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Stevens - Tipping Bucket Rain Gage

by Stevens Water Monitoring Systems, Inc.

The tipping bucket rain gauge is recognized as the standard for measuring rainfall and other precipitation in remote and unattended locations.

Precipitation Gauges

by Climatronics Corporation

Climatronics Precipitation Gauges are a cost effective solution for accurate and reliable unattended continuous measurement of precipitation (rain and snow) in remote locations and the harshest of environments. Well-designed and solidly-built, these rugged precision instruments provide accurate reliable measurements and long term service. Accuracy ...

FTS - (RG-T) - Tipping Bucket Rain Gauge

by FTS

The rugged, all metal RG-T Rain Gauge is FTS's take on a simple, proven, mature technology. It has earned tremendous loyalty over several years for its extreme accuracy, excellent calibration retention and super simple deployment that ensures success-customers especially appreciate the fact that unlike many tipping buckets available, it doesn't ...

Dyacon - RGTB-6 - Tipping-Bucket Rain Gauge – Standard Funnel

by Dyacon, Inc.

A chrome-plated tipping bucket collects rain in 0.01″ increments. A signal with each tip is sent to attached equipment. TBRG-6 is designed for high accuracy in low-precipitation environments and is best used where precipitation rates are typically below 4 in/hr (100 mm/hr).

EM SBS - Tipping Bucket Raingauge

by Isodaq Technology

The SBS raingauge is the result of over 3 years extensive fieldwork into determining the optimum design for accurate rainfall measurement in all climatic conditions, irrespective of wind speed and type of precipitation (e.g. drizzle or heavy, convective or tropical rain). The unique design and aerodynamic shape of the SBS raingauge increases ...

Stevens - Met One - Model 370 - Rain Gauge (8 Inch Catch)

by Stevens Water Monitoring Systems, Inc.

The Met One Instruments 370 Series all-metal precipitation gauge measures rain and/or snow in all environments using a tipping bucket mechanism. The economical tipping bucket design allows accurate, repeatable measurements, requiring no regular maintenance. The 370 Series is optimized to meet particular site and sampling requirements and exceeds ...

OTT Pluvio² - Universal Precipitation Gauge

by OTT Hydromet

Universal precipitation gauge using the balance principle for liquid, solid, and mixed precipitation. It does not matter whether it is drizzle, sleet, hail or snow, the new OTT Pluvio² reliably and accurately measures both, the amount and the intensity of liquid, solid, and mixed precipitation. It works according to the balance principle, taking ...

Precipitation Sensor Young

by Ammonit Measurement GmbH

The instrument is designed to measure the height, quantity and the intensity of the precipitation striking the surface of the earth. The YOUNG Tipping Bucket Rain Gauge meets the specifi cations of the World Meteorological Organization (WMO).

EM - ARG100 - Tipping Bucket Raingauge

by Isodaq Technology

The ARG was designed by the Institute of Hydrology with a profile very similar to that derived theoretically and independently by the UK Meteorological office as an 'ideal shape'. A conventionally shaped raingauge interferes with the airflow so that the catch is reduced. The ARG minimises this effect due to its aerodynamic shape and reduced side ...

Casella - Tipping Bucket Raingauge

by Isodaq Technology

The Casella tipping bucket rain gauge is a reliable and extremely robust transducer designed as a stand-alone sensor for operating with an existing data logging system such as the ISODAQ range. It incorporates a built-in spirit level to ease correct positioning and the bucket tips are monitored by a sealed reed switch, capable of indefinite ...

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