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Cerex - Sentry-MS - Open-Path UVDOAS Multi-Gas Analyzer

by Cerex Monitoring Solutions, LLC.

The Cerex Sentry-MS is a mono-static, open-path multi-gas analyzer that offers exceptional cost effectiveness for monitoring highly scrutinized gases. It is capable of resolving very low concentrations of individual gas species such as Benzene, Chlorine, Mercury, Ammonia and many more...As a direct replacement for maintenance intensive sensor and ...

AirSentry FTIR - Open-Path Air-Monitoring System

by Cerex Monitoring Solutions, LLC.

Offering real time, regulatory compliant quantification of hundreds of compounds, the Cerex AirSentry FTIR provides a cost effective multi-component air monitoring solution. It is capable of detection of individual gases such as HF, Phosgene, SiF4, SF6, DCE, TCE...and many more. Monitoring as few as two gases with the AirSentry FTIR results in ...

Cerex - UV3000 - Multi-Gas Analyzer

by Cerex Monitoring Solutions, LLC.

The Cerex UV 3000 is a multi-gas analyzer featuring a fiber coupled deuterium or xenon UV source for use with a range of fiber coupled cells or external telescopes. Combined with a multi-pass or linear cell from our sampling accessories, the UV 3000 becomes an ambient or closed cell process monitor. Adding our fiber coupled open-path telescope or ...

LaserGas - III HF - Open Path Gas Monitor

by Neo Monitors AS

NEO Monitors new HF Open Path Gas monitor specifically designed for service in hazardous areas. Based on our third generation LaserGas Technology, the entire instrument is build into compact flameproof enclosures making it fit for zone 1 and division 1 applications. The LaserGas III HF OP consists of a transmitter and receiver unit that are ...

LaserGas - II - Open Path Monitor for High Performance Gas Analyser

by Neo Monitors AS

NEO Monitors LaserGas II Open Path (OP) Monitor is s a compact, high performance gas analyser for long distance monitoring in ambient air. Measurement lengths of up to 1000 m one way are possible. The OP Monitor utilizes a transmitter / reflector configuration to measure the average gas concentration along the optical line-of-sight. As option a ...

CS7500 - Open Path Gas Analyzer - CO2/H2O

by Campbell Scientific, Inc.

The CS7500 is an open-path, high-speed, high-precision, nondispersive infrared gas analyzer (IRGA) that accurately measures the in-situ densities of carbon dioxide and water vapor in turbulent air structures. In an eddy-covariance application, the CS7500 is used in conjunction with a CSAT3 Sonic Anemometer to determine CO2 and H2O fluxes. The ...

SANOA - Multi-Gas Long Path Air Quality Monitoring System

by Environnement S.A

Multigas Open Path Differential Optical Absorption (DOAS) Spectrometry Analyzer. Multiple applications An innovative technology for multigas air quality monitoring.

LI - 7500A - Open Path CO2/H2O Analyzer

by DMP Ltd.

The LI-7500/LI-7500A is the most widely used open-path CO2/H2O analyzer in the world. Since its introduction in 1999 it has been directly cited in over 1500 peer-reviewed scientific publications, and scientists rely on the analyzer for its high precision, accuracy, and stability. Many instruments fielded in 1999 are still in continual field use ...

EM27 - Open Path Spectrometer

by Bruker Group of Companies

The Open Path Gas Analyzer EM27 is a broadband infrared detection system for remote sensing of hazardous atmospheric compounds. The system performance allows real-time field screening analysis (analysis less than 1 s). The lightweight system includes an infrared radiation analyzer based on the proven Bruker rocksolid interferometer. An ...

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