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SterilGARD - Model e3 Class II Type A2 - Biosafety Cabinet

by The Baker Company     based in Sanford, MAINE (USA)

The most energy efficient, comfortable and safe A2 cabinet in the industry. Save energy and filter costs - the revolutionary airflow management system called StediFLOW with a self-adjusting motor technology uses less energy and extends filter life without sacrificing performance.

Model TW-6 - Pipe/Cable Locator

by Argus-Hazco     based in Chesterfield, MICHIGAN (USA)

Model TW-6 “Two-Box” metal detector finds underground pipes, cables, manhole covers, vaults, valve boxes and other metallic objects. The TW-6 is used primarily by water departments, telephone companies, power companies, gas companies and petroleum pipeline companies when making repairs and rearranging lines. The TW-6 shows where to ...

Justrite - Model 890400 - Countertop Flammable Safety Cabinets

by Spill Doctor (SA)     based in Cape Town, SOUTH AFRICA

Countertop Safety Cabinets allow increased access to frequently used liquids, without compromising safety. Portable size keeps work areas flexible. These cabinets have all the great features and benefits of our classic cabinets as outlined below. Protect workers, reduce fire risks, and improve productivity by storing flammable fuels and chemicals ...

NCB - Model e3 Class II Type B1 - Biosafety Cabinet

by The Baker Company     based in Sanford, MAINE (USA)

The Baker Company NCB e3 biological safety cabinet exceeds specifications for the NCI-1 cabinet developed by the National Cancer Institute, with unique design features proven to enhance containment while inhibiting cross contamination and exposure to chemicals, vapors and gases. Primary, under the work surface HEPA filters*, supply HEPA filter and ...

VACOMASS - Control Valve

by BINDER Flow GmbH     based in Ulm, GERMANY

VACOMASS® control valve is a square diaphragm control valve with central or falling flow axis and with a mounted electrical drive for sensitive and precise regulation of air flows even with tangential flow profiles. It is the control device of the local control loop.

Nordic Scientific - Fume Hood

by Nordic Scientific & Natural Solutions AB     based in Lund, SWEDEN

Laboratory fume hoods are one of the most important components used to protect laboratory personnel from exposure to hazardous chemicals and agents used in the laboratory. When used properly, they can provide an effective backup safety device for the containment and exhaust of toxic, offensive or flammable materials when the containment of an ...

Nordic Scientific - Magnetic Stirrer

by Nordic Scientific & Natural Solutions AB     based in Lund, SWEDEN

• Better low speed stirring with even small liquid volume • Better quality motor for higher Torque at low speeds• Stirring accomplished by small Teflon coated magnetic paddle • Paddle size as per Magnetic stirrer cap. Requirement • Accurate speed control & Temperature control • S. Steel 304 grade Top housing • Better quality Kanthal heaters all ...

Nordic Scientific - Soxhlet Extraction Unit

by Nordic Scientific & Natural Solutions AB     based in Lund, SWEDEN

• Small & Large size extraction • Electrical heating hard knitted glass yarn• MS/CRC sheet outer body having provision for MS top duly painted for 3 & 6 Mantles • Supplied with 2 Nos. Vertical / Horizontal rods with gutkas & screw to hold flask • Suitable to heat Soxhlet flask of 50-500ml capacity • Supplied without Glass PartsApplications :For ...

Nordic Scientific - Thin Layer Chromatography (T.L.C. Apparatus)

by Nordic Scientific & Natural Solutions AB     based in Lund, SWEDEN

Composing of : A) Applicator : the Thin Layer applicator is carefully constructed to give dependable service in drawing thin uniform layer variable form 0 to 2 mm. ( Minimum thickness attainable 0.1 mm.) Accurate design and skilled workmanship of the applicator gives no trouble in coating number of plates at a time. It is made of Aluminum finished ...

Minitrace β - α, β and γ Contamination Meter

by Saphymo GmbH     based in Frankfurt am Main, GERMANY

MiniTRACE β is a contamination meter designed to improve the safety of workers in the control areas of nuclear power plants, reprocessing plants, research centers and hospitals. It can likewise offer strong safety benefits to public bodies like the police, fire brigades or the military. Its simple use makes it easy to detect possible spots of ...

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