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Aurora - PM Correlation Nephelometer

by Ecotech Pty Ltd

The Aurora PM Correlating Nephelometer is part of the ‘new generation’ nephelometers using a single wavelength to measure aerosol light scattering and derive particulate concentrations. The Aurora PM Correlating Nephelometer is part of the ‘new generation’ nephelometers using a single wavelength to measure aerosol light ...

Whatman™ - PM 2.5 Air Monitoring PTFE Membrane

by GE Healthcare UK Limited

A high-purity, thin PTFE membrane in a sequentially numbered chemically resistant polypropylene support ring for PM 2.5 ambient air monitoring. Whatman PM 2.5 membranes have low tare mass for accurate gravimetric determinations. The thermally stable design eliminates curling, keeps the membrane flat, and makes the filter robot-friendly.Conforms to ...

Dekati - Impactor to measure PM10, PM2.5 and PM1

by Dekati Ltd.

Dekati PM10 impactor is a device to measure PM10, PM2.5 and PM1 mass concentrations of airborne particles. The impactor size classifies particles into four different size fractions and is available with two different sample flow rates: 10 or 30 l/min. The Dekati PM10 impactor is also available with a simpler 2-stage setup where one of the impactor ...

PM-2.5 - Sampling Inlet

by HI-Q Environmental Products Company

HI-Q Environmental Products Company's, EPA Designed, PM-2.5 Sample inlet operates on the same principles of particulate impaction as the PM10-INLET described above. Air is drawn into the omnidirectional inlet head at a flow rate of 16.67 LPM. The air is then accelerated toward the first impaction stage where particulate with aerodynamic diameters ...

PM 2.5 High Volume Sampler System Series

by Tisch Environmental Inc.

The Hi-Vol PM 2.5 ambient air sampler is designed to provide owners of our TE-6001 PM-10 samplers with the option of retrofitiing existing equipment rather than procure a new family of apparatus. An adapter is placed into the model TE-6001 sampler in lieu of the existing PM 2.5 fractonator. The adapter has a new plate that contains multiple ...

SPM-613D Beta Gauge Method PM2.5/PM10/OBC Dichotomous Monitor

by Tisch Environmental Inc.

Tisch Environmental, Inc. and Kimoto Electric have joined forces to introduce continuous particulate monitoring devices. Both companies have been producing instruments for measurement of air quality for over 50 years each. S PM-613D continuously measures fine particles (PM2.5), coarse particles (PM10) and black carbon originating from diesel ...

MP101M - Ambient Air Suspended Particulate Analyzer (PM10, PM2.5, TSP)

by Environnement S.A

Ambient air suspended particulate analyzer, with real time measurement option (CPM). The standard Beta gauge measurement Method ISO 10473 of the MP101M analyzer allows, when used with the patented optical technology of the CPM module, the continuous and simultaneous measurement of fine dust.

TAPI - Model 602 BetaPLUS - Particle Measurement System

by Teledyne Advanced Pollution Instrumentation, Inc. (TAPI)

The Model 602 BetaPLUS Particle Measurement System is the first to receive US EPA Federal Equivalent Method (FEM) designations for all three PM parameters in a single instrument.

Dekati - PM10 Impactor

by Envicontrol-Envitec

Dekati PM10 impactor is a three stage cascade impactor for determining particle gravimetric mass size distribution. The PM10 impactor provides information on the PM10, PM2.5 and PM1 mass size fractions. The PM10 impactor is available with two sample flow rates and complete setups can be provided for different applications including air quality ...

MicroVol - 1100 - Low Volume Air Sampler

by Ecotech Pty Ltd

The MicroVol 1100 low volume air sampler provides a flexible sampling platform for PM10, PM2.5 or TSP particulates and basic meteorological parameters.

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