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Model Axios XRF - Spectrometers

by PANalytical     based in Almelo, NETHERLANDS

The Axios range of wavelength-dispersive XRF spectrometers is advanced, rapid, and easy-to-use. But most importantly, Axios is configured for you, with breakthrough, industry-specific versions that meet the precise needs of your application. Among the industries that Axios serves with this approach are Cement, Petrochemicals, Industrial Minerals, ...

REDWAVE - Model XRF-Mining - Energy Dispersive X-Ray Fluorescence-Spectrometer

by REDWAVE systems, a trademark of BT-Wolfgang Binder GmbH     based in Gleisdorf, AUSTRIA

The REDWAVE XRF-M is an energy dispersive X-Ray Fluorescence-Spectrometer. This new sorting machine identifies the chemical composition of the incoming material, and separates it based on this information. Undesirable matter is reliably detected and separated. The XRF-M sorting machine was developed in collaboration with the American company ...

Shimadzu - Model XRF - 1800 - Sequential X-Ray Fluorescence Spectrometer

by Shimadzu Scientific Instruments Inc     based in Columbia, MARYLAND (USA)

Utilizing state-of-the-art technology, including enhanced local analysis technology, originally pioneered by Shimadzu in 1994, in conjunction with superb basic functions, the Lab Center XRF-1800 delivers exceptional reliability, stability, and sensitivity. With complete control, analysis and reporting software, the XRF-1800 is a powerful tool for ...

SPECTRO XEPOS - XRF Spectrometers

by SPECTRO Analytical Instruments     based in Kleve, GERMANY

Hidden inside the SPECTRO XEPOS are powerful components delivering new levels of sensitivity and accuracy. Optimum excitation using polarization and secondary targets, an autosampler for up to 12 items and intelligent software modules, make the instrument the most versatile elemental analyzer available.

SPECTRO - Model iQ II - XRF Spectrometers

by SPECTRO Analytical Instruments     based in Kleve, GERMANY

The sensitivity, precision and speed of an analytical instrument are of particular importance for industrial process control applications. The SPECTRO iQ already set standards in this respect. The new SPECTRO iQ II maintains this course with further improved technologies and a consequent alignment towards simplicity and dependability of operation.


by SPECTRO Analytical Instruments     based in Kleve, GERMANY

SPECTRO MIDEX is a Benchtop XRF system that provides quick, non-destructive determination of the elemental composition for Jewelry and Dental alloys. The analyzer is also well suited for forensic science applications. It uses state-of-the-art XRF technology and proprietary beam collimation techniques to ensure the easiest, most accurate ...

Accessories for XRF Analysis

by SPECTRO Analytical Instruments     based in Kleve, GERMANY

A significant advantage of X-ray fluorescence analysis is the small amount of effort required for preparation. By using practical, tried and tested sample preparation equipment you can simplify the remaining work even further. SPECTRO offers an extensive range of accessories for XRF spectroscopy, including sample fusion systems for making fused ...


by SPECTRO Analytical Instruments     based in Kleve, GERMANY

The SPECTRO MIDEX M is a multi-purpose X-ray micro fluorescence analysis (XRMF) system for non-destructive analysis of very small samples in solid or liquid form. It is especially suitable for point analysis, line scan, and mapping. For determining the exact measurement position in the spaciously dimensioned sample chamber, there is an integrated ...

Handheld - Model X-MET7000 XRF - Metal Analyzer

by Verichek Technical Services, Inc     based in Bethel Park, PENNSYLVANIA (USA)

Hand-Held X-RAY FLUORESCENCE XRF Metal Analyzer Gun for Scrap Metal Sorting.Ergonomic, well balanced and lightweigh XRF metal analyzer. High grade plastic housing with IP54 classification for dust and splash water protection.Often referred to as a “PMI gun,” “x-ray gun” or “analyzer gun”, this handheld XRF has ...

TITAN - Model S1 - Handheld XRF Spectrometer

by Bruker Analytical Systems Inc.     based in EastMilton, ONTARIO (CANADA)

The S1 TITAN is among the lightest (1.5 kg, including battery) tube-based handheld XRF analyzers on the market today. Fast analysis speed and exceptional accuracy are two key attributes that help define the S1 TITAN. Other innovative features include an integrated touch-screen color display, 50 kV X-ray tube, SMART GradeTM timing, SharpBeamTM ...

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