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FTIR Spectroscopy

by PAMET Engineering Ltd.     based in Pécs, HUNGARY

The method: FTIR spectroscopy is an innovative standard method for the measurement of compounds, which have significant absorbance profile in the middle IR region. This method is more and more popular in the field of stack emission testing, thanks to the latest development of portable FTIR analysers and high performance evaluation software.

Model DOAS - Differential Optical Absorption Spectroscopy

by Photonics Technology Obninsk, Ltd     based in Obninsk, RUSSIA

We have extensive experience in DOAS instruments design and implementation. DOAS-M1 is a commercial DOAS spectrometer based on single coaxial telescope scheme.

Model UV-101 - An Introduction to Ultraviolet-Visible Spectroscopy

by Academy Savant     based in Fullerton, CALIFORNIA (USA)

The Basics discussed in this introductory program include: Fundamental properties and characteristics of electromagnetic radiation Wavelength, frequency, energy relationships. The absorption process. Chromophores, Conjugation, Auxochromes, Spectral shifts, pH and solvent effects, Quantitative aspects, Typical quantitative determinations are ...

Spectra - Model 1 - Open Path Gas Monitor

by Norditech Pty Ltd     based in Arndell Park, AUSTRALIA

Spectra-1, a portable lightweight open path TDLAS gas monitor uses proprietary hardware and software to provide a low cost open path gas sensing instrument. The enclosure for Spectra-1 was selected for its resistance to extreme shock and vibration. Spectra-1 can be used for portable as well as fixed site installations.

Tunable Laser - Model LP1 - Photoacoustic Gas Analyzer

by Gasera Ltd     based in Turku, FINLAND

The LP1 combines the high selectivity of tunable laser spectroscopy with the unmatched sensitivity and linearity of the patented cantilever enhanced photoacoustic technology. This zero-background technique gives high stability with re-calibration period of several months. These unique features make the LP1 an ideal choice for low-ppb level ...

SciAps - ReporteR RAMAN Spectroscopy

by Northern ANI Solutions Ltd.     based in Vancouver, BRITISH COLUMBIA (CANADA)

The ReporteR weighs less than 1 lb, and meets demanding Mil Spec 810G for waterproof, dustproof, shockproof ratings. On-board spectral libraries are configured to quickly identify many unknown compounds. A perfect combination of ruggedness and performance for many in-field applications.

J M Analytics - Model PAT Series - Spectroscopy Systems

by JT Ingram Technologies Inc     based in Delray Beach, FLORIDA (USA)

Process Analytical Techniques (PAT) have recently achieved great importance in pharmaceutical industries. Most important aims of PAT are to increase productivity, to improve safety as well as to learn about processes.J&M Analytik AG provides individual PAT solutions basedon optical spectroscopy in the UV-, Vis- and NIR-range (190 – 2500 ...

J M Analytics - Model TIDAS MSP 200 - Microscopic Spectroscopy

by JT Ingram Technologies Inc     based in Delray Beach, FLORIDA (USA)

The TIDAS MSP 200 instrument was developed especially for needs in petrography and geochemistry. Depending on the chosen configuration of the instrument you can do reflection as well as fluorescence or polariza-tion analysis on various samples. The J&M MSP 200 is working according the DIN/ISO standard in the data acquisition procedure as well ...

Spectra - Model 1 - Extractive Gas Monitor

by Norditech Pty Ltd     based in Arndell Park, AUSTRALIA

Spectra-1 Extractive gas monitor features the same gas analysis software as used by the open path Spectra-1 monitor. Tuneable Diode Laser Absorption Spectroscopy (TDLAS) based gas sensing. Closed path internal multi-pass sampling cells are used instead of an open path configuration to calculate gas concentrations. 19′ rack mounted design. ...

Hollow Cathode Lamps

by Heraeus Noblelight GmbH     based in Hanau, GERMANY

Hollow cathode lamps are primarily used in instruments for atomic absorption spectroscopy (AAS). Heraeus hollow cathode lamps are designed for optimal performance and characterised by good chemical sensitivity, high spectral response, stable light output and low noise. Service life is an important factor in AAS. Heraeus hollow cathode lamps have a ...

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