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AppliTek - Open-Path Gas Analyzers

by AppliTek NV - Environmental Analysis Division

Our multi-gas open-path analyzer system uses DOAS spectrometry to monitor toxic and combustible gases over a wide optical monitoring path. The system consists of one projector and one receiver in weatherproof housing, operates autonomously and is connected to a power supply and supervision computer. Solid state: a special low noise flat field ...

FlashRES-320 - 317 - Long Survey Resistivity and IP System

by ZZ Resistivity Imaging Pty. Ltd.

FlashRES-320 is fast, it has 317 channels and it is designed to specialise in long survey, the ability to acquire multiple data arrays in a single run and capacity to collect over 250k data points within an hour. FlashRES-320 is versatile, beside surface survey, it also specialise in cross-hole, surface-points-points, surface-borehole and 3D ...

OSi - WSS-300-DS - Tunnel Wind Speed And Smoke Sensor

by Optical Scientific Inc. (OSi)

For drift-free air flow measurements across traffic tunnels; WSS-300-DS calculates true average speed of air movement, and detects smoke. The sensor is equipped with Automatic Gain Control (AGC) to compensate for  opacity variations caused by particulates, smoke, or suspended moisture. The WSS-300-DS uses patented optical scintillation ...

FlashRES-64 - 61 - Channel Resistivity and IP Systems

by ZZ Resistivity Imaging Pty. Ltd.

FlashRES-64 has 61 channels, it has the ability to acquire multiple data arrays in a single run and capacity to collect over 62k data points within an hour. FlashRES-64 is also very versatile, beside surface survey, it specialises in cross-hole, surface-points-points, surface-borehole and 3D surveys. FlashRES-64 yields quality results, the sheer ...

FlashRES - Universal - 61-Channel Resistivity and IP Systems

by ZZ Resistivity Imaging Pty. Ltd.

FlashRES-UNIVERSAL is the fastestresistivity/IP system in the world. With 61-channel, It can collect 62k V/I data in less than one hour. It collects multiple data arrays in a single run. It also displays full waveform current and voltage data on screen for data quality monitoring in the field. FlashRES-UNIVERSAL can be used all kinds resistivity/P ...

JES - ECS300-T - Electrochemical CO Sensor

by JES Elektrotechnik GmbH

The electrochemical CO sensor is mounted in the tunnel's traffice area, i.e. directly at the sampling point. The sensing element is contained in a shock resistant plastic housing which again is mounted in a stainless steel housing with intake cowl and protection against water ingression. Available either as wall-mounted or flush-mounted box or ...

CAPS NO2 analyzer - AS32M - US EPA & TÜV certified

by Environnement S.A

• Precise and continuous NO2 monitoring (0-1 ppm)• Direct sample measurement - no chemical conversion required, no need for a convertor, ozone generator, external pump, scrubber and no Toxic Gas Emission• Very short response time: capable of detecting short events with high precision• Innovative, patented Cavity Attenuated Phase Shift ...

Cooling Aerocool

by Abbi-Aerotech B.V.

When a tunnel ventilation system is in place, it is relatively easy to add a cooling system. For this purpose so-called pads are used. Water is pumped across these pads and fans draw air through them. The resulting airflow makes the water evaporate and cools down the hot air. This cooler air is then drawn through the building. Depending on outside ...

Howden - Non Variable Pitch Axial Fans

by Howden

The Howden fixed pitch and adjustable pitch axial fans have a wide range of applications in industries throughout the world. Designed for efficiency, reliability and trouble free operation, these fans are particularly suitable for use in high specification ventilation, cooling and drying systems.

Tunnel Sensors - ECOM - Electrochemical CO Monitor for Tunnel

by Tunnel Sensors Limited

The ECOM tunnel monitor measures the concentration of carbon monoxide (CO) within an ambient environment such as road, rail, meteorological or other industrial application. These measurements can be used as part of an air quality management system for ventilation control and/or secondary smoke detection within a traffic tunnel or other confined ...

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