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Model TR -200 - Portable Peristaltic Sampling Pump

by Cornelsen Umwelttechnologie GmbH     based in Essen, GERMANY

A lightweight, compact, battery powered peristaltic pump providing a fast, dependable and economical means of sampling fluids in the field.

Zefon Escort ELF - Personal Air Sampling Pump

by Zefon International, Inc.     based in Ocala, FLORIDA (USA)

Escort ELF air sampling pumps feature a state of the art electronic laminar flow sensor to provide a constant flow control with ± 2.5% regulation of flow rate (from 1-3 lpm) with automatic compensation for changes in battery voltage, temperature, altitude, and sample load. An internal secondary standard calibrates the pump continuously and ...

AirChek - Model 52 - Sample Pump

by SKC Inc.     based in Eighty Four, PENNSYLVANIA (USA)

The AirChek® 52, 5 to 3000 ml/min, easy-to-use personal sample pump provides up to 12-hour run times for sampling particulates and gases/vapors. The pump is ideal for use with sorbent tubes, filter cassettes, size-selective samplers, and impingers. UL Listed for intrinsic safety

KNF - Micro Diaphragm Gas Sampling Pumps

by Vacuum Service     based in Roma, ITALY

The Micro Diaphragm Gas Sampling Pumps from KNF are based on a simple principal - an elastic diaphragm, fixed on its edge, moves up and down its central point by means of an eccentric. In this way the medium is transferred using automatic valves.

Ankersmid - Model AMP 057 Series - Diaphragm Pump

by AquaGas Pty Ltd     based in CURRUMBIN, AUSTRALIA

Application: Ankersmid Mini Diaphragm Pumps are used for the transportation of sample gas in sample conditioning systems in the chemical industry, for environmental applications, and in production technology; some application examples are sampling gases from the ambient environment, exhaust gases and smoke analysis. The AMP 057 is easy to install ...

VIG Industries - Custom, Heated Sample Pumps

by VIG Industries     based in Anaheim, CALIFORNIA (USA)

VIG Industries offers its own line of cold and heated head sample pumps. Pumps are available with flow rates of 5.5L/M and 14L/M. Heated pump heads are manufactured by VIG. Interchangeable cartridge heaters are included with heated pump heads. All sample pumps use Teflon diaphragms with Teflon flapper type valves. All fittings are 316 stainless ...

Buck-BioAire - Model B6 - Single Stage Microbial Sampler

by A. P. Buck Inc.     based in Orlando, FLORIDA (USA)

The Buck-BioAire B6 Single Stage Microbial Sampler makes the collection and assessment of aerosol samples fast and easy. A Petri dish containing appropriate agar medium is placed in the impactor and a sample of air is drawn. The Petri dish is removed, recovered, incubated, and counted by an accepted method.

Gastec - Model 100s - Gas Sampling Pump

by A. P. Buck Inc.     based in Orlando, FLORIDA (USA)

Gastec’s standard GV-100 gas sampling pump is lightweight and rugged. It includes a Thermal Ring for measuring ambient temperature; a flow finish indicator for identifying full and partial pump strokes; the Gastec Handbook containing complete detector tube details; and protective, semi-rigid carrying case.

Baseline - Model Series 8950 - Multipoint Sampler

by MOCON-Baseline Series     based in Lyons, COLORADO (USA)

The Baseline Series 8950 Multipoint Sampler is designed to interface with Baseline's Series 8900 Gas Chromatograph. The multipoint sampler expands the sampling capabilities of the Series 8900 from 1 to potentially greater than 32 sampling points depending on the configuration.

Apex - Personal Sampling Pump

by Casella     based in Kempston, UNITED KINGDOM

The APEX personal sampling pump can be used in a range of applications from personal dust and solvent monitoring to indoor air quality monitoring.

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