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Davis - Model Envoy8X - Weather Transmitter

by Davis Instruments Corp.     based in Hayward, CALIFORNIA (USA)

Log data from up to 8 different transmitters, in any combination, and report to a weather database. With 32 times the memory of our Weather Envoy, Envoy8X receives and logs data simultaneously from up to eight transmitting stations, in any combination--even eight Integrated Sensor Suites or eight Leaf Wetness & Soil Moisture/Temperature ...

Model MIRA-35 - Scanning Cloud Radar

by METEK Meteorologische Messtechnik GmbH     based in Elmshorn, GERMANY

MIRA-35 mounted on a servo driven positioner.Continuous azimuth rotations, 0 ... 360°.Horizon to horizon RHI scans ±90 °. Ongoing radar measurements while scanning.Freely programmable scan patterns (VDA, RHI, volume).Entry of predefined scan patterns via interface.Synchronized movement in both axes.All radar components integrated in ...

Model Version 2005 - Thermometers-Thermohygrometers

by LSI-LASTEM srl     based in Settala Premenugo, ITALY

Probes for the measurement of temperature and relative humidity.The measurement capsule houses the sensitive elements and is screwed to the probe; the capsule is interchangeable, thus easing its maintenance and gauging.

Model PTB110 - Analog Output Barometer

by Scientific Sales, Inc.     based in Lawrenceville, NEW JERSEY (USA)

The PTB110 Barometer is designed both for accurate barometric pressure measurements at room temperature and for general environmental pressure monitoring over a wide temperature range. The PTB110 barometer uses the Vaisala BAROCAP Sensor, a silicon capacitive absolute pressure sensor developed for barometric pressure measurement ...

Jinyang - Model JY-WD160C - Wind Direction Sensor

by Jinyang Industrial Co., Ltd.     based in Gyeonggi, SOUTH KOREA

The sensor is designed to operate properly under any weather conditions. The sensor consists of the counter-balanced, light wind vane and highly accurate, low threshold gray code encoder. The wind direction is measured in the built-in Micro-processor and measured value is output in terms of the digital.

Thomas - Handheld Digital Barometer

by Thomas Scientific     based in Swedesboro, NEW JERSEY (USA)

Handheld Digital Barometer measures altitude, temperature, and barometric pressure. Also has a stopwatch/time-of-day clock, compass and graphically displays the barometric pressure trend. To assure accuracy an individually serial-numbered Traceable® Certificate is provided from our ISO 17025 calibration laboratory accredited by A2LA. It ...

Model 80171 - Cloud Ceilometer

by Belfort Instruments     based in Baltimore, MARYLAND (USA)

The 80171 Cloud Ceilometer is a stand-alone instrument designed for fixed and mobile installations. It detects clouds using the LIDAR principle with a low power diode laser that is eye safe.This ceilometer has a detection range up to 25,000 feet and is very accurate. The 80171 is highly reliable, with demonstrated mean-time-between-failures of ...

Eigenbrodt - Model BUS 100 - Precipitation Collector

by Eigenbrodt GmbH & Co. KG     based in Königsmoor, GERMANY

A new kind of precipitation collector designed as a routine able bulk-collector to obtain samples for analysis of mercury traces. Funnel‑ and sample bottle heating enables year round operation. Cooling down to a temperature of 5 °C prevents the loss of volatile sample components. The borosilicate glass funnel helps  prevent droplets ...

Meteorological Telecommunications Systems

by Morcom International, Inc.     based in Chantilly, VIRGINIA (USA)

Availability of timely weather data, images, and graphics is critical for effective weather forecasting. Morcom offers the MESSIR family of products for the professional weather user. This family of products comprises the most popular and reliable applications developed by our partner Corobor Systemes and implemented by Morcom in order to satisfy ...

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