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Metals in the Environment: Analysis by Biodiversity

by CRC Press/Taylor & Francis Group

A summary of data on heavy metal accumulation, biomonitoring, toxicity and tolerance, metal contamination and pollution in the environment, and the importance of biodiversity for environmental monitoring and cleanup of metal-contaminated and polluted ecosystems. It advocates the use of bacteria, mycorrhizae, freshwater algae, salt marshes, bryo- ...;

Groundwater Chemicals Desk Reference, Fourth Edition

by CRC Press/Taylor & Francis Group

Building on the foundation set by its best-selling predecessors, the Groundwater Chemicals Desk Reference, Fourth Edition is both a broad, comprehensive desk reference and a guide for field research. This fourth edition contains more than 1,700 additional references, including adsorption data for more than 800 organic compounds and metals, ...;

Characterization and Toxicity of Smoke

by ASTM International

12 peer-reviewed papers on smoke toxicity, smoke chemistry, and smoke characterization. Studies address smoke hazard assessment, smoke spread modeling, appropriateness of toxicity tests, appropriateness of animal species as human substitutes, effect of materials on nuclear winter, and more. For researchers, regulators, producers, and those ...;

Environmental Toxicology and Risk Assessment, 7th Volume

by ASTM International

Provides a variety of environmental toxicology issues that reflect the current status of ecotoxicology research and methodology. 28 peer reviewed papers represent the three major components of ecotoxicology including: • measurements of toxicity of contaminants in aqueous, sediment, soils, air, and dietary media to terrestrial and aquatic ...;

Community Toxicity Testing

by ASTM International

This book offers the reader a series of case histories of actual use of complex test systems together with a discussion of their advantages and disadvantages. A substantial amount of information and methodology is provided that can be used in the validation process at the community level of biological organization.;

Aquatic Invertebrate Bioassays

by ASTM International

The first comprehensive review of the use of invertebrates in toxicity testing and hazard evaluation. Discussions range from comprehensive evaluations of specific organisms to proposals for alternative methods.;

Plants for Toxicity Assessment: Second Volume

by ASTM International

Addresses the use of plants to assess the toxicity of air, water, and soil both through laboratory/greenhouse and field studies. 35 papers cover: • Regulatory Perspectives• Applications of Plant Bioassays/Photosynthesis• Xenobiotic Uptake by Plants• General Phytotoxicology• Biochemical and Genetic Applications• New ...;

Plants for Toxicity Assessment

by ASTM International

The first publication to address all of the following in one volume: regulatory perspectives • comparative plant toxicology • plant xenobiotic bioaccumulation • effects of air pollution on plants • general phytotoxicity • and new plant bioassay approaches. STP 1091 describes many new approaches for plant bioassays, including ...;

ISOCYANATES: Sampling, Analysis, and Health Effects

by ASTM International

STP 1408 examines the latest data and technology on isocyanates, and features topics ranging from sampling and analysis methods to health effects. Isocyanates are widely used in many industrial processes because of their high activity and affinity to many substances, which lead to polymerization, as well as the properties for the resulting ...;

Atmospheric and Biological Environmental Monitoring

by Springer

The harmful impacts of pollution on atmospheric, terrestrial and aquatic environments can cause extreme temperature changes, clean water shortage, and increase toxicity. This book studies environmental pollution impacts, from the mechanism of toxic nanoparticles on the molecular level to the detection of trace gas on the satellite perspective. It ...;

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