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LaMotte - Portable Turbidity Meters

by Forestry Suppliers, Inc.

A valuable tool in regulatory monitoring, process water testing, and environmental water analysis in the field or laboratory. Also called a nephelometer, it measures the amount of light scattered at right angles from a beam of light passing through the test sample. Uses a tungsten filament lamp as a light source. Accepted by the EPA for compliance ...

Nordic - Digital Conductivity Meters

by Nordic Scientific & Natural Solutions AB

Our Digital Conductivity meter offers the following features. It is Highly Stable and Accurate. It has Cell Constant Adjustment Facility. Available in Lab & Field models. Temperature Coefficient Correction facility. biotech instruments, pharma instruments atomic absorption spectrophotometer,AAS, biochemistry analyser, blood bank refrigerator, BOD ...

FTS - Model (DTS-12) - Turbidity Sensor

by FTS

The DTS-12 is the first sensor to make turbidity monitoring practical. The value of continuously monitoring turbidity has long been recognized, but it’s always been difficult, inaccurate, expensive, labor-intensive, and therefore often dismissed as too impractical. The DTS-12 is different—we state with confidence that it’s the “world’s best” ...

Shallow Water Test Kit

by Forestry Suppliers, Inc.

Turbidity is measured by direct comparison of sample water to turbidity standards selected to match formazin standards. Also allows you to accurately test for dissolved oxygen, temperature, pH, and turbidity. Measures dissolved oxygen from 0 to 10 ppm; readable to 0.1 ppm. Thermometer measures temperature from -5°C to +45°C in 0.5° increments. Two ...

Turbidity Meter

by Industrial Test Systems, Inc.

Water treatment professionals used turbidity measurement to monitor the amount of particles in water. These measurements are used to determine the effectiveness of filtration steps during treatment processes. Turbidity meters typically use the principle of Nephelometry to measure the optical clarity (turbidity) of a sample. The measurement is ...

Hanna - Model 93703 - Portable Logging Turbidity Meter

by AJAX Environmental and Safety Supply, Inc

HI 93703 series are microprocessor based turbidity meters that provide laboratory precision for field turbidity measurements.  HANNA®' HI 93703 is designed to provide you with a simple yet accurate way to test turbidity on-site. These meters have two operating ranges; 0.00 to 50.00 FTUs, and 50 to 1000 FTUs that can accommodate the most ...

Oakton - Model T-100 - Waterproof Turbidity Meter

by Forestry Suppliers, Inc.

The T-100 features four-point push-button calibration for full-range accuracy and provides automatic prompts to the next calibration standard. The large LCD displays the reading and units of measure. A sealed optical system with infrared light source offers high accuracy across the entire measurement range. The meter features auto-ranging from 0 ...

HFS - Model MicroTPI - Portable Turbidity Meter

by Enviro-Equipment, Inc.

Designed to provide the ease of portability needed in the field with rugged durability, the MicroTPI is a 'must have' for anyone monitoring turbidity on the go.

Hach - Model 2100P - Turbidity Meter

by Argus-Hazco

Laboratory-grade performance, in the field - The 2100P Portable Turbidimeter combines microprocessor-controlled operation and Hach's patented RatioTM optics to bring greater accuracy, sensitivity and reliability to field testing. The two-detector optical system compensates for color in the sample, light fluctuation and stray light, allowing ...

Water Quality Monitoring Outfit

by Forestry Suppliers, Inc.

This outfit stresses the importance of using analytical methods and encourages proper field investigation techniques by use of representative sampling, careful observation, accurate record keeping, and systematic measurement to plot changing conditions. Outfit contains seven basic water quality test factors including: pH, nitrate-nitrogen, ...

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