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Model GD-8 - Dual Gas Detector Device

by ALTER SA     based in Tarnowo Podgórne, POLAND

The GD-8 dual gas detector is a user-friendly device for detecting two gases simultaneously: the natural gas and LPG, or other explosive gases (at customer's request). The detector features a semi-conductor, highly sensitive sensor operating up to 10,000 ppm and capable of detecting even lowest concentrations of gases. The device's OLED display is ...

Pegas - Model 4000 - Gas Mixer

by Columbus Instruments     based in Columbus, OHIO (USA)

Columbus Instruments' PEGAS 4000MF Gas Mixer is a multi-gas mixer, which can blend from 2 to 4 gasses in a precise mixture available upon demand. The PEGAS 4000MF uses thermal mass flow controllers to provide an exact flow of each component gas. The system is equipped with an internal microprossor to perform all of the needed calculations and to ...

Eagle Portable Multigas Detector

by Apollo Safety Inc.     based in Fall River, MASSACHUSETTS (USA)

The versatile RKI Eagle Portable Multigas Detector simultaneously detects and displays readouts for up to six different gases (maximum of four toxic gases) using a wide selection of high-quality, long-life, field-proven sensors.

Model M40 - Multigas Monitor

by Apollo Safety Inc.     based in Fall River, MASSACHUSETTS (USA)

A reliable, low-cost gas monitoring solution for confined space or personal monitoring applications. It continuously monitors oxygen, combustible gases, carbon monoxide, and hydrogen sulfide in any combination, activating visual, audible, and vibrating alarms when gas concentrations exceed the preset limits.

MAPtest - Model 3050 - Modified Atmosphere Gas Analyser (Bench Top)

by Hitech Instruments     based in Luton, UNITED KINGDOM

The MAPtest 3050 is one of the most advanced modified atmosphere packaging analysers of its type. Controlled by a microprocessor and housed in a stainless steel bench-top enclosure, it is designed to be used by all types of personnel. Operation is simplicity itself. Ease of use and neatness of operation were two of the key design requirements. ...

MultiRAE - Model Plus - Multigas Monitor

by CG Industrial Safety     based in Peekskill, NEW YORK (USA)

The Multi RAE Plus combines a PID (Photoionization Detector) with the standard 4 gas sensing of a confined space monitor in one compact monitor with an internal sampling pump. Real Time long range wireless data transmission when paired with a RAELink3 modem. O2, LEL, PID and any two plug in “smart” toxic sensors: CO, H2S, SO2, NO, NO2, ...

Calibration Gas

by Geotechnical Services, Inc     based in Tustin, CALIFORNIA (USA)

We stock calibration gases for photo ionization and flame ionization meters. If you are looking for a custom gas, give us a call and we will try to get it for you. The most common are Isobutylene, Hexane, Methane, and Mixes for the Eagle and MultiRAE 4-gas detectors. We can also get you the Calibration gases for the GEM 500 and GEM 2000 multi-gas ...

MultiRAE - Model Plus 4 - Gas and PID Multigas Monitor

by Geotechnical Services, Inc     based in Tustin, CALIFORNIA (USA)

Bring together the versatility of a PID (Photoionization Detector) and the safety of a confined space monitor (O2, LEL, and two toxic gas sensors), add a strong built in pump for pulling samples and you have the MultiRAE Plus. The MultiRAE Plus will handle more variety of jobs than almost any other instrument on the market. For an econimical ...

Model G4 Portable - Multigas Detector

by CSE Corp     based in Monroeville, PENNSYLVANIA (USA)

The CSE G4 is a state-of-the-art portable multigas detector capable of measuring up to 4 gases simultaneously and continuously.

COSA - Model 707 - Emissions Analyzer

by COSA Xentaur Corporation     based in Yaphank, NEW YORK (USA)

The COSA 707 is a hand held multigas analyzer for industrial and combustion processes.The COSA 707 is an easy to hold, hand-held emissions analyzers capable of measuring up to seven different gases.The emissions analyzer can be equipped with up to 6 electrochemical sensors and a CO2 IR-bench for simultaneous measurements. Cells can be installed ...

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