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Micrometrix - Model PM-1 - Particle Monitor

by Micrometrix Corp     based in Suwanee, GEORGIA (US) (USA)

The Micrometrix Particle Monitor is an online instrument which is sensitive to parts per billion levels of particulate contamination in liquid streams. The technique provides sensitivity up to hundred times greater than traditional turbidity measurement for particles larger than one micron. These instruments have demonstrated the ability to ...

FilterSense - Model EM 30 LGX - Particulate Monitor

by FilterSense     based in Beverly, MASSACHUSETTS (USA)

Featuring FilterSense’s virtually maintenance-free particulate flow sensing technology, the EM 30LGX is the process industries most reliable baghouse monitor, filter leak detector and cyclone overflow detector. It is also easy to operate.

SootScan - Model OT21 - Transmissometer

by Magee Scientific Company     based in CALIFORNIA (USA)

The SootScan Model OT21 Transmissometer bench top analyzer has been developed as a simple and robust way of assessing Black Carbon particulate matter (PM) from a variety of sample filters. The analysis can be easily performed in the field or the laboratory, and requires less than thirty seconds to provide optical attenuation and BC mass ...

Model DC2000CE - Compact Real-Time Monitor for Particulate Matter

by EcoChem Analytics     based in League City, TEXAS (USA)

The calibration of the compact Diffusion Charger can be done by simultaneous measurements with other particle-measuring instruments (e.g. the SMPS). The calibration is site-specific.

BioStage - Single-Stage Viable Cascade Impactor

by SKC Inc.     based in Eighty Four, PENNSYLVANIA (USA)

The BioStage single-stage cascade impactor operates on the principle of inertial impaction and meets NIOSH and ACGIH recommendations for sampling indoor and outdoor air for viable microorganisms, including bacteria, and fungi. Made of precision-tooled aluminum, the sampler contains a jet classification stage and base plate precision-threaded ...

Model 3013 - Particle Counter

by DOP Solutions Ltd     based in Letchworth Garden City, UNITED KINGDOM

Using an ergonomic and lightweight design, the HANDHELD 3013 is Lighthouse’s newest handheld particle counter and is ideal for use where a smaller lightweight handheld counter is needed. Offering 3 channels of simultaneous particle counting, the HANDHELD 3013 displays both cumulative and differential particle count data on its easy to read ...

Fidas - Model TEOM 1405 Series - Ambient Particulate Measurement System

by EMS Environmental Monitoring Systems Ltd     based in Dublin, IRELAND

The TEOM Series 1405 is a family of monitors that provide the opportunity to measure PM-2.5, PM-10, and PM-Coarse simultaneously or separately. NEW! US EPA APPROVAL UPDATE:  THE THERMO SCIENTIFIC TEOM 1405-DF HAS BEEN AWARDED US EPA PM 2.5 FEM DESIGNATION AND THE TEOM 1405 HAS BEEN AWARDED US EPA PM 10 FEM DESIGNATION.

COSA - Optical Flow Meter (OFM)

by COSA Xentaur Corporation     based in Yaphank, NEW YORK (USA)

The COSA Optical Flow Meter (OFM) uses laser beams to measure the gas flow by sensing the velocity of microscopic particulates naturally occurring in the gas. The COSA Optical Flow Meter (OFM) has been specifically developed for gas applications with highly variable flow rates and a wide range of pipe diameters. The OFM accuracy is not affected by ...

Domingo - Standard Carnation

by Barberet & Blanc S.A     based in Murcia, SPAIN

Variety: Domingo. P.B.R. Name: Domingo. Colour: Red. Growing: 4 - Low. Growth Speed: A - Very High.

Haugen - Standard Snow Buckets

by Haugen Attachments     based in Casselton, NORTH DAKOTA (USA)

Standard Snow Buckets for Skid-steer Loaders is large capacity bucket recommended for snow and light material.

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