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Isokinetic Samplers

by Environmental Monitoring     based in Kendal, UNITED KINGDOM

Environmental Monitoring are the UK's main specialist supplier of isokinetic samplers We manufacture and distribute isokinetic sampler.Our basic rental system includes : Stackmite HI Flow Sampler with 50lpm Capabiltiy System. Millennium Instruments Isokinetic Samplering System.

Chroma - Model DID-He - Permanent Gases Analyzer

by Chromatotec Group     based in Saint Antoine, FRANCE

The continuous or discontinuous mode permanent gases monitor for laboratory or online.

airMEDOR - Continuous Analyser

by Chromatotec Group     based in Saint Antoine, FRANCE

A continuous analyser dedicated to sulphur compounds. ISO 6326/2 norm and DIN 51855/7. The airMEDOR is a gas chromatograph dedicated to the sulfur compound analysis (H2S, mercaptans and sulphides) present in different matrices. An electro-chemical detector allows the specific detection of sulphur species. The detection is made by a gas-liquid ...

AirmoTWA - Cabinet System

by Chromatotec Group     based in Saint Antoine, FRANCE

Monitoring of benzene and epichlorhydrin in the air at the different worksites of the factory. Personnel Safety: chemical factories and their production are under strict regulations. So it is mandatory to control with pre-alarm and alarm systems when the authorized levels are exceeded.

Biomedy - Model RAXORB - Ion-exchanger

by Biomedy AG     based in Zug, SWITZERLAND

RAXORB is a ion-exchanger like inorganic sorbent, especially developed for the deactivation of technological fluids in the nuclear power industry as fluids in the primary cooling circuit, fluids of cooling ponds of spent nuclear fuel, condensate of evaporators, regenerators of ion-exchange resins, liquid radioactive wastes.

Phytodetek - Enzyme Immunoassay

by Agdia-Biofords     based in Evry Cedex,, FRANCE

Phytodetek enzyme immunoassay presents a convenient method for the quantitative determination of different plant growth hormones in a variety of plant tissue. Much like other quantitative methods such as HPLC and GC, the Phytodetek kits provide an analysis tool with the added benefit of multi sample analysis. The Phytodetek product

HORIBA - Compact Sulfur Analyzer

by HORIBA Europe GmbH     based in Leichlingen, GERMANY

HORIBA, Ltd. has released a new portable sulfur analyzer, the SLFA-60. Sulfur analyzers are used to measure sulfur compounds present in heavy oil, gasoline, diesel oil etc. as impurities that convert to toxic gases. Shale oil, a promising alternative to crude oil, can contain high concentrations of impurities, including sulfur. Sulfur analyzers ...

Qsonica - Recirculating Chiller

by Qsonica, LLC.     based in Newtown, CONNECTICUT (USA)

Sonication generates heat which may be detrimental to some applications. This compact and powerful chiller easily automates the cooling process. It keeps samples cool while occupying very little bench space. Controlling temperature by adding ice chips and repeatedly changing the water is no longer necessary.Quick-connect tubing ...

X-STREAM - Glass Automated XRF for Sorting & Recycling Glass Cullet

by Olympus NDT     based in Waltham, MASSACHUSETTS (USA)

The X-STREAM Glass sensor can detect leaded glass and glass ceramics in a stream of glass cullet, based on the chemical composition. This X-STREAM takes glass recycling to a new level, providing unique solutions for the lead and GC problems.

ProfiLine - Model pH 3110 - Portable pH Meters

by WTW GmbH - a xylem brand     based in Weilheim, GERMANY

The pH 3110 is the right choice for those looking for a simple, rugged and waterproof device for portable pH measurement. The keypad with only 6 buttons and the automatic AutoRead function for reproducible measured values provide safe pH measurements and prevent errors

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