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Model ASP 960 - Autosampler

by Duratech     based in Carmel, INDIANA (USA)

This gantry-style, cartesian robot automates the handling of sample tubes and vials for use in numerous laboratory applications. It features a fail-safe custom tube gripper, an adjustable shelf and an easy-to-use interface. The ASP 960 uses a 9-pin serial port for RS-232 communications with a computer and is available for standard tube sizes from ...

166 UV-VIS

by International Equipment Trading Ltd.     based in Vernon Hills, ILLINOIS (USA)

Beckman Coulter

Lo-cal Range Gas Flare Stack

by Automatic Flare Systems Limited (AFS)     based in Coventry, UNITED KINGDOM

The High Temperature LO-CAL range of flares offers an optimum solution for safe and efficient degassing of old landfill sites or sites with low quality gas. The innovative Lo-Cal high temperature flare is designed to provide greater gas control during the latter phases of a site. Low calorific gas high temperature combustion is necessary on more ...

Quantitative Ashless Filter Papers

by Munktell & Filtrak GmbH     based in Bärenstein, GERMANY

Quantitative ashless filter papers are recommended for quantitative analysis. As quantitative analysis requires a high purity, these filter papers are being washed out with acid. We offer two types of quantitative filter paper - ashless and ashless hardened. Our ashless grades are made of 100% cotton linters with an ash content of 0.007%. The ...

Meteorological Masts

by Logotronic GmbH     based in Vienna, AUSTRIA

Logotronic offers various types of meteorological masts. The masts are of high quality and have a proofed mechanical design. Depending on the specific sensor configuration we offer all necessary mounting brackets and mounting booms for the sensors and measuring interfaces.

Zero-Emission Bio-Reactors

by Specialty Systems Integrators, Inc.     based in Plymouth, MINNESOTA (USA)

SSI’s Zero-Emission Bioreactor is an example of a custom built remediation system. Our system extracted contaminated water which was transferred to a bioreaction tank. The ex-situ Bioreactor-based water treatment involves pumping groundwater out of the ground, mixing it with active microorganisms in a bioreactor system, and discharging the newly ...


by Specialty Systems Integrators, Inc.     based in Plymouth, MINNESOTA (USA)

Telemetry is a technology which allows the remote measurement and reporting of system operation information.  Telemetry systems are very useful for monitoring and analysis purposes. They can store data or measurement values, however, apart from system start and stop, cannot control individual components. Most commonly, SSI remediation systems are ...

Vapex - Model O-MEGA - Odor/Emissions Control

by Vapex Environmental Technologies, Inc.     based in Oviedo, FLORIDA (USA)

O-MEGA Systems utilize the patented Vapex Hydroxyl Ion Fog technology to eliminate odors and reduce pH corrosion in any odorous space. The Vapex system is different from conventional scrubbing technologies in that it does not extract the odors from the application and then attempt to treat them, but rather uses the odorous space as the reactor to ...

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