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Model III - Atomic Fluorescence Spectrophotometer

by Brooks Rand Labs, LLC     based in Seattle, WASHINGTON (USA)

Atomic fluorescence spectrophotometer with high-resolution (21-bit) analog to digital signal processing electronics. Enhanced optics (US patent 57318473) for reduced light scattering, along with single wavelength filtering, provide extremely high sensitivity measurement capabilities. Electronic subtraction of dark current background further ...

Model AF402 - Simultaneous Atomic Fluorescence Spectrophotometer

by PG Instruments Ltd     based in LEICESTERSHIRE, UNITED KINGDOM

The Atomic Fluorescence Spectroscopy technique is used to measure samples containing both hydride forming elements and mercury in a variety of analytical sectors.

Model SP-1105/1105E - Visible Spectrophotometer

by Shanghai Spectrum Instruments Co Ltd     based in Shanghai, CHINA

SP-1105 is an ideal upgrade product for colleges' basic laboratories, and other routine laboratories, such as food and healthy, biological engineering, modern agriculture, environment monitoring, etc. It's also used as an on-field detecting device in corporations that let wastes, such as iron and steel industry, food, paper making, plating, ...

Mini-FT - OEM FTIR Interferometer/Detector Module

by Block Engineering     based in Marlborough, MASSACHUSETTS (USA)

The mini-FT is a compact, rugged, power-efficient and flexible Fourier Transform Infrared (FTIR) Interferometer / detector module that can be combined with an external Infrared (IR) source to form a complete spectrometer. The module incorporates Block's well-validated interferometer design, allowing integration into portable, battery operated ...

Model SP-2000 - Visible Spectrophotometer

by Shanghai Spectrum Instruments Co Ltd     based in Shanghai, CHINA

SP-2000 is a visible spectrophotometer special designed for micro amount sample.. The sample compartment can hold cuvettes with 100mm light path, and diversified cuvettes with light path at a range of 5-50mm also can be hold.. SP-2000 is used in colleges for specialty of environmental protection.. It's also used as an instrument for porducts ...

Model SP-2100/2100PC - Visible Spectrophotometer

by Shanghai Spectrum Instruments Co Ltd     based in Shanghai, CHINA

SP-2100 is an intelligent visible spectrophotometer that has various functions as well as advanced instruments.. The instrument contains features such as high automatization, various functions, strong plasticity, and so on.. The Win-Spec photometric software with diversified application functions is accompanied with the instrument as a present, ...

Model V-1800( PC ) - Visible Spectrophotometer

by Shanghai Mapada Instruments Co Ltd     based in Shanghai, CHINA

V-1800 / V-1800PC is a simple-to-use instrument with advanced performance; its stray light is only 0.05%T. The local stand-alone software provides functions of Photometry, Quantitative Test, Kinetics and System Utilities functions.

Model UV-3200 - UV/VIS Scanning Spectrophotometer

by Shanghai Mapada Instruments Co Ltd     based in Shanghai, CHINA

UV/V-3 Series is an advanced single beam design consisting of 9 models. They differ in bandwidth and wavelength accuracy, but provide excellent performance for measurements in the range of 190nm to 1100nm. They are suitable for clinical, pharmaceutical, and bio-chemical lab applications, as well as routine applications such as quantitative ...

Model V-5800 - Visible Spectrophotometer

by Shanghai Metash Instruments Co Ltd     based in Shanghai, CHINA

The stray light of V-5800(PC) is below 0.05%T.The monochomator is totally sealed and the optical surfaces are protected with a silicon dioxide membrane.The excellent optical system and electric circuit design ensures the very low stray light.

Cecil Instruments - Model 2011 - Visible Spectrophotometer

by Buck Scientific Inc     based in East Norwalk, CONNECTICUT (USA)

With an optical bandwidth of 4nm and superb stability, accuracy and precision these very easy to use instruments are ideal general purpose spectrophotometers. Excellent for routine and quality control laboratories, they offer a wide range of quantitative techniques with wavelength scanning as an option. The Wavelength range is 325-1000nm.

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