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MicroCom Remote Telemetry

by ROM Communications Inc.

ROM’s MicroCom Remote Telemetry device is a combination of proprietary hardware and software, which provides 'web to wireless' low cost high tech remote monitoring, tracking, data retrieval, and asset management for commercial, industrial, small business and consumer applications.

EIT Telemetry

by Environment Information Technology Pty Ltd

Environment Information Technology provides wireless data solutions for connecting remotely positioned environmental sensors to data recorders and data acquisition systems. We specialize in developing very low power radio solutions for environmental monitoring, and in particular the monitoring of soil moisture conditions in irrigated agriculture. ...

Model S500 Range - Modular Telemetry & SCADA Remote Terminal Units

by Lacroix Sofrel

The product of more than 35 years' experience in telemetry and SCADA and benefiting from a modular technical base, the Remote Terminal Units of the S500 range offer an industrial solution combining performance, ease of implementation and usability for all monitoring, process control and remote management

iQuest - Model iCE3 3G - Wireless Telemetry Circuit Extender

by iQuest (NZ) Ltd.

The iCE3 3G, affectionately nick-named the 'iCECube', is a wireless telemetry device that enables non-IP capable devices to be remotely accessed or telemetered through a cellular network. Such devices (which are fitted with an RS232 port), include dataloggers, PLCs and intelligent instruments. Datalogging: The current iCE3 3G model has two ...

Tube 300 - Telemetry

by Green Engineering Systems LLC (GES)

Tube 300 was developed jointly by ELARD and ANT Group. While ELARD is responsible for the concept development, marketing and sales, ANT Group is responsible for the design and manufacturing of Tube 300. Tube 300 has been designed for unmanned, stand-alone, long-life, and self-powering remote monitoring and control. It can independently acquire ...

Leveloader - Model 3001 - Gold Levelogger Data Transfer Device

by Solinst Canada Ltd.

The Leveloader Gold is a field-ready, backwards compatible data transfer unit designed for use with all versions of the Solinst Levelogger, Rainlogger and Barologger. It is used to download and store multiple data files, using 8 Mb of nonvolatile FLASH memory.

Stevens - Model TS4000 UHF / VHF - 800 And 900 MHz Radio Modem

by Stevens Water Monitoring Systems, Inc.

The TS4000 incorporates a wide range of high performance radio modules, which meet the stringent demands of both domestic and international regulatory agencies. Advanced features include address selective store-and-forward data repeating, multilevel packet management, and remote system adjustment and network wide diagnostics.

Isodaq - Model Frog RX GSM/GPRS - Telemetry Data Logger

by Isodaq Technology

Like its namesake, FROG is an unobtrusive friend that sits quietly keeping an eye on things, ready to leap into action when there is imminent danger. Frog RX operates either as a standalone battery-powered data logger or as a telemetry logger and is ideal for rapid deployment for water resources monitoring e.g as a river level logger, flood level ...

A Pump Controller with Telemetry

by TeleDevices, LLC (TDL)

TDL has developed Simplex and Duplex TeleControllers with built-in telemetry units which provide a low cost SCADA solution. These TeleControllers are ideal for applications such as Grinder Pump Stations, Low Pressure Sewer systems, Onsite Waste water Treatment systems etc. Traditional SCADA systems (used for the large wastewater treatment plants ...

Model iCE3 3G - Wireless Circuit Extender (IP Capable)

by Hydrological Services America

The current iCE3 3G model has two physical inputs (digital and analogue) and is capable of data logging as a stand-alone device for small installations.iCE3 3G provides all the IP network connectivity, link maintenance and if necessary, RS232 handshaking required to successfully communicate with, and send wireless data the host device.The product ...

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