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Solinst - Model 122 - Oil Water Interface Meter

by Geotechnical Services, Inc

The Model 122 Interface Probe from Solinst is only 5/8'(16mm) in diameter. It works for 1' wells. It accurately measures the depth and thickness of non-aqueous product layers (DNAPL & LNAPL) in monitoring wells and tanks. This meter determines the thickness of oil or gas floating on the water. It can also detect the interface of Sinking ...

AppliTek - Interface Detectors

by AppliTek NV - Environmental Analysis Division

Interface detectors enable the operator to precisely control the interface level in the most difficult applications. The system is made of two basic components: antenna and power supply / signal conditioning circuitry. By measuring the energy absorption of the fluid surrounding the antenna, the interface detector senses the water concentration in ...

Heron - Model H.O1L - Oil Water Interface Meter

by Environmental Equipment & Supply

For professionals involved with the monitoring and remediation of groundwater contaminated by oil products. Detects floating and sinking layers. Certified intrinsically safe. One of the most popular interface meters on the market. Thousands of these instruments are being used by groundwater professionals worldwide. The Heron H.O1L interface meter ...

Model 2880-OWI - Oil/Water Interface Transmitter

by Arjay Engineering Ltd.

The sensing probe continuously monitors the capacitance of the inserted probe. As the interface or emulsion layer (rag layer) crosses over the probe, a proportional 4-20 mA output is provided. Typical applications include oil water separators, oil/water knock-out tanks, treater trains and decanting tanks. The 2880-OWI sensing probe monitors the ...

HORIBA - Model OCMA-350 - Oil Content Monitor

by HORIBA Europe GmbH

Just by setting the equipment, the OCMA-350 provides highly accurate analysis of the oil content of water samples from which the oil has already been extracted in the auxiliary cell. In addition to displaying residual oil and solid body content suspended in water in a range from 0mg/l-200mg/l, the OCMA-350 allows users to display analysis results ...

Roxar - Watercut Meter System

by Roxar ASA

The Roxar Watercut meter measures water in oil (0% to 100%) and is used in applications like process control on test separators, fiscal metering, on- and offloading, export metering, desalting in refineries, two phase flow metering, etc.

Model 4100-OWS - Oil/Water Separator Level Monitor

by Arjay Engineering Ltd.

This unique oil level system provides complete flexibility for monitoring oil water separators in one complete package. The 4100-OWS sensing probe monitors the capacitance field between the probe and the concentric shield. As the oil accumulates and displaces the water, the probe capacitance changes. This interface signal is used to provide ...

Leakwise - Model ID-227WL/PTP - Oil Sheen Monitoring System

by GE Analytical Instruments

The Leakwise ID-227WL/PTP Oil Sheen Monitoring System is a floating wireless sensor that detects the presence and monitors the buildup of hydrocarbons on water. The ID-227WL/PTP is designed for installation offshore. Applications include detecting and monitoring floating hydrocarbons near the intake of desalination plants, jetty and monobuoy oil ...

Model 4100-OWM - Oil/Water Monitor

by Arjay Engineering Ltd.

The 4100-OWM is used for monitoring as the water phase changes to oil in a tank or pipe. A probe inserted into a tank or pipe measures the capacitance field. This is ideal for general monitoring of oils and other liquid phase changes in a process. The 4100-OWM sensing probe monitors the capacitance field around the probe within a concentric ...

Sensirion - Model SLI Series - Liquid Flow Meter

by Sensirion AG

Tailored to the integration in demanding flow control systems: The new SLI flow meter series is a high precision solution for low flow rates of liquids based on water or hydrocarbons (alcohols, solvents, oil, fuel, adhesives ). Based on Sensirion's well-proven thermal microsensor technology, it opens new perspectives in terms of sensitivity, ...

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