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Vaisala BAROCAP - Model PTB330 - Digital Barometer

by Vaisala     based in Vantaa, FINLAND

Vaisala BAROCAP  sensor Accurate measurement, Excellent long-term stability, Added reliability through redundancy, Graphical trend display with 1-year history data, Altitude corrected pressure (QFE, QNH), For professional use in meteorology, aviation, laboratories, and demanding industrial applications.

Vaisala BAROCAP - Model PTB110 - Barometer

by Vaisala     based in Vantaa, FINLAND

The Vaisala BAROCAP Barometer PTB110 is designed both for accurate barometric pressure measurements at a room temperature and for general environmental pressure monitoring over a wide temperature range. Vaisala BAROCAP® sensor, Several pressure ranges, Accuracy ±0.3 hPa at +20 °C, Long-term stability, On/off control with external ...

Skywatch - Model Xplorer 4 - Weather Meter

by Forestry Suppliers, Inc.     based in Jackson, MISSISSIPPI (USA)

Measures current wind speed, maximum wind speed, temperature, wind chill, barometric air pressure (relative and absolute), altitude, and 48-hour history of air pressure and altitude (each hour) and also features a digital compass. Displays wind speed in km/h, m/s, knots, mph, and fps. Features a backlit display, auto shutoff after one minute, and ...

Guangzhou Double One - Model 10g-2000g - meteorological balloon/weather balloon

by Guangzhou Double One Meteorological Equipment Co.,Ltd.     based in Guangzhou, CHINA

China Military Officail Supplier,Chinese Meteorological Department Official Supplier.

Precipitation Gauge Heated and Unheated

by Logotronic GmbH     based in Vienna, AUSTRIA

Low cost, high-grade precipitation gauge in unheated and heated version. The design of the rain gauges use a proven tipping bucket mechanism for simple and effective rainfall measurement. The bucket geometry and material are specially selected for maximum water release, thereby reducing contamination and errors. There are two versions available, ...

Model WXT520 - Compact and Lightweight Multiparameter Weather Sensor

by Logotronic GmbH     based in Vienna, AUSTRIA

Compact and lightweight multi-sensor instrument that measures the parameters wind speed and direction, precipitation, barometric pressure, temperature and relative humidity - all in one transmitter.

Meteorological Telecommunications Systems

by Morcom International, Inc.     based in Chantilly, VIRGINIA (USA)

Availability of timely weather data, images, and graphics is critical for effective weather forecasting. Morcom offers the MESSIR family of products for the professional weather user. This family of products comprises the most popular and reliable applications developed by our partner Corobor Systemes and implemented by Morcom in order to satisfy ...

Mierij Meteo - Datalogger Unit Control System for Meteorological Stations and Systems

by Mierij Meteo Nederland     based in De Bilt, NETHERLANDS

The Mierij Meteo Datalogger Unit MU 32 is the base control system for Meteorological stations and systems. The set up of the MU 32 Datalogger Unit is flexible. The base unit can be extended with the options / interfaces needed for your application.

Serviceable Rainwater Infiltrators

by Heitker GmbH     based in Lingen, GERMANY

Guaranteed reliable long-term operation due to accessability and cleanability.Permanent full throughput capacity in conformance with original specifications.Can be flushed and camera-inspected, can also be visually inspected and serviced from within.Various filter bed options available, can be serviced and replaced (= filter infiltrator).Permits ...

SoDARs - Model 3000 Series - Mid-Range Wind and Turbulence Monitoring Systems

by Atmospheric Systems Corporation (ASC)     based in Santa Clarita, CALIFORNIA (USA)

The 3000 series SoDARs are ASC’s mid-range wind and turbulence monitoring systems. These systems offer 10m resolution with maximum data recovery up to 400m. With wind turbine research yielding taller towers and wider blade spans, the 3000 series SoDARs ensure that all of the needed wind measurement data is captured. The 3000 products provide ...

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