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J.U.M. - Model 109L - High Temperature Total Hydrocarbon/Non-Methane Hydrocarbon Analyzer

by J.U.M. Engineering GmbH     based in Karlsfeld, GERMANY

The J.U.M. Engineering HFID Model 109L is a competitively priced, compact table top or 19' rack mount, heated Non Methane Hydrocarbon analyzer for the measurement in ambient air, air emissions and other gases.

Baseline - Model Series 9000 NMHC - NonMethane Hydrocarbon Analyzer

by MOCON-Baseline Series     based in Lyons, COLORADO (USA)

The Baseline Series 9000 NMHC is a specialized member of the extraordinary Series 9000 family of gas analyzers. The Series 9000 is the candidate of choice whenever accurate, reliable total, Methane, and Non Methane analysis is required. The Series 9000 analyzer provides unparalleled flexibility and offers continuous, fully automated gas analysis ...

Model CAI 600 Series - M-HFID Total Hydrocarbon/Methane/Non-Methane Hydrocarbon Analyzer

by California Analytical Instruments, Inc. (CAI)     based in Orange, CALIFORNIA (USA)

The California Analytical Instruments’ Model 600 MHFID Analyzer is designed to continuously measure the total concentration of hydrocarbons or methane within a gaseous sample. The analyzers exhibit superior sensitivity and response time. The gaseous sample can be exhaust gases from an internal combustion engine, a combustion process or VOC ...

TESTA - Methane-FID-Analyzer, Methane/Total Hydrocarbon Analyzer

by TESTA GmbH     based in Munich, GERMANY

The portable TESTA High Temperature Heated FID 2010 NMHC measures with its built-in NMHC Cutter the methane concentration (methane only) and after switching the THC in a wide range of applications like stack gas emissions monitoring, ambient air monitoring, thermal reactor and combustor emissions monitoring and also vehicle exhaust gases. The ...

ChromaTHC - Model C24000 - Total Hydrocarbons Analysis

by Chromatotec Group     based in Val de Virvée, FRANCE

CH4 and Non Methane Total Hydro Carbon (NMTHC) Monitoring and analysis of Methane and Non-Methane Hydrocarbons by flame ionisation detection (ppm level analysis). The CHROMATHC is an automated isothermal industrial gas chromatograph dedicated to the analysis of volatile organic compounds in air (indoor, outdoor, combustion), industrial hygiene, ...

J.U.M. - Model 900 - High Temperature Non Methane Hydrocarbon Cutter

by J.U.M. Engineering GmbH     based in Karlsfeld, GERMANY

J.U.M.'s External Non Methane Hydrocarbon Cutter allows the added capability to measure alternately METHANE ONLY or THC with one heated total hydrocarbon analyzer (HFID).

VIG Industries - Model 200/1 FID Methane/Non Methane (NMHC) - Oven Heated Hydrocarbon Analyzer

by VIG Industries     based in Anaheim, CALIFORNIA (USA)

The VIG Industries, Inc. Model 200/1 is a microprocessor based, oven heated methane / non methane (NMHC) hydrocarbon analyzer for high accuracy, sensitivity and stability. The Model 200/1 measures methane and non methane hydrocarbons at preset intervals. The VIG Model 200/1 uses one(1) Flame Ionization Detector (FID) to obtain methane and ...

J.U.M. - Model 109A - Continuous Total Carbon/ Methane Carbon/ Non Methane Carbon Analyzer Heated FID

by J.U.M. Engineering GmbH     based in Karlsfeld, GERMANY

The J.U.M. Engineering HFID Model 109A is a compact 19' rack mount heated total hydrocarbon analyzer for the measurement of non methane hydrocarbons (NMHC) in air and other gases.

J.U.M. - Model 3-900 - Portable High Temperature Total Organic Carbon and Methane Carbon FID - Analyzer

by J.U.M. Engineering GmbH     based in Karlsfeld, GERMANY

The J.U.M. Engineering HFID Model 3-900 is a portable very compact heated total hydrocarbon analyzer with an internal non methane hydrocarbon cutter for the accurate, sensitive and stable measurement of total organic carbon and alternately methane carbon using a Flame Ionization Detector (FID).

Environnement S.A. - Model GRAPHITE 52M - Heated FID Total Hydrocarbon (THC, COV, CH4) Analyzer

by Environnement S.A     based in Poissy, FRANCE

Heated FID Total Hydrocarbon (HC) Analyzer. -MCERTs and TÜV certified -Complies with EN 12619 & 13 526 standards (with He/H2 fuel) -Fitted with FID for continuous and simultaneous measurement of Total Hydrocarbons (THC), Non-methanic Hydrocarbons (NmHC) and Methane (CH4) in compliance with EN 12619

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