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FIA-PMT-FL For Fluorescence Flow Analysis

by Ocean Optics - a Halma Company     based in Dunedin, FLORIDA (USA)

The FIA-PMT-FL is a highly sensitive -- to parts per trillion -- photomultiplier-based flow through detection system ideally suited for ultra-low fluorescence, chemiluminescence or bioluminescence measurements. The system's heavy-duty, chemically resistant housing is built to withstand industrial environments. The FIA-PMT-FL has flow-through ...

USB4000-VIS-NIR Miniature Fiber Optic Spectrometer

by Ocean Optics - a Halma Company     based in Dunedin, FLORIDA (USA)

The USB4000-VIS-NIR is preconfigured for applications from 350-1000 nm. The USB4000-VIS-NIR features a 3648-element Toshiba linear CCD array for increased signal-to-noise and enhanced electronics for controlling the spectrometer and accessories. The USB4000-VIS-NIR Spectrometer is preconfigured with the DET4-350-1000 detector and order-sorting ...

NIRQuest Near Infrared Spectrometer

by Ocean Optics - a Halma Company     based in Dunedin, FLORIDA (USA)

The NIRQuest Spectrometer from Ocean Optics is the less costly solution for environmental monitoring, detecting agents in wastewater and soil and determining composition of recycled plastics.This compact, multi-interface spectrometer is available in versions for 900-1700 nm, 900-2050 nm and 900-2500 nm. NIRQuest’s modular design delivers a more ...

QE65000-FL Scientific-grade Spectrometer For Fluorescence Measurements

by Ocean Optics - a Halma Company     based in Dunedin, FLORIDA (USA)

The QE65000-FL Scientific-grade Spectrometer is a preconfigured combination of detector, optical bench and electronics technologies that provides users with a remarkably sensitive system for demanding low-light level applications such as fluorescence.  The QE65000-FL can achieve up to 90% quantum efficiency with high signal-to-noise and rapid ...

PAIR - Model 100 Series - Spectrometer

by PAIR Technologies, LLC     based in Newark, DELAWARE (USA)

PAIR Technologies Series 100 spectrometer excels in ultra fast, rugged and simple operation. The system is 100 to 1000 times faster than traditional FT-IR systems and is capable of monitoring reactions in real time. With Fast Frames TM capability, you can observe spectra being generated in real time. This is ideal for monitoring changes to the ...

SpectraStar - Model Drawer Series - NIR Spectrometer

by Unity Scientific     based in Brookfield, CONNECTICUT (USA)

The SpectraStar NIR Spectrometer is a flexible system that can work with a variety of sample cups to measure unground materials, powders, liquids, gels, and pastes. The drawer model features rotation to measure unground or partially ground materials through a variety of sample cups and accessories. Samples are simply loaded into a cup and the ...

SpectraStar - Model RTW Series - NIR Spectrometers

by Unity Scientific     based in Brookfield, CONNECTICUT (USA)

The top window design of the SpectraStar NIR Spectrometers provide total flexibility for sample handling. The rotating sample platter provides accurate analysis of unground or partially ground materials. Simply fill a cup and place it on the window, or analyze  in a static mode. Samples may also be analyzed through a variety of sample cups, ...

Model GC/MS - Gas Chromatography–Mass Spectrometry

by MasSpec Consulting Inc.     based in Oakville, ONTARIO (CANADA)

Gas chromatography–mass spectrometry (GC/MS) is the gold standard in forensic substance identification. It is used in fire or explosives investigation, environmental analysis, and the detection of drugs, unknown samples or trace elements.

Model DT-1202 - Acoustic and Electro-Acoustic Spectrometer

by Dispersion Technology Inc.     based in Bedford Hills, NEW JERSEY (USA)

When used in conjunction, acoustic and electro-acoustic techniques have significant advantages for characterizing particle distribution and zeta potential.  As such, an optimum ultrasound based technique should combine both acoustic and electro-acoustic spectroscopy together in one instrument.  The Acoustic & Electro-acoustic ...

Monolith 20 - FTIR Spectrometer

by Ftrx LLC     based in Deer Park, NEW YORK (USA)

The Monolith 20 FTIR Spectrometer is a uniquely stable and reproducible spectrometer platform for mid-IR Spectrometry.It was specifically designed for OEM incorporation into FTIR analyzers in hostile environments, and for easy instrument to-instrument calibration transfer. Its configuration is a unique version of the Michelson interferometer ...

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