of environments. Well-designed and solidly-built, these rugged precision instruments provide accurate reliable measurements and long term service. Accuracy ...

MRR-2 - Micro Rain Radar

by METEK Meteorologische Messtechnik GmbH

Price competitive vertical profiler of hydrometeors. 24 GHz FM-CW radar, 50 mW, ø 60 cm antenna. Determination of Doppler spectra 0 ... 9 m/s (ø 0.2 ... 6 mm). Calculates rain rate and liquid water content. Melting layer identification (“Bright Band”). Height range 30 ... 6000 m, max. 30 height intervals. Optional antenna ...

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