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OLCT 80 - Model Oldham - Wireless Fixed Gas Detector

by a1-cbiss

Building on its flagship design, the OLCT 80 Wireless is a wireless field detector and transmitter for detection of oxygen, combustible, toxic and refrigerant gases in remote locations

ToxiRae - Model Pro - Wireless LEL Personal Gas Detector

by AFC International, Inc.

The ToxiRae Pro LEL is the world's first wireless personal combustible gas monitor. The ToxiRae Pro LEL takes worker protection to the next level by providing safety professionals wireless access to real time instrument readings and alarm status from any location for better visibility and faster response.

ACME - Model CEW Series - Wireless MultiSet Gas Detection and Control System

by Acme Engineering Prod. Ltd.

The CEW Series centralized detection and control system can monitor up to 32 remote detectors via a wireless RS-485 communication link at 900MHz or 2.4GHz, reducing installation costs. While typically used for enclosed vehicular facilities where CO and NO2 (for Diesel fumes) are the gases detected, the panel can also be configured to monitor CO2, ...

RAE Systems - Model AreaRAE - RAE Systems AreaRAE Wireless Gas Detection System

by Ashtead Technology Ltd

With an integral RF modem and the ability to communicate and transmit information on a real-time basis to a remote base, the AreaRAE is ideal for hazmat and other emergency response monitoring programs. The AreaRAE detectors can be used to establish an emergency perimeter by setting out multiple monitors at strategic locations. The AreaRAE is also ...

MultiRAE - Wireless Portable Six-Gas Monitor

by RAE Systems

The MultiRAE is the most advanced wireless portable chemical detector on the market. In addition to its cutting-edge PID sensor for volatile organic compounds (VOCs), the MultiRAE supports over 30 electrochemical, NDIR, and catalytic sensors to detect up to five additional threats, including toxic and combustible gases, oxygen ...

Model BM25 - Wireless Portable Area Gas Monitor

by a1-cbiss

The BM 25 is Oldham's flagship detector designed for team protection or area surveillance, and with a new added wireless technology, area wide protection just got easier. There are 17 interchangeable “smart” gas sensor options available for the BM25, making the system easily adaptable to a variety of applications and industries. When ...

MultiRAE - Model PGM-6248 - Family of Wireless Muti-Threat Monitors

by Specialized Response Solutions, LP (SRS)

MultiRAE portabl multi-threat monitors combine best-in-class detection capabilities with optional integrated wireless functionality to help elevate safety of workers and responders and reduce facility downtime. MultiRAE monitors offer an industry-leading selection of interchangeable electrochemical, combustible, infared, PID (photo-ionization ...

Acme - Model WR Series - Remote Wireless Relay Module

by Acme Engineering Prod. Ltd.

The ACME WR Series Remote Relay Module operates within a CEW wireless gas detection network, acting as an addressable output to the CEW Control Panel. Each WR Relay Module provides 8 relays for the indirect activation of fans, louvers, etc at programmable set points.

Vulcain - Model 301W - Wireless Gas Transmitter

by Honeywell Analytics

Parking garage CO (Carbon Monoxide) monitoring system. Wireless gas detection network, low installation cost. The Vulcain 301W wireless gas transmitter is designed to detect Carbon Monoxide (CO) and Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2) in parking structures or Oxygen (O2) in other applications. The 301W operates for 2 years without calibration, maintenance or ...

RAE Systems - Model MultiRAE Family - Wireless Portable Multi-Threat Monitors

by CitiSafe Pte Ltd

MultiRAE portable multi-threat monitors combine best-in-class gas and radiation detection capabilities with wireless connectivity and Man Down Alarm to help elevate the safety of workers and responders, and reduce facility downtime.MultiRAE family instruments, including MultiRAE Pro multi-threat chemical and radiation detectors, MultiRAE six-gas ...

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